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The Rock & the Tramp; Redux

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 15,Apr,18 12:22   Pageviews: 48

The Rock & The Tramp: Redux.

They had always joined in the bullying because they were shy about being friends with ‘Tits’, the boy in class that was always the butt of jokes in the gym showers, but good on them they took the chance and befriended me anyway. I was a little podgy, had to admit that and I was rather les hairy than my peers with a decidedly femme biased body.

That may have been fine even with a decidedly rounded and big girly bottom and a Buddha belly, but I had a tiny dick and the only thing that was over endowed was my tits!

By any standards they were okay for a teenage girl but I was a boy and having them bounce around under my gym vest was too easy to target. “Looks like ‘er hormones read tits not dick!” was the norm as I walked back to the locker room for another shower of abuse, oh and water!

I was so happy to be included in my new friends little group even though I was suspicious at first, but looking back I was a gullible teen.

Soon I was wanking along with my new friends in one of the boys bedrooms watching a porno on video tape, my first. They had offered to wank over my tiny cock saying if I rub it in the ‘maleness’ will help it grow. “I’ll Polaroid it so’s you can see the progress.”

Looking back they were probably pissing themselves with laughter after I went home, but I actually believed them at that time as I let them spunk over me and watch as I rubbed it into my tiny prick!

Six more sessions I had with those boys wanking over me, often taking shots to the face, as the boy would say “Ooops!” Somehow I started to lick it from my cupped hands. “Maybe if you swallow some it’ll help?”

I was nearly ready to take that sperm from their dicks in my mouth before they formulated their final plan! I would have been sucking their dicks thinking I was helping my own grow!

Thinking back I wondered if I already lent that way? Surly no boy was so gullible!

I joined my friends on their picnic in the grassland near the woods and enjoyed a very naughty outdoor wanking session with some porno mags nicked from the local shop! Mutual wanking was a thing normal boys did together wasn’t it?

I rolled around on the grass as the picnic continued, my trousers and pants around my ankles giggling at their jokes helpless as they watched smirking to each other.

“Like our naughty coke mix ol’ titsy?” I smirked stupidly at their pet name, sucking at my cummy finger as I tried to get hard again lying on the grass grinning like an idiot! They looked around with fixed fake-looking smiles as they looked down at me.

“You gonna get some real bum action my fat titied fuck-bunny… well if that old tramp turns up again. But first we’ll have some fun, take some Polaroid’s and sell them to a German queer mag for money… then, well maybe we have some too?”

My fixed stupefied smile hid my sudden confusion as he swung a small bag of tablets over me. “Real fun Titsy?”

I laughed as my shoes, socks and trousers were pulled of; giggled as my rugby shirt and vest were hiked over my head and my arms fell over another’s as behind me he cupped my prominent boobs and jiggled them as we all laughed!

“C-clevage too! Tit-fuck anyone?” I looked down with a lopsided grin, saliva dribbling down my chin and dripping into that crevice as my addled brain tried to function!

“Preggo belly and tits? No wonder your knob’s tiny! And those marbles of balls!” he held me up naked as they laughed. “He’s gonna lure that dirty cunt right out of his hole for this sweet ass!” My groper remarked.

“Hey he’s pretty smooth for a tight holed virgin, look I can barely get my finger in even with the baby oil!” I fell forward onto the soft damp grass that intruding finger pushing me down flat momentarily halting my giggles!

Something hard and fleshy, like a thick finger against my bare back slid down into my bottoms cleavage. “Relax sissy-boy we’re just gonna… ahhhh yeah… fresh spunk for your pretty fanny!”

I was pushed forward into the damp grass and that boy was on top of me, his hairy legs were all over mine as his trainers pushed them apart. My damp yellow pants were held tight gagging my mouth as that boy’s firm ‘finger’ stabbed around my baby-oiled buttocks.

I cried loudly in confused shock as it found my wet anus and sunk in so deep I could barely draw breath! This wasn’t a finger this was… Was wrong!

The silly grin began to fade on my face as that boy bounced upon me that thick intrusion pushing deeper into me as I gasped still lost in that addled fog. I sort of laughed, cried out behind that gag of my used pants unsure whether this was still part of the game, the fun?

