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Kidnapping and Melonie's Jellyfish!

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 11,Apr,18 19:26   Pageviews: 64

I tossed and turned in my bed in the grip of a powerful dream. I was in a shaking and rolling van interior, tied and exhausted. A row of fuzzy, men grouped around me prodding and laughing as they faded in and out of that dreams reality...

Now an operating room weaved in and out of my focus as jellyfish swam before my rolling eyes. I was mumbling as they settled on me and the nurse was doing some embroidery of a buxom girl with three legs...

The dream got weird, by dream standards and I was a bicycle! I was a mountain bike ridden hard over bumps and potholes, jarring up and down shaking as I was pounded hard across those rolling hills. I was looking down at stocking legs turning those peddles as I tried to outdistance those other riders intent on my capture, even though my seatpost was pink and ribbed...

I was dancing under multicoloured disco lights from a huge hanging glitter ball mirroring that girl beside me, leering as her huge tits bounced up and down like her small floppy penis...

I sat up in an unfamiliar bedroom and for the life of me couldn’t remember why I was there. My head felt woozy from that long dream and my body felt stiff and aching like I had run a marathon!

I saw a door open and a man walked in and pulled out his cock from his tracksuit trousers and I felt in on my tongue as I leant forward and began to suckle on it, like a baby to a teat! I watched and listened to those lewd sounds as it slides in and out of my mouth as his balls bounced under my chin! My mouth was being fucked like a girl’s pussy and I was making all kinds of yummy noises like I enjoyed this!

My face was in the mirror on a girl’s body as he flooded my mouth with spunk, loud smacking noises followed as I emptied those balls of hot semen, swallowing it down and licking my lips like I enjoyed it! He left with a kiss on my wet lips and patted my head with a “good gurl” before he was replaced by another...

This time I woke feeling clearer and suddenly very worried by that dreams ability to leave the taste of spunk on my lips. Yeah I tasted my own before... hasn’t everyone? I liked my lips with a frown. Why did this feel familiar and not at all distasteful, almost pleasant?

I looked around the plain room confused and alarmed. The room smelt and felt comfortable to my body and me, but was I still me? The huge hanging photographic blowup on the wall opposite my headboard, showed a naked woman with my face on all fours looking very content.

I threw back the silk duvet and sat up on the edge of the bed slipping my feet into some shoes as I got up and walked slowly over to that picture, my tall stiletto heels clicking on the mirror-like black floor tiles. I stopped to admire the tall woman in the mirror. Her filled out black bra and matching lingerie set was rather pleasing to the male inside me, but the woman tutted at those suspenders over black satin panties. “How can he slip them off silly?”

My mind, clear now as their drugs left my bloodstream remembered my kidnapping and that bruising punch from that big furry-faced bastard that darkened my world! I remembered the crack of my tooth before I fell, but there was nothing on that face except some subtle makeup and rather smudged lipstick, no tenderness either!

There was a golden filling I never had before in the place where he must’ve hit me. Now I was more concerned with those high heels I was perched on! I had fallen and twisted my ankle that time I tried Mum’s dressed in her underwear like any normal boy has done before. But that sprain had left me with time off school! I walked and turned now, confident in that alien footwear as my stomach felt queer, or rather was full of queer butterflies! A fear gripped me as I again looked down at my new cleavage. Why was I afraid to touch that realistic foam rubber skin?

The photo, now I was close was indeed me and that was my naked body down to a tee, I recognised it excepting those huge fake tits hanging down looking so real. But they fake photos with airbrushes don’t they? I couldn’t see my dick and balls in a pose that would have shown any boys tackled dangling in shot!

Sadly this was no airbrushing job my missing dick and balls. They were so fucking tiny and barely dropped that I was left with an inch of lone prick and folds of scrotum skin that resembled a woman’s piss-flaps! Those fucks at school left that in no doubt judging by the catcalls in the showers and those things written in my stolen exercise books! As a fat k i d I was bullied, plus I had tits too to add to my woes!

Those tits looked sort of like my own but more massive and womanly, my own tits inflated? The photo, looking closer showed something around my nipples, the areola had a mark or scar around it? Yeah I read Mum’s woman’s mags! I bent over looking when I felt something move in my bottom! An ice-cold shiver froze my spine as my heart faltered! A gasp escaped my lips as my hand found the cause in my panties rear.

