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My Queer cousin Was!

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 05:52   Pageviews: 106

“It’s your queer cousin!”

Seriously my older sibling Deb was a pain; he was her cousin to! Boys at my school had ear studs so my cousin was no way a queer, not with his manly muscular body and big penis!

“Those have got bigger cous, fancy a tit-fuck?” I blushed as we fooled around. He was so much more mature than the fat boy I was at the time. “Seriously though, your Deb ‘as smaller tits than these!”

To my red-faced shame he proved it when we swiped some of her knickers and bras from her washing hamper. “See... even she don’t fill out those cups like you miss!” I spun around and swiped at him for pinching my arse! “Those fit your big womanly arse better than mine, see they hang at the back.”

Fuck that prick was right; I looked like a fat girl in the mirror, even my face with my hairless body and long hair... Fuck! He looked like a bloke in knickers, a man...

“Fuck you ain’t wanking that tiny dick yet? You may be a girl after all!” God he pissed me off! Even hard my penis was smaller than his floppy!

“I’m leaving these with yah. Parents are doing me bedroom an’ I don’t wanna explain my wank mags to them; besides my girly cous you need to learn to wank that sissy dick of yours before you become your own girlfriend!”

I liked my cousin but he knew how to really tease and piss me off! Bastard was better than me in every way. “Except I have big tits like you girl.” I said as I picked up the first dirty mag, “Naughty Forties”. She was forty with huge tits like that?

That mag got my first full wanking session completed as I spunked all over the cover!

But the next day it was crinkled and ironing it made it worse! But he said I needed to wank so hard cheese, I’ll just put it at the bottom of the pile.

I rolled naked on the magazines spread out on my bedroom rug still wearing Deb’s stolen bra and now her panties, damp panties! I held my tits like the woman on that cover, although hers were mountains compared to mine, but I was a boy!

I looked down as I was on all fours, my tits and belly hanging as I spread my buttocks raising my arse. I really liked being like this, this...

I found the picture of that huge breasted woman on all fours like I was positioned as I flicked through the magazine. The man inside her was holding her tits and for an instant I imagined I was there, that woman.

I quickly put the magazines back in the bag as my eyes blurred with shameful tears. The bra and panties went in too and I shoved into deep into my bedroom closet, piled with old games and stuff, hidden from my sight!

I never touched it again for three months; those shameful thoughts and very wrong feelings still haunted me. In the gym showers I felt that shame so strongly as penis after penis floated around my eyes.

A bullying incident at school led to my fishing out those porn mags again. The promise of wank mags got my self out of a serious situation with that boy and his four minders. “Hold ‘im ‘es gonna suck my dick right faggit?” Was he messing with me? Either way I promised wank mags for school tomorrow.

“Tip Top” had babes in tights, called pantyhose in this mag. I was wearing Deb’s worn yellow one’s from her washing basket and her bra which I had kept. She was still looking for it!

“More Anal” made me think wrong thoughts again as I wanked my stiffening cock in Deb’s pantyhose. I liked that word more than tights; it was sexier.

“Hard on” made me pause. “What... Fuck...” I said as I read the tag line on the cover of a naked man with a dangling cock. “ALL HARD. ALL COLOR. ALL MEN.” My breathing began erratic as I started to sweat.

“THRUST” had a bored muscle man as another sucked his penis! “Cock Dreams” had a boy with a penis I actually looked closely at, holding the mag up as I almost panted. I... I could lick that gorgeous pink head, I...

“The Young and the Hung” had a boy on the cover that looked like my cousin. Same body, same tan marks and a big penis poking from a dark bush like his! But the boy sitting between his legs sucking its big head didn’t look like me. Me!

I dropped the mag like a hot rock! “No fucking way!” But I think I may have been on the brink of my first sexual awakening that day. I should have been thinking of the pussy in those panthose not wearing them! I looked down at my cleavage in Deb’s bra. “cous, fancy a tit-fuck?” Was my cousin serious?

“RAW MEAT” had a man getting his face spunked by a black man’s cock; I ignored that one, not realising the future that had triggered in me. Not until that black boy joined my class four months later!

I flicked through “Big Boys in Action” with spunk soaked pantyhose, licking my wet fingers as I looked at those boys playing. “Wait a fuck!” I know it sounds silly but it was at that moment I realised that my cousin was a fag! And I think his cousin was becoming one too...

I gave the bully “Jugs” and “Tip Top” and he seemed happy and let me off the blowjob and I got back to school life. But maybe I wanted to do that blowing...

Those two magazines, “GAY SEX GUIDE” & “GAY SEX TECHNIQUES” lay spread on my bed as I went in my bedroom. I picked up the note as I got changed.

“If you are this way it’s okay son, mummy doesn’t mind but keep it from your dad when he is home. And why I am talking secretly to you STOP pinching her dirty intimates, Debbie's pretty pissed at you! If you want things like that leave a note under your pillow and when you are ready talk to me. Okay?” I looked at the kisses, real lipstick kisses from my mum. Off course she knew everything! but now she would get my underwear to wear, sexy girly stuff?

When my cousin returned Dad was home so we had to be quiet as he pushed his thick penis in my pre-washed and lubed bottom as I lay on my bed in my new blue lingerie set. “She got you this and that vibro?” He whispered in my ear as he rested, his softening penis still inside me. “My stepmum’d slay me alive quoting from her pocket bible!”

That night I slept better than I had ever before...

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