Those five boys were urging that Micky on as he grunted and groaned pummelling me into the damp grass as he grabbed my pants pulling my head back rather uncomfortably as he rode me like a fairground pony!

I was gasping, enduring this… this game amongst friends? “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” They chanted this as he pumped into me doing press-ups! Michael was extremely athletic but he was using me this time! My face felt hot as I began to feel a new kind of shame in front of those boys, some from my own class as this boy was...

But they were laughing and jeering with oddly serious looks on their young faces as this initiation ceremon continued. Was this really the fun boy friends enjoyed?

“Mick you cunt!” The boy was dragged off me as his hard penis slipped from my sore wet anus with a soft moist plop. His spunk spurting cock had already filled my virgin hole as he withdrew still spluttering over my exposed back.

“But it was too good an oppo! I had a real stiffy and well… Fags got a smooth arse and… Fuck it was b-barely in!” He pleaded as the others threw him down and kicked his arse on the head boy’s order!

“Fucking nonce! That tramp’ll take his cherry as’an we film it from those bushes, that was the deal.” I looked as Michael rubbed his arse getting up. “She don want it up her tight arse Mart. I plead an’ plead but no… He’s got a smooth one and… Fuck Pete lubed ‘im!”

Martin Braithwaite-Barns was the leader of this little group of six prize-winning ‘A-holes’ and now he knelt down and patted my bare bottom as I lay with an inane fixed grin and glazed eyes.

“You still flying fuck-bunny? You took Micky boys cock like a real sissy bitch didn’t you honey?” I murmured something and he laughed quietly. “Wrong? But your arse is so smooth and girly… I wonder if a real mans dick will be so easy sweetie? Anyway here’s some help courtesy of my bro.”

He put the tablet between his index and middle finger and pointed it like a gun as he pushed it deep between my wet buttocks. I gasped as his fake smile faded. “I’m a real cunt doing this you know, but I want the money my bro’s offing and you look more girl than guy my fat friend… See my fingers are clean pussy boy.” I smiled not really sure if this wasn’t just guy stuff and he did say 'friend'.

A red rubber ball gag, a red ball with straps buckled behind my neck filled my open mouth as my pants were discarded. “Clean up you fags.” He wiped my salivating lips as I gasped on the grass after such a strange violation. “Look she’s gagging for it!”

They laughed as they got me up on my feet and marched me naked across the field to the ‘Witch Rock’ as my bottom dripped wetness down my thighs! I mumbled out some garbled words but they just laughed as I became breathless in my confusion. Even now I cannot remember what I was saying then.

There is a tall lump of rock that seemed so out of place the early locals had used it to anchor witches to during trials. Only last week we were doing it in history class and now I was the one on the end of that rusty ‘witch rope’ with not even a ‘pure’ white smock to cover my nakedness! Was this still part of the game?

A padlocked dog collar was locked around my neck as that Martin used another to lock me to that heavy rusty chain. I giggled. “Woof woof!” Martin smiled oddly. “You’re actually having fun aren’t yah? Might slip one of me bro’s tabs up my hole!”

Out of a Tesco carrier bag, the boy from another school handed Martin some leather cuffs, ones I had seen in one of those wank-mags earlier. They were tightly buckled on my wrists and ankles and a brown rope passed through the shiny ‘D’ rings and knotted.

I chuckled not even caring about my dribble-dripping chin as they threw the rope around that huge monolith and then through my wrists other “D” ring and drew me against that damp greenish moss.

“Leg!” My leg was raised high and that rope ran through its larger ring and back around the rock again to emerge back on the right side. Their cold clammy hands held me aloft as my other leg was likewise lifted and that rope slid through and vanished around the rock as the other-school boy secured it unseen and the rock and I were bound as one!

That “mickey” pushed up my arse was a real mood lightener and even as they looked at their pet project tied obscenely against that rock, it, I was still giggling!

Even as one boy aimed his dick at my suspended wet and very vulnerable anus and pissed over my back and buttocks, laughing as he sprayed me. “She’s so ready for those pissy cunts!” The others joined in on the watering of my naked form and I was soon wet and shivering, more so as the foreign-accented Tomas pushed his hard pissing cock into me and inflated my bowels with his hot liquid!