The shiny metal buttplug was very warm and a little slimy as I held it in my mouth! Did I do this all the time because it felt and tasted warm and familiar, tasty to! It was small, how I knew sex toy size was odd enough but thinking it looked cute with its glittering pink crystal was stranger sill! I slipped it back in with practised skill and walked over to the bathroom; wanting to see what it looked like!

It did look good in me as I bent over looking at my bottoms reflection in the opposite gold-mirror tiled wall. A glittering jewel in a huge peach! But that was just the amuse-buche! There were two whole rows of phallic devices on the shelves adjacent to the big bath and to my discomfort I seemed to remember them, their weight and feel as I picked them up. There was a real looking dildo with a name above it and something written on a post-it note.


Melonie resonated in my brain, that’s what they called me! Melonie or Melons! I reached behind my back and with surprising deft skill unclipped my bra as I watched blankly in the bathrooms big-framed mirror.

Those big fake, foam rubber, expertly painted and blended fake breasts bounced, bounced in a way glued on tits would not! With hesitant hands I cupped those big breasts and gasped at the electric tingle as I felt those hands on my breasts, those bad boys in the gold tinted reflection were my own puppies! I pinched those hard nipples as an “Oooh!” escaped my lips. They were real, really real; I had real tits!

Looking close in the bright light I could see and feel the faint scaring around my pink areola, surgery marks! The dreams, that dream, with those jellyfish, yeah those jellies were in me now! They were the meat to fill out my already big boy tits to pornstar size! How could I ever return home now? That big-breasted pornstar was crying in that mirror...

I shivered feeling my small dick and balls. I was still a boy, but a boy with fucking big tits! Tits with tan lines from a swimming costume I had worn outside in the word! Where was I? I looked up as a maid; an actual sexy French maid placed a gold bikini on the bed with a matching mustard towel! “You are to go out to the pool, master says your tan lines are proving to be as big a draw as your big melons and giant peach... Master’s words miss.” She left me with a little curtsey and closed the door. I looked at it as I heard the locks whir... I was not a free whore!

I pulled on the gold panties minus my silver and pink jewelled buttplug, those panties were cut to emphasize my buttocks crease and that round jewel would have spoiled the lines. “Spoil the lines?” I smirked at those absurd thoughts as I pursed my lips to touch up my worn lipstick. I stepped back after kissing the mirror, blinking twice as I saw that woman in the mirror that was the me of the present! Did I like that teenage girl in the wall, even the small bump between her tanned thighs?

The room door opened again. “Oh you left your jewellery again Miss. Here let me.” So I sat on the bed with those gold bikini bottoms around one ankle as the maid fitted rings to my pierced ball sac closing it together over my hard two inches! “See Miss your little clit just appears above your smooth labia.” I looked down sort of in an amazed daze as she fitted the pink-jewelled bellybutton piercing.

The pink jewelled rings I thought were earrings, were in face nipple rings, big ones that I wore under my gold bikini top, which in no way hid their bulging shape! For my ears I wore big rings like in those old porno mags of the seventies my dad had collected in the shed. “No you’re ready to relax sweetie. Master is so pleased with all the work you have done for him. Today you get a rest all day in the sun!”

Master’s idea of rest was different than most peoples. Sure the sun was bathing my skin as I sat astride that tall Negro’s hips disco dancing on his thick twelve-inch un-cut dick, but it was anything but restful! “Dat pussy boy, looking real gurl... Got this nigger fooled babe but then ‘e’s blinded by them huge honkey hooters!” his huge white teeth shone with studded diamonds as he laughed!

Ten minutes dancing to those pulsating disco tunes left my arse sore and wet as his thick black pole of a cock lubricated itself with fresh semen as I lay on his muscular chest exhausted! His big hands mauled my buttocks like dough as his tongue slipped down my throat as we snogged!

I got a swim but even that ended with me docking between two hard cocks and a lot of splashing as they fucked their sex toy hard! And that toy enjoyed it! I climbed from the pool and lay on a warm sunbed as a maid brought me a drink to replenish my spent energy before another client wanted me in a private fenced of area.

It was a woman, a woman I knew as a visiting teacher from my school! Miss Haversham was a sham! “Picked well he said, got false tits but looks and feels so natural.” She smiled as I undid her wraparound dress to revel her huge purple strap on dildo. “Round womanly arse and a tiny dick, he’s gonna be perfect for Melonie Pride... That’s his name for you by the way.”

