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A story about a boy and his Dad! Read from bottom to top! Purly Fictional! So d

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By redbear [Ignore] at 13,Apr,18 12:00   Pageviews: 110

Apr 13, 11:48 redbear: Oh! Yes baby! Im practically naked!I stand up and you look at my rigid daddy cock bulging in my white briefs!I hook my thumbs in the waist band and slowly pull them down till at the last second my quivering rigid pink daddy cock explodes into view. I stand there with juice leaking out anticipating the wonderful sexual things my boy has in store for me To Be Continued !!!

Apr 13, 11:39 AlwaysWarnedMe0: "Mmmmmm oh fuck yes daddy your so good at that, I wish we'd started sooner. Now that I know how good you are this is gonna be happening a lot i hope you realise, oh fuck!" I can't help but moan out through my dirty talk at the amazing cock sucking skills your displaying, I feel you pulling me closer to the edhe of cumming which is why I telly you to "Stop sucking my cock dad I have more plans." I pull your head off my cock before I demand you to "Strip naked for your son."

Apr 13, 11:33 redbear: My hot saliva filled mouth envelopes your rigid boy cock. My lust for your cock drives me to take it deep. i dont care if you choke me i can handle.... fuck i want you to use my mouth for your pleasure! In and out you drive your throbbing shaft into my my mouth. im lost in my need to service your cock. im nothing but a hot wet sucking hole for your cock. i feel your swollen balls full of that nectar that i crave. what a an honor ive been dreaming about now here i am where i aiways knew i should be in bed with my babyboys big thick cock using my mouth!!

Apr 13, 11:27 AlwaysWarnedMe0: Mmmmm thats it daddy thats it,your boy always needs you to be honest, got it? Don't get off my cock just remember, now daddy you better prove to your son just how good a cock sucker you really are" I begin to grab your head and fuck into your face testing your limits to see how much of my cock you can take loving seeing you gag on my meat

Apr 13, 11:24 redbear: When you were 14. It was so wrong for me to lust after you!Id see you come out of the shower swinging that big boy cock around. My knees would get weak. I knew i had to wait till you were older! I love watching her suck and get fucked . Race isn't important COCK is! I lower my mouth back down on the sweet gorgeous big wet boy cock that ive lusted after for so many years! It feels so natural sliding down my throat like thats where it was meant to be. I want to make it the best cock sucking you've ever had!

Apr 13, 11:17 AlwaysWarnedMe0: "Mmm oh good daddy,nice to know that mum knows what a cock whore you are too, does she love getting pounded by big cocks daddy? do you like watching her getting pounded by those big black cocks?While you watch giving all white men a bad name? also you never answered how long you've wanted my cock for daddy?What age did you start fantasizing about my meat?"

Apr 13, 11:13 redbear: I gasp as you pull your rigid boycock from my mouth! Im panting and barely able to speak. Mom knows what a cocksucker i am. She brings men home to fuck my mouth as she fucks my ass with a big strap on. Tonight she has two black men fuckinf her and she told me to go find a cock to suck. I left the room and she slammed the door. i stood there trembling. not knowing what to do or where to go!Then i saw the door to your bedroom and the lust that ive been hiding came over me and in a trance i walked to your room and went in. Then when i saw your beautiful sweet body lying there i knew i had made the right choice!!

Apr 13, 11:03 AlwaysWarnedMe0: Mmmmm as I look in your eyes I can tell that your loving taking your sons cock in your mouth knowing this made me feel even hornier, I never knew someone could feel so much pleasure until feeling your mouth on my cock and I can't help but begin to think what a hot slut my daddy makes, once notice this I can't help but say "Mmmm daddy what a hot little cocksucker you are, damn your brave sucking cock as mum sleeps in the other room, you must really want this,huh? How long have you wanted this cock for?" I grab your head and pull you off my cock to let you answer

Apr 13, 10:59 redbear: Im lost in my passion but i hear your words and i look up at you . your hard cock buried in my mouth . you look into my eyes and you can tell that your question is true.I love my sons hard cock! Its what ive always wanted. I want to show you how much i love you so I start to slide your cock deep into my mouth. my fingers are dancing on your balls and sliding down to scratch your swollen boy cunt.My hot wet mouth plunges up and down.

Apr 13, 10:51 AlwaysWarnedMe0: I begin moaning out loud as you take my cock in your mouth, looking down I can't help but wonder if this is another dream of mine, but as I feel you lick all over the head of my boy cock I know that your really taking my cock deep in your hot mouth. I can't help but begin to talk dirty to you, as you take my cock "Oh yeah daddy do you like your sons big hard boy cock?"

Apr 13, 10:49 redbear: The rush consumes my body as a hear those words. My cock hardens as i realize those are the words ive been waiting to hear! I pull your big hard boy cock out of your jammies. So hard and big for a boy! Im shaking as i lean in and lick the sweet boy nectar that formed at the head!I sqeeze your perfect cock and you moan as more juice seeps from your slit! i waste no time engulfing your quivering head into my hot wet sucking mouth!!

Apr 13, 10:41 AlwaysWarnedMe0: As i see you down at my cock I know that thres only one answer that can come out of my mouth at that moment, as I feel you stroking my rock hard hard boy cock the only words I can utter are "I want you to service your sons cock daddy"

Apr 13, 10:38 redbear: I look down at you. You can see the lust in my eyes! I cant lie to you. I put my hand on top of yours and whisper" I want this babyboy" .You pull your hand away and mine drops and grasps your rigid cock! I can feel the heat of your pulsing dick through your jammies!! I reach in and wrap my hot hand around your quivering boyhood! I look into your eyes and ask you" What do you want from daddy"?

Apr 13, 10:32 AlwaysWarnedMe0: Mmmmm I'm laying in bed as you enter my room You notice my sleeping form and walk closer too me? As you come closer to my side you stop, staring down at my pajamas at the bulge you can see. You can't seem to resist reaching out to your sons cock and feeling it while he's sleepingas youbegin massaging my cock I slowly start to waken, you begin pulling away before I tell you to stop and come closer, I slowly start to grope my own bulge and ask you "dad what do you want?" while still massaging my dick

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By wmw6cut [Ignore] at 13,Apr,18 17:06
WOW very 6 incher is throbbing now

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 13,Apr,18 12:38
Sweet! I love these kind of stories,even better when i am part of it!

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