When I could hold no more and it spluttered back out with a load of shit like I’d seen a cow in the field! The addled me just said something stupid and giggled insanely as the Polaroid flashed out in the open field!

My dirty hole was cleaned as their leader, Martin, sprayed away with a determined fixed smile. He was saying something, as my brain seemed to be able to focus again.

“…that date… r a p e d r u g my fat.. ‘ussy boy, the one… the papers. Got it off me… when I suggested this little initiation… Vid cameras his, fucking expensive so I wanted to film something to make a shit ton of money with and that gay porno shit.”

He smiled to my face. “I figured you for a fag since you got them fat tits and round arse, but what the hey… oh since Micky boy stuck you with his prick I guess you are a fag now anyways! His seed is inside you faggit… probs on their way into that preggo belly!” He laughed after spanking my arse! “You smell like a pissy sissy, those tramps’ll love you!” He smiled oddly. “Probs a lot…”

Those two-faced bastards moved into the surrounding bushes and waited as the sun beat down on my naked body.

As brain began to clear, I mused on the likely outcome of this day. I wasn’t a gay, but my arse had been fucked already, that boy’s sperm had been inside me and maybe two cocks had penetrated my virginity, if indeed I still had one! Was i now in their gang?

I felt totally helpless in this wide-open field starring into the wooded area the tramps frequented and awaited my fate as the sun warmed my arse red! My initial thought about this being a prank of sorts had faded from my mind now it was clearer.

A crazed amusing thought made me chuckle. I was guessing I wouldn’t see any of that money my arse was gonna earn! Surely this cannot be happening? Was I just drunk from that cola and those pills??

How long was it before the golden evening light illuminated a shadowy figure approaching the meadow from within those dark woods.

That man opened his wide coat to expose a stiff hairy cock and huge balls and I guessed it was the one that school assembly warned about! So that’s why they brought me here under false pretenses! I had been so dumb. The tramp turned displaying, but there was none to offend, no girls to scream and run!

But but then he turned towards where I was bound to that grey rock like a sacrifice you read about in history books. His craggy face took on a dirty looking smirk as he approached me cautiously, closing his coat as he looked around.

Closer now, his disgusting aroma nearly made me vomit as he looked at my body, touching carefully and then more forcefully as he checked the ropes and run a finger under my leather collar. He smiled at my pleading eyes as my mouth frothed.

He fingered the ball gag and chuckled licking his lips. “An offa so eleganty off’ed be enjoyed no?” I gasped as his two fingers went all the way in and worked around my arse in circles as he kissed my spittle-frothed lips and that gag. I screwed my eyes shut against that foul alcoholic taste as he licked my mouth clean. “Pretty tasty kissy sweet cunt.”

The stench was almost unbearable as I felt rough hands on me and heard the rustle of spent clothes hitting the ground. “Mmmnnngn… sweet… fuck!” I was disgusted but his hands knew how to make my body respond and I was shivering from more than the cold as those hands stroked my naked flanks!

“So responsive… Long since ‘ad queen a’ camp!” I heard him build up a huge phlegm ball and spit it out as I felt is dribble down my arse crack into those swirling fingers.

I shivered from disgust, nearly sick as I felt that disgusting dribble over my small balls and tiny flaccid cock. But it was more than disgust and terror; something else more terrifying was making my body tremble and my eyes to shut tight against the world!

My arse shiny with spit and piss now felt the gentle pat of his palm on my buttocks as those two figures moved inside me with a sensuous rhythm. High, strange and decidedly girly noises escaped past my phlegm frothed ball gag as that hand both spanked and fucked my wet bottom so gently I almost forgot the danger I was in!

His other hand pinched my left nipple and I let loose such a girly squeal it surprised us both! Those bastards were getting what they planned from those bushes and I was learning something I wish I had not!

Minutes or hours passed as that hand made my body quiver like jelly and I made such noises to be thoroughly ashamed of as a teenage boy. I would have bit my tongue off if it weren’t for that red ball in my salivating and panting mouth!

My entire world was those two dirty two fingers, my heartbeat the gentle but firm tapping of that meaty hand on defenceless buttocks! Was this those p i l l s, or as I feared more, my true nature? Surely a hard cock would excite not only girls but boys too? Anyway this felt more comfortable than that Mickey had been back on the grass… maybe a better outcome for me than I imagined?