I played the woman as a woman played the man fucking me in all kinds of positions as the sun beat down on naked flesh. That purple dildo was the first for me but not her. “He said you’d be an ass diva, size queen when he first fucked you that night... Nine thick inches straight off!”

She finished inside me with a surprisingly huge cum load from her fake penis, courtesy of the large condom of horse semen she secreted in her vagina and delivered as she squeezed down on it! Her pussy muscles were powerful judging by the jet I felt flow into me as I cried out in surprise! She cobbled on my wet ass-pussy and gave me a mouthful of horse jizz as she lent over me for a snog! I never knew a woman could be so masculine like that!

Those days when I first became aware of my situation were like a honeymoon before I was put into one of my master’s brothels, brothels that catered for his discerning rich clients tastes in boys and converted sissyboys like I had become!

We worked long hours six days a week in shifts so each of the days, especially the weekends were covered. I was a captive like many of the boys and maybe girls there. But I was always the ‘gurl’ to receive the more well endowed clients through my reputation earned at Master’s villa!

I endured, hated and enjoyed my three years and ten months working as a prostitute. I had always been a slut, a whore under my boy’s school uniform or at home wearing mum’s or s i s's lingerie as I played with their toys and now I could actualise my desires and needs with the many dirty old men and celebrity clients that requested the ‘perverted gurl’!

Those days were to end with a bang, a shock that still resounds!

The master who I had not seen d r u g free sat behind his desk after I had sucked his cock to a creamy completion. He was wearing a fake beard and glasses to disguise his face from me, but I sniggered as I licked his cum off my lips; he looked like Captain Haddock!

“Happy birthday my prize whore.” I smiled with a blush; I loved being called a whore! But today was not good news. “Here is your passport and folding monies... Pretty over generous but then you were my favourite and a top earner!” He tapped the huge roll of notes. “That’s reflected here, take it with my thanks my angelic boy.”

As the door closed I gripped the money roll hard as tears fell down my cheeks. The women who had dildoed me stood beckoning me over. “You’re 16, too old for his clients but I’ll take you on from here... Where do you want to go now you are free and loaded?”

I sighed as I saw the English coast from the small private jet’s small round window. It was a night landing at a small dark airport and the landing was a little rough. “We flew you from here back then, it’s our little illicit airport, but we gotta go or the pilot’s in shit if the police get here before he shoots out!” She smiled. “I’m wanted felon here too so let’s be away yes?”

I didn’t argue as I ran as quickly as I could in my stiletto heels. “Usually one wears flats for this kind of skulduggery!” I smiled as she said that. “You know skulduggery?” I got a sharp stare as she waved at a parked limo. “I knowing English girl!”

The driver spoke quietly to her as I got in the large ornate back. “I am a boy still you know.” That got a laugh. “You always keep rings to seal penis to make pussy no?” Now I blushed. “Oh well yes but I kind of like the choice there.” But was I really sure about that, or just too scared to...

“You have plenty monies to make pussy for you with surgeon, not natural health but privates!” I smirked. “Yes thank you, I know I do but I like to keep that as is. Hell I have these!” I lifted up my huge heavily tanned breasts with my new bigger nipple hoops! “Good enough for me!” she smiled and held up her purple harnessed dildo. “We have much time, drinks, sparkle lights and room to play yes?”

I had been well ridden by the time the limo turned into my crescent. “Idle Bottom? You ass been anything but iddle!” I left the chuckling and very drunk fake teacher, Miss Haversham wanking her fake purple penis as I closed the door and waved the driver off.

It was nine at night, good timing for my sudden arrival. I rang the doorbell nervously and was relieved to hear the same old, slightly drunk version of Big Ben playing. The door opened and I saw my s i s t e r in her dressing gown and curlers. She looked strange as she peered at my face and down my very open cleavage. I began to fret when she fished glasses from her pocket. “Holy fucking ice balls!” she turned and screamed down the redecorated passage. “Muuuuum he’s only standing on the fucking doorstep!” She walked down the passage and there was gesticulating and hushed urgent words as I waited on the open step feeling every inch of my countries famed damp cold climate this time of year!

