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By shinybellend [Ignore] at 15,Apr,18 06:56   Pageviews: 32

She came back in the house after her hour long jogging session and I had been doing a few chores and we both needed some time together. I never let her shower straight away I love to play with her while she is still sweaty hot. I love to spread her pussy wide open and lick her out. Licking all her pink labia folds clean and tasting her.

This time I was so rock hard at the thought of licking her I asked her just to bend over for me and hold on. I pulled down her panties and licked her delicious ring piece. It tasted so incredible. I put my shiny bell end to her ass tunnel entrance and dropped a bit of saliva on it and worked it round her hole with my bell end.

All the inside of her ass crack was proper sweaty from her jogging so I used that as well and soon enough my bell end popped in to her ass hole and I began to slide away. She soon took my six inches no problem.

She was still out of breath from jogging and she just lay there panting harder as I climbing aboard and fucked her hole. We were both sweating now and the slapping and slopping noises coming from the impacting of skin was so hot it didnt take long for me to cum in her rectum. Before I cum though I did pull out so I could look into her creamy ass gape and lick it out then put my cock back in.

Once I cum in her ass she headed off to the shower and I played with my still erect but spent cock for a while wishing I could suck it knwoing where it had just been......

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By metro1000 [Ignore] at 15,Apr,18 16:09
amazing. this is so hot. it sure was a good fuck and cum in the ass.

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