The tramp grunted and I felt the cold breeze enter into my wet open anus as wet figures wiped across my lips. “Wett’n cunny they did!” I gasped at that familiar taste on my lips and that smell, the smell of sex?

He began grunting and I heard the sound of more clothes dropping into wet grass as the metallic chink of a metal buckle opening released something that fell hard against my cold buttock! More murmuring and muttering as I felt the tip of something hot and thick move into that wet opening vacated by those big rough fingers.

It was his cock meeting some resistance as I gasped my buttocks seeming to spread wide, wider as this thing delved further between them! I gagged as that ball prevented me form clenching my teeth against the sudden pain of my anal extension!

It seemed to open, spread wide to accept this rude intrusion as if I was born to it; a fag indeed! It was, of course that tramp’s hard penis so big, thick and firm, f o r c i n g its way into me as I lay fused rudely to that cold rock!

That cock drove in deeper, then deeper, driving my buttocks apart as I cried out a frothy squeal of… Pain? Well pain yes, but something else, an acceptance maybe. Or a challenge met as I exalted in taking so big a penis in the first place! I don’t think that tablet so carefully inserted had fully dissolved yet!

Minutes of unbearable anal agony, then rest, and then more pressure passed until I felt that hairy body tight against me, warming my back as, shockingly my body began to relax, how could I fight this?

He ran hands along my arms and my exposed flanks as our bodies fused together against that cold rock and I actually shivered from something that wasn’t cold or fear!

Thinking back i realised it was fear I felt at that moment. It was the fear of acknowledgment, of knowing that adult's penis inside me was not unwelcome! Even though I was a boy I found comfort in being under that man...

Back to that day on that rock, my back and bottom were as hot as my untouched legs and feet were cold, but my buttocks, along with an inappropriate rendition of that song in my head were unsuccessfully shielding my own ring of fire!

I had never imagined such heat from that tramps scalding poker, was it friction? I could not fight being so tied and as it was not in my nature anyway; I was not a fighter… but a lover, well a fag’s lover!

Was it the easy option to surrender to this tramp, to his huge thick manhood inside me? I would accept the shame of my friends watching my r a p e, swallow the anger of their betrayal as they filmed my shame for their amusement and financial reward. Of course they would own me after this; use me for the pleasure knowing there was no way I could refuse, the fear of discovery by family and friends was too frightful to imagine!

My fate was sealed as this tramp began to move rhythmically against my prone body and I let him as he held my wrist cuffs breathing into my right ear. “Mak’im pregg an’ empty balls into’er!” I just gasped as he moved deep into me squashing my soft buttocks as our bodies beat out a soft slapping sound that seemed to echo from the tree line.

By now that d r u g was wearing off but I was this tramps bitch and he was fucking me pretty steadily and, I had to admit to myself, it was not so painful, but pleasant in a most exhilarating way!

I found myself moaning more and more as our bodies synchronised their movements like this was some kind of exotic dance I had seen in a late night film once.

Did I actually like this?

Certainly I couldn't say he was raping an unwilling boy anymore; well my body was not betraying me anymore and those sensations from this man's penis were full on and real now!

But were we, in a strange taboo way making love? Do homos make love? That thought floated around my addled brain as my body thumping exercise continued amid much sweat and grunting!

This tramp, man, well he was big, very big, bigger than those I had seen in the wank mags and here was a near virgin teen boy taking him balls deep! Was I supposed to pride myself for such a thing? Did I?

My body had so readily surrendered and now I realised I had too as I responded to his ever deepening thrusts as best as I could arching my back as he groaned into my ear!

When my torment became an ecstasy I couldn’t say, but I knew I had discovered a pleasure I had only dreamed of. This should be disgusting but those powerful thrusts were making my insides feel wondrously sated by that hot, living thing moving like a flesh piston pushing into my belly, stirring my insides.

My pounding heart pulsed loudly in my head as the world became just that throbbing hot thing inside me!

All my woes, my torments at school, all faded into just that pulsating penis inside the place I thought only shit belonged!

