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The exposure of David Steckel

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By DavidSteckel [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 13:11   Pageviews: 71

I might be a rarity when it comes to my naked body and my preferred manner of exposure and exhibitionism. I don't often have a good opportunity to be an outdoor or public exhibitionist, so I'm mostly limited to online exposure.

My situation allows me to be unconcerned about revealing my face and my identity along with my exposure. This is fortunate for me, since it is my desire and goal to be exposed and displayed to the absolute largest extent possible.

Ideally, I could never go anywhere or do anything without someone else recognizing me as one who they had seen naked online. Even better if they have possession of copies of photos or videos depicting me naked, and better still if they've shared or added to my exposure in some way.

I do not suppose that all others desire to see me naked, but if others can see me only either clothed or naked, the option would be only naked. Of course if someone can enjoy seeing me naked, then they have the absolute right to see all there is to see of me.

For me, there is nothing private about my body, and no private acts concerning my body. Only the privacy of others matters, which means it only applies to depictions of me alone. I have no desire to trick or mislead others into viewing my exposure, although others may come across my exposure unexpectedly. The purpose is to ensure that as many others as possible, who might be interested in viewing me, can and do view me.

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By maninpanties [Ignore] at 05,Aug,18 06:02
Well thank you for exposing your body its a pleasure to see

By DavidSteckel [Ignore] at 15,Apr,18 12:16
It's worth adding that my full name is always included with any display of my naked body. Since others are not only welcome to share or use all that's available that shows me naked, it's preferred and encouraged that others include my full name as well, if they can.

This will allow those who search using my name, to view me. It will also make it easier for those who know me personally to locate, find, and view me. Although it is contrary to what most others do or desire for themselves, it is quite the opposite for me.

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