“He’s got bigger tits than you Mum! Mine are like ugh and my bruv has tanned lined pornstar tits!” I listened and wondered why the return of their kidnapped teenage boy was treated like I’d been staying at a boyfriend’s. Fuck! I thought boyfriend straight off, not girlfriend at all! I really was becoming the wearer deserving of these huge melons after all!

Teacups rattled as I gave the real story of my three years and ten months as a sex slave, the facts as I knew them had been added to as I talked with the fake Miss Haversham. My s i s t e r looked a little shocked and slightly unsure of my credibility. “So he wasn’t your lover all this time?” she tilted her head. “But you phoned us more than once telling us you were happy and not coming home? You sounded clear and not stoned or drunk!”

I eventually convinced them of my unlawful detention, their selling me off as a sex slave to any number of paying men and the involuntary addition of my huge tits and various body piercings. The latter I had to show to me s i s so she could explain to Mum, I was already too red faced with embarrassment! This cleared things and I was accepted home without fuss.

“What do you want to do about it? I could ask Clare about it when she gets back from abroad, she’s a teacher and quite the thinker.” I looked at corner where dad’s big leather chair usually sat. “Dad’s gone cos mum’s a dyke! Found out she had a string of girlfriends since school!” I sat with my mouth open dribbling tea into my cleavage! “You’re shocked?” My Mum gasped. “After what you told us, you’re shocked by that?” I nodded and excused myself.

“Ah yes... Your bedrooms a tip, dad’s stuffs dumped in there till he gets back from Spain with his teenage slut... Mum’s words, I actually like her.” She opened her bedroom door. “Tonight I s l e e p with my s i s t e r, face to face and tits to huge fucking melons!”

Stepping from the shower I watched my s i s t e r get out of the bath. “Yeah I got a real pussy down there unlike your ring job, but I gotta say it looks kinda pretty on you Melons! God you’re so smooth what’s the s e c r e t?” I promised to tell her later as we dried. “Here for you.” We went to bed wearing matching pink-jewelled butt plugs!

My s i s t e r’s face was buried between my huge tits when I heard her mumble. “Mmmph... So what they call you melons?” I smiled. “Melonie Pride, sort of my professional name. Working name I guess.” She came out for air red-faced and smiling. “Well my new s i s t e r Melonie Pride, I’m so very pleased to feel you!” We giggled and larked about until a rap on the door silenced us. “Bed girls!” My s i s t e r and I stared at each other with raised eyebrows before bursting into laughter. She held me when my laughter turned to sobs...

I dressed rather too sexily for my meeting in the small cafe in the park a week after I had returned home. “Dressed to thrill eh Melonie... Red?” I sat opposite her flicking my long chestnut hair over my bare shoulder. “Hello again Clare Have-a-sham!” She smiled looking down. “She tell you or you figure it out?” I remained quite letting her stress.

“I’m not queer, you’re not a woman, but we’ve both adapted to our situation. Mine was the guilt in taking her b o y, the woman who had confided in me at the PTA meeting.” Clare lit a cigarette and offered me one. “You was already his target so I figured I was kind of guiltless and you have decided to become, well this woman here. “Ashtray Miss?” I said thank you as the young girl placed it before me with a furtive glance down my cleavage.

“See woman want you and men, well we both know they just want a hole, tits are just extras or handles!” she stubbed out her fag and lit another sipping her coffee. “Yeah I used you as practice with that dildo harness, it was bought for Carol, your mum but I didn’t know it I could do it.” I laughed lighting my second as I sipped my third tea. “Well you worked my arse pretty well and in that limo!”

“I’m moving in with your mum.” I sighed. “If she’s happy so am I and s i s.” Clare lit another fag and noticed her first still smoking on the ashtrays rim. “I want to do your mum and daughter together, maybe with you too?” I stared down at her as I sat straight-backed. “Upset my mother at your peril Clare! My s i s t e r too!” I sat down and took my cup. “If she’s a go then it will happen, if not I wouldn’t f o r c e the issue. You stole my former life Clare. I like me now but I had no choice... I will not allow my family to suffer that!”

“So you happy being Melonie Cheast, your long lost missing b r o t h e r’s twin s i s t e r; the shameful family s e c r e t hidden away in that orphanage abroad?” I smiled. “Sounds like an awful soap story but the authorities think it real enough for Melonie Cheast to exist legally; passport et all!”


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