My small flaccid penis, squashed against the cold damp moss delivered its stream of warm spunk as a frothy moan escaped my gaping wet lips.

Soon I was pissing uncontrollably as his thick penis burned my insides to a fire I could scarce believe! I was loosing control of my body and at some point I fainted because I remember opening my eyes dreamily as the tramps big balls pressed into my soft buttocks as deep inside I welcomed his warm release.

My body began to relax in a way I thought impossible so roughly a b u s e d by attachment to this cold pinnacle and so rudely used by that well-endowed vagabond! I shuddered uncontrollably as he finished his work inside my trapped body.

I heard a chuckle followed by a severe coughing fit. “Rose it’n poop out yer bung-‘ole!” I closed my eyes as I shuddered again. I did not know what a rose was but it had felt somewhat exhilarating for a second or two, like my bottom yawning!

A pat on my bottom woke me from my meanderings. The tramps hand rode along my back and gave my face an odd caress before he turned and I watched his back recede into the shrubbery marking the woods terminator.

That man, a vagrant, tramp, one of the dirty unwashed people of the world had just expanded my world with his massive penis and now I was full of his sperm!

This time yesterday I was in my pyjamas in bed probably having a dirty dream as I wore my s i s t e r’s worn panties freshly pinched from her laundry hamper!

I sighed, a frothy sound thanks to that gag, sagging against that cold weather eroded rock, my world expanded like my dripping, non-virginal anus!

This could not be an initiation, a game... could it? Would my new friends do such a thing?

I watched my friends appear from the bushes; I don’t know whether I expected them to laugh and point or what, but their glum demeanour had my heart thumping unsteadily!

"well done your in my fat friend!" Martin Braithwaite-Barns smiles as a am released from the rock. "You're finally one of us!" I am handed a coke as we all celebrate the new member's successful initiation. "Back to mine for the party my young chubby!" His finger gently twists my big nipple as we kiss...

Reality was a little less caring!

Martin Braithwaite-Barns held his b r o t h e r’s video camera and filmed my ‘friends’ fucking my cummy hole, taking turns, but their small penises made little impression where a man-sized cock had been! I let their abusive words slide off my naked back like their immature bodies!

What will be the outcome of today? Will I be threatened to keep quiet, say by that Braithwaite-Barns and his older b r o t h e r? Or coerced into keeping quiet with a cut of that money, maybe even to doing more for his German connections?

I shivered violently as the last of those pricks left my raw wet arse hole. “Oh yeah you sick fuck fag!” I tried to look back. ‘It was the cold fucker’, is the thought I couldn’t verbalise!

Maybe the Police and what then? Could I survive such an embarrassment, could my family? And after so much work to the house would my parents blame me for moving? They would walk home with me and then what; see you at school tomorrow?

It was too quiet now, why were my friends not releasing me, threatening me or anything? I heard something heavy thump to the ground and the sound of scurrying feet growing fainter as my heart beat louder.

I craned my neck to look around; the cold wind was the only sound along with the whispering long grass and the nearby autumnal leaves falling from the near denuded trees.

I smiled behind my gag. We were all naked in this field! The tears came quickly as I realised those cunts had left me, ran off like the true cunts I should have realised they were sooner!

There would be now celebration for a new club member, just the smug satisfaction of using a fat immature virgin for their amusement and profit!

My bitter tears were aimed at the stupid fucker I was for allowing myself to be used, fooled so easily. I would have continued with my self-pity but my eyes were drawn to those three men starring at me from the far car park’s stony footpath.

They approached looking around, nervous and jumpy and very drunk! I shivered from fright this time, still shocked from that hard look of malice that Braithwaite-Barns boy had on his face before…

Maybe these men? My thoughts stopped as the older masked man patted my head with a gloved hand as I felt the first hard penis enter me. There was no touching, just his big penis and I never felt that warm release inside me as the first man staggered back covering his face with a shopping bag, with just eye and mouth holes in it.

His wet penis was covered in rubber! The second was in just as quick and he was much smaller and I felt his hot bare abdomen slamming hard into my cold buttocks as he grunted and groaned loudly. Again no touching and he used a makeshift grass brush to swipe at my bottom!

The older man took his turn and surprised me with a huge fat mushroom-headed penis of impressive length that had me gasping out clouds of misty breath against the darkening sky!

