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Just 2 Friends

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By Klamb [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 20:48   Pageviews: 81

A little light reading.

It would probably benefit the reader to know that I, for all intents and

purposes, identify as a straight man. It would be a lie to say I've never

been with a man before but for the most part, I'm attracted to women.

That said, I have a number of gay friends. We'll go out for drinks,

watch a football game, whatever...the same as any guys I guess. Sure, the

subject of sex comes up and comes up often but thats just the nature of

the ****!

One of my best friends is, by all accounts, an almost painfully good

looking, young, tall, lean, dark-skinned black man. We've been friends

for years. We've long joked and kidded about each other sexually but

that's all its ever been; joking and kidding. Or has it?

One night a few weeks ago, my friend called and asked if I wanted to go

out for a drink. He works at a rather high end restaurant and I offered

to swing by and pick him up when he got off work. When I got there, the

place was already closed but my friend had some last minute duties to

tend to, so he bought me a drink and introduced me to his boss, a very

attractive young Spanish woman.

Her and I made small talk, as people just introduced do. She was asking

how long I'd known my friend. When I mentioned that we'd known each for

almost 10 years, she asked just how 'close' we are. I'm pretty sure she

was trying to figure out if I'm gay and if my friend and I are/were

lovers. I just laughed it off and reiterated that we're just good


My friend stopped by a few times to see how we were getting on and

finally changed out of his uniform and into street clothes. A tight

t-shirt, a pair of shorts, flips flops...the usual. Allow me to remind

the reader that my friend is an amazingly good looking man. Wherever we

go, my friend is often the center of attention. In his tight shirt and

shorts, revealing his long, strong legs and appreciable package and

perfect ass, I figured this would be one of those nights where we go out

for a drink, my friend meets someone and I head home solo.

We stopped by our fave bar for a drink and the place was relatively

quiet. A few folks at the bar, a few at tables. A few guys flirting with

my friend...the usual. My friend and I were having a great time just the

two of us hanging out. After a relatively short time, my friend asked if

we could head back to his place. He offered a movie and snacks as he had

some packing to do for a trip. I agreed...even though honestly, I

would've rather had a few more beers.

We head to my friend's house and he puts on Star Wars...did I mention

that my friend is a bit of a geek at times? But Star Wars is always a

classic, so we had fun watching the movie and hanging out while my friend

packed. My friend seemed to be almost going out of his way to stick his

ass and package in my face every time he got up...I was half-waiting for

the sicko to fart on me. Like I said...old friends.

After the movie, I was getting ready to split and my friend asked if I

could give him a neck & shoulder rub. Working as a server is tough work

and I'm always glad to help out a friend, so I agreed. My friend took his

shirt off and I have to say, my friend has a perfectly sculpted body. Not

too muscular, not too thin. No wonder everyone always has their eyes on

him when we're out. My friend handed me some lotion and I went to work

kneading my friend's muscles. He was obviously enjoying it as he was

moaning...alot! I have to be honest, it was turning me on.

After 10 or so minutes of massage, my friend turned over and it was

quite obvious just how much my friend was enjoying it! What appeared to

be a very large erection was bulging through my friend's shorts. To say

that it clearly caught my attention would be an understatement. My hard

on was tenting my shorts as well, which caught my friend's attention.

He reached over and fondled my erection through my shorts and asked

"Hmmm, what's THIS?". He had a most devilish grin on his face. I just

sorta tried to laugh it off but my friend had taken the cue and things

were now going in a new direction. My friend leaned forward and started

to kiss me. His goatee was tickling my face but it felt good at the same

time. It all seemed so natural.

My friend, I should mention, has very large, pencil-eraser shaped

nipples and my hand slid right to one of them. I started to gently finger

it and moved my mouth to it. I started to suck and nibble on it. My

friend told me "Bite it! I like it rough!" This really got me excited as

I too, am a fan of rough play! As I was biting my friend's nipple, my

friend was moaning in ecstacy and rubbing his cock through his shorts. I

reached over and undid his shorts and zipper for him and out popped the

biggest, black dick I have ever seen! My eyes were glued to it! In its

fully erect state, it had to be 9-10" in length, very thick and was

standing straight up.

As my hand went for it and started to stroke it, my friend undid my

shorts and started to stroke my cock as well. I was already oozing

precum, which my friend wiped with his fingers and licked off. He then

wiped more and made me lick it too. This was getting really hot!

More kissing, groping and fondling ensued and my friend was soon on top

of me. My friend was grinding my crotch with his now nearly naked ass. I

thought I was going to explode! I reached around to pull down my friends

shorts more and he demanded I spank him while he rode me. Although in an

odd position to do so, I gave it a good whack. "Pussy!" my friend

shouted..."hit it HARDER!!!!!" So I let loose with all I had and was able

to in such an odd angle. My friend moaned more and more. My friend then

started to slap my face with his giant cock. To say I was loving every

minute of it would be an understatement.

My friend pinned my arms with his legs, grabbed my hair and told me

"Suck it! Suck that black cock!" Eager to please, I did just that! My

friend was gagging me with it but we kept on going.

My friend pulled out just short of climax, and had one of his odd

moments. He was feeling guilty for what was going on (why, I'll never

understand) and he hopped off of me. "We just can't do this" he

apologized. Needless to say, that was NOT what I wanted to hear! I took

my friend in my arms and kissed him telling him that it was OK and that I

was really into it. I started to stroke my friend's cock again as I held

him. We kissed more and he was soon stroking mine again.

I started to kiss my way down my friend's neck and body, stopping to

bite those beautiful nipples on the way down. I kissed my friend's torso

and started to kiss his pubes, paying close attention to the areas just

to the sides of his package. He was moaning and grinding in ecstacy.

Soon, I was on my knees and taking as much of him down my throat as

possible. He grabbed my head and started thrusting his cock down my

throat, faster and faster. I was gagging but not stopping. I really

wanted to please my friend. I pulled my head off, stood up and kissed my

friend deeply and I stroked him to completetion. My friend kept stroking

me the whole while. Soon, I came loads all over him. We stood there,

trembling and holding each other for a nice while, kissing each other and

enjoying each other.

For the next hour or so, we kept holding each other, kissing, stroking

each other and all manner of things. As I was leaving, my friend was

holding me and turned me around and pinned me to the wall, grinding his

now hard (again!) cock into my shorts-covered ass. "Do you want that? Do

you want me to fuck you?" he asked...I moaned yes....but that's another

story for another time.

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By Billy4995 [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 16:57
I hope this is the 1st in a series of stories!! thnx for sharing
By Klamb [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 20:29
I can make that happen.

By lankan [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 08:11
it has been my fantacy too ...wish you had taken some pics
By Klamb [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 11:17
My hands were full!

By kebmo [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 23:00
That sounds a LOT better than watching some nerdy movie.
By Klamb [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 23:09
Both were enjoyable! LOL

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