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Taking the train with Tyler

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By kebmo [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 05:37   Pageviews: 92

It was about 2005 or so and I had a job downtown which required me to take the train from the suburbs. I was getting on the train to go home one day during rush hour and it was particularly full. It was always standing room only but this was a sardine tight evening.

I was standing beside a guy who was against the back wall of the train with my right arm hanging down. I accidently gave his cock a soft rub. Really accidently. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll just leave it here barely touching the back of my hand to his cock. I thought he pushed his cock closer to my hand but that could be the movement of the train so I touched him a little harder then he definitely pushed his cock harder into the back of my hand so I pushed a bit harder too.

His body was facing the front of the train from the back wall and I was looking out the window to his right so we were at a 90* angle and not facing each other but he was looking at the right side of my head and there were LOTS of people on the train so nobody could see what was going on.

So he pushed harder on my hand and I could feel his semi hard cock under his pants. I stole a look at him and gave him a knowing smile which he returned. He was about 25, fairly good looking and wearing a suit. I still remember his blue tie. I really liked it.

He leaned back against the wall and I started to blatantly rub his cock with the back of my hand. He was soon hard and I guessed it to be about six inches of happiness in his pants.

We were both enjoying it when he suddenly grabbed me by the wrist and whispered "slow down" to me. I'm sure he was about to cum so I slowed down.

As we were pulling up to the next stop he said that this was his stop and inched his way towards the door with his boner. As he started to move he said "Thanks, I'm Tyler".

He got off the train with his boner hidden under his suit jacket and I stayed on the train with mine.

It was a great train ride and I hope you enjoyed the trip too. I'm pretty tired and there is a part two to this story but not tonight. Should I write part two?

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By Frankie765 [Ignore] at 19,Apr,18 04:46
You Have to write Part Two you can't leave us all Hanging

By Jenkap [Ignore] at 17,Apr,18 03:22
Nothing better than a hot young guy getting turned on by an older guy!😉

By agp052 [Ignore] at 15,Apr,18 11:50
Please right part two

By 2pierced [Ignore] at 15,Apr,18 04:17
I'm looking forward to part 2.

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 15:24
Yes we want part two!
Tell us you followed Tyler!?!?!

By cfan2 [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 12:02
Of course you should share the next chapter with us! Too bad Tyler had to get off the train!

By JustWill [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 10:25
Sometimes, "accidents" are a good thing!

By louther [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 09:27
Of course we need part two!

By Newforeskin [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 08:15
Yes! Please!!!!

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