He was not rubbered and I could feel the very veiny shaft sliding in and out of me with surprising ferocity for an old’n! Big balls slapped into me as I cried out to his stoic silence as his two friends cheered him on.

His ending was as huge as his phallus! Gob-loads of steaming ejaculate filled my stomach with a warmth I felt flow through me in three or four long bursts! Was it really just his spunk?

I was answered by he sight of his still dribbling penis slipping back into his tight worn jeans as he faced me fighting to stay upright!

“Be off now young’un… you be playing’a dangerous game sonny… just ‘ope yer watchers enjoyed the spect’le!” He smiled. “I’ll be back ‘afor dawn to check on yer… Darren McBride, barman at the Fox just by North Park road.” I only just comprehended his slurred words before he too vanished into the distance.

It wasn’t a dream. In a dream you go to school in your slippers or pyjamas… you don’t get strapped naked to a rock and fucked like a fagot! I opened my eyes to the moons glow on the grass as a cold wind blew against my freezing buttocks chilling my wet anus like I had never felt before! It was not a nice feeling maybe it was a nightmare?

But that man had said my watchers, were they still around? Darren McBride of the Fox pub near North Park Lane I knew I would remember that name and that huge penis… I think I enjoyed it, would enjoy it again maybe?

I looked as far as I could and saw nothing but dark desolation. I shivered remembering that old McBride man inside me. I think I was not a queer really but I would willingly let him do that to me again, his powerful penis had me under its spell and so much spunk too. My mouth salivated further as I wondered what it would feel like in my mouth. Would it taste as nice as it felt inside me?

A gust of wind seemed to funnel deep up inside me and my brain momentarily froze! I had never felt such an electric chill before! Thankfully there was a full moon in the cloud breaks so I was not alone being not the only ‘full moon’ on display!

That light misty rain falling from those wandering clouds was producing rivulets of icy water that ran light molten lead along my back! I tried to move but I was tied fast and beginning to cramp rather painfully.

“Men have fucked and spunked up your arse boy, Men! You’re more pussy addled cock meat than your older s i s t e r!” My father was furious. “Wife your son is a fag, better buy some more pads cause she’s a wet one!” He was right of course, from now on I would take cock inside me all the time and maybe have to learn to suck them too; a blowjob, drinking spunk direct from his cock? Whoever ‘he’ is!

Linda Lovelace, a name from my Uncle’s porno book came to mind and I chuckled behind my red ball gag. “No I’ll be the one swallowing cock, my throat their cunt mother… goodbye father…” That tramp, “Cunt” he called…

I woke from the dream. What time was it? The moon had traversed across the field and now faced me as my cold head stirred. I was kind of excited to see a figure walking from the cold mist towards me. If it was Darren McBride he will take me home with him and I’d be his bride as we cuddle in a big warm bed with that penis deep inside me and… “Leave you lone Cunt?”

My queer fantasy shattered as I slowly became aware of my rescuer’s roughened hand stroking my chilled buttock and that familiar stench! The tramp that had raped me earlier was back. I let out a pitiful cry of disappointment, which he took as relief!

“A danger cold night for nak’d flesh.” His finger felt like hot fire in my cold anus. “Such shit to leave my Cunt… I cut rope… you belong us, find place warm… Yes?” I nodded stiffly as he released my numb cold legs and they finally touched ground again. They were numb and useless. He let out my collars tie and I could move my head as he cut my wrist rope and then I could stand or rather lean against that rock.

But my rescue was skewed; as the tramp rose up from where I thought he was going to suck my dick he smiled showing few teeth. He moved aside and I saw the glittering chain stretching from ankle cuff to ankle cuff; I was hobbled? He held my numb hands and before I knew it they were attached together!

I had been freed off that cold rock only to be left chained to that same rock, my collar was still on the end of that rusty chain attached to that peg in the rock.

“A witch was attached here they say, but I think it’s just for queers.” Those so-called friends of mine had said as I was hoisted onto that rock!

I staggered back against my rock guard puzzled and more than a little worried. Far from being freed I was being readied for god knows what!

Alone again I leant against that rock and worried as my mouth ached from my cold saliva and that damned ball gag, which my raggedy friend had not even thought to remove!

Those abandoning cunts had padlocked my collar on my neck and evidently had done so to the rock’s ‘Witch chain’ and now my ‘rescuer’ had vanished again! “Can’t be don’ w’that ‘ing!” He had mumbled and just walked off back where he first came!

My leather collar had a shiny steel band around it but it didn’t really seem like a dog collar and it was too hard to unbuckle! I was still that rocks captive.

I looked down at the stone the tramp had dropped. “Good’n kep’eyes on yers… reck’n he do yers ifn’t!” A chill ran along my cold spine as I began to realise what that boy ‘s face had said. They were going to silence me all right! I cried, my only hope lie with the sunrise and Darren McBride’s promise!

I was naked, fucking freezing cold and fucking naked! I looked about wanting rescue but scared at fuck of anyone finding me like this! Anyone would be terrifying, but that Darrel Fox at the McBride pub to this scared, buggered teenager tonight!!

Or was that muddled? Fuck it was too cold to think! The wind bit hard until in the lea of the huge stone I huddled for warmth as I fell back staring up at the cold moon missing the arrival of my rescue party.

“I aint’s no Scott Tracey young’en and these cunts aint birds, but by thunder were your rescue part-e!” I jumped suddenly wide-awake as they laughed at my small but embarrassingly hard penis!

“D-Don’t shoot!” One of those dirty tramps said causing even more uproar as I watched the big one, in charge of these reprobates I guessed, pulling the largest pair of rusty bolt cutters from his tattered trousers. I gulped as I caught sight of something equally as big bulging down his other thigh! I had a feeling it wasn’t another pair of cutters!

With a “Snap!” I was free of the rock but now that bolt-cutter was holding my long rusty chain in a meaty hand. This not so magnificent seven milled around me with wandering eyes and some inappropriate touching was in progress! “Come for prize we ‘ave. Cunt for ripe plucking ‘tached to yon witch rock ‘e says, bring ‘er wants but no touch lips… Bah he not fun ol’ Sven boss!”

Amid the wandering groping hands the leader’s hand cupping my bottom had two fingers inside me as I stood shakily on almost cold numbed legs, the icy ground biting at my soles as he held my cold penis against my abdomen as hot piss was spread all over me! “I lik’em when they piss don’t we boys?” I was bent over and my lips were left as ordered and those seven vagrants fucked my cold bare arse in turns while I was left in no doubt this was going to be a long night!

The forth had a big cock and he delighted in showing me his numerous rings piercing along its length. It was very bizzare to see rings like that and weirder still, I found myself wondering what it will feel like sliding about inside me!

The old virgin boy in me was gone, replaced by this naked dirty and decidedly smelly queen of spunk; spunk queen if you will!

I smiled behind my ball gag as the sixth spluttered spunk over my arse before he got up it, but give that scrawny tramp his due he stayed hard enough to fuck my wet hole and even deliver another load of spunk!

“Biggest last Cunty!” They say ‘all mouth and no trousers’, but this tramp was all mouth and heavily packed trousers as I had guessed from my first surprising peek. But the sight of it was a little alarming to say the least!

“This is for experienced boy cunts, like you my cunty!” He displayed his huge thick ten-inch cock as the others laughed. It was cut with a huge heavily textured fat head and unbelievably there was a huge gold ring through it! It was the most exotic thing I had seen and pretty scary; a huge ring on an even larger cock!

I was bent over and held by two of the group in prime position to take it deep, balls deep stroke after momentous stroke, as it seemed to cleave my body in two! I p a s s e d o u t numerous times as that ball gag blocked my frantic howls for help or reprieve and worse still oxygen!

My nose ran as I gagged and frothed as that inhuman thing speared me too deep and those heavy balls bruised my abdomen slapping hard into me again and again, stroke after stroke!

When it seemed my world was on the edge of an abyss he stopped and I felt a deep warming sensation, whether real or in my head I could feel that warm man-juice inside me flowing, infusing my cold sweating body with warmth as his thrusts became less deep and so much softer.

I was allowed to fall forward on my hands and knees as I slide off that huge phallus gasping great clouds of foggy breath in the cold night’s air as steam rose from my sweat-dampened body.

“