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Del's a boy, Dad isn't!

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 11,Apr,18 02:22   Pageviews: 75

Dear Diary…

“Get in ‘ere!”
That’s what he said grabbing my school blazer collar and pulling me inside! Derek’s dad!?!…

He dragged me into the living room and closed the curtains, I was Shit scared diary, fucking puckering my wet arse! And Derek was still at the track training session at school!

“What’s this?”

He shoved that photo from last week in my sweaty hands diary, the one with me in his mum’s wedding underwear set and her so precious pearl necklace!

He was so angry I pissed my panties a little… And he said such rude things!!!

But Derek, your dad was sporting the biggest hard-on I had ever Seen! I mean his joggers were stretched right out!!!

“Look I’ll show you why you…”

He pushed me up the stairs, f o r c i n g my arse upwards with his fist as I stumbled and panicked!

“See how wrong your are… Wearing my w-wife’s stuff so rudely, acting like a her… Whore!!!”

Derek he made me wear her things, her necklace, her perfume…

He put his hard dick between my lips and he forced me down… I Was helpless underneath his huge weight as he fucked my arse so deep I thought he was in my belly!

That’s why I wouldn’t do it with you when you got home. Your dad’s huge fat cock had made my arse hole so wide and naughty your so sweet penis would be lost to the whore he made me that night…

His cum kept leaking into the yellow painties I wouldn’t let you remove, sorry Del!

Dear Diary,

We both know that I’m going to see his dad again… and again. A boy’s cock no matter how sweet and tasty is no match for a real man’s, the son is no match for the stud of a father!!!

Starting next week Derek will train for three hours every day after school and I will be doing my own hard work in his dad’s bedroom! “GOT SOME MATES WHO’A DO YAH LIKE’A B’ATCH IN ‘EAT!… TRY’N PREG-A-TISE YAH WITH SEEDING!” I was shocked by his newfound candour as he fucked my exposed arse on his son’s bed.

“Know what a gangbang is my whore?”

I was unsure but I guess it had to do with the five naked men entering the bedroom as Derek’s dad Mike introduced his whore to his friends…

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