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Peaches vs. Tribbles

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 22:40   Pageviews: 47

I'm about to bank some enemies for blogging
about this topic which is really my vent against
guys who -S H A V E- their fuckin cocks and balls.
But, then again, I Naturally Don't Give A Fuck.

My question to you is, W H Y ????????

WHY DAFUQ must you Shave your cock and balls?????

If you are naturally smooth by physical heritage,
hair-loss to Cancer or other Health issues
then this Rant is not for you, you are safe.
Us uncut guys have to trim to keep pubic hair
from getting caught in our foreskin, cos it feels
like it's cutting into our glans, and it HURTS!!!

But if you willingly S H A V E your cock and balls
to contrive your sense of pleasure and LAME fashion,
to look like a manufactured "porn star" from the
dood-ranch cookie-cutter run off the mill,

I don't know how long this annoying StoOopid
obnoxious queenie trend has existed.
But it is indeed growing unnecessarily Toxic.
Perhaps it began in the '80s when porn actors had
begun to shave their genitals for the camera,
"because it looks good". You lame BALD PUSSIES!

I miss classic HAIRY porn; whether it was Gay porn
or Straight porn, I love the sight of crotch hair
indulged in hot steamy sexy furry action!

I love the feel of a MAN's furry pelt against mine,
even if he happens to be much more hairier than I am
I still yearn to have that Sexy. Lusty. Steamy. Manly.
Hot. Hairy. B E A S T. In. My. bed!

Such fine furry creatures are becoming scarce,
because many of them have decided to S H A V E.
Have you ever seen a Blob Fish? Google it...
...that's how your cock and balls look after you
shave your pubes completely pussy-assed Bald,
like a fwuck-kin BLOB FISH.

Fuck you and the razor you rode in on, beitch!
If the gods and gurus had intended for you to be
so "silky smooth" they would have manufactured you
as a prickless fwuck-kin Ken doll.

Why do I find this trend so despicable?
In the past few years of browsing Craigslist for
a hot hairy MAN, I have seen more PUSSIES on
Craigslist than actual REAL MEN... every CL ad
with pics attached was posted by a SHAVED guy.
Where does that leave us HAIRY guys? NOWHERE.
What does that leave us HAIRY guys? NOTHING.
You damn SHAVED bitches and your desperate repeat
back-to-back ads ruined Craigslist like Trump
ruined the White House. Go suck a BLOB FISH!

It's bad enough that sheep get shaved against
their will and without their consent, and WE humans
get to wear Their pubes! lol

Would gorillas and bears shave their bodies? NO.
why would YOU!

Many of you SHAVED fuckers Still look fugly, anyway...
If my dog were fugly as You I'd shave its ass
and walk it backwards!

Wow, just wow, how feminine can a man get!
As though he weren't femenough now he has to completely
SHAVE his cock and balls!
No disrespect to Cross-dressers, if a guy is gonna
SHAVE his cock and balls he may as well go the whole
nine yards to become a Cross-dresser.

I have known and befriended very few Beautiful
passable CDs in my lifetime who go thru hell to
maintain their female characters as Flawless
as possible, it's a theatrical magic of its own!

But YOU... a 'Man'... SHAVING your cock and balls!
(Shakin My Fuckin Head)

All you Shavey Crotchets in the world are too much.
All jokes aside: that means YOU, Baldilocks.

You need to go see a Gynecologist,
cos you're a bald PUSSY.

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By redbear [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 08:49
cause it feels good! should i remove you from my friends?
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 10,Apr,18 00:43
At least it looks good on you, and you don't look
like the typical "As Seen On TV" pretty boys.

Some guys do it to the extreme that it looks so
ridiculously "gayer than thou"... Porn star wannabes.

I've often heard some shaved guys opinionated
views of hairy guys as "unkempt slobs".
I'm a daily cigarette smoker, and as such I've
seen some guys on Craigslist berate smokers
as though we were "crackheads".
In any case, they have spoken their minds.
If that is how they feel about it, that's okay,
and I'm not gonna go cardiac or do anything to
convince them otherwise. Their views are not mine.
I'm not gonna play "hero" and try to make
the world safe for Hairy guys and Smokers.

I'm not here on Earth to impress anyone.
I don't do things to be admired in any way.
I'm not anyone's "designer man" to suit their taste.
We can raipe any man with our eyes and with our minds.
With Me, I'm an As Is guy, W Y S I W Y G.

Masculine beauty gets used and abyused...
..."one boob job aint enough, need bigger tits".
How far does a guy have to go living like a custom
"build to suite" action figure to gain other
peoples physical admiration?

This blog is blunt as a rock. So am I.
I separate reality from fantasy in such an
abrasive way. That's how I am in everyday life.
I don't tip-toe through anyone's tulips.

Keeping a neat appearance isn't a crime, even if it
also involves shaving your pubes.
If it looks good on you and feels good for you, Do it.
It's not like you're cat-walking on a parade float, lol.

As much as I profusely sweat during physical activity
I should shave my pubes as well or at least trim
them down to am eighth-inch.
But I love my pubes, and I use them for arousal.
I'll just use extra deodorant.
No matter what we do or don't do with our bodies,
everything has a price.

I spoke my mind, and my opinion is just an opinion.
Folks can agree and disagree.
If anyone here at SYD doesn't like my views or
disagrees with my opinions, I cannot help that.
You're free to Unfriend me as you wish, if that
will help to block my activity and blogs
from your SYD news feed. That is your choice.

..."unfriend"... since When did
SYD become Facebook?
By redbear [Ignore] at 10,Apr,18 08:56
You do speak your mind dont you! I was only kidding about the Friend part!
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 10,Apr,18 10:10
??????? ...well, You sure had me goin
for a while, there! You got me! lmao

Okay, you know what happens when you add moisture
to a Chia pet, right?
Because when I start lickin your cock I'm gonna
make it sprout BUSH.
By redbear [Ignore] at 10,Apr,18 12:56
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 10,Apr,18 15:18
...better yet, I'll make it sprout an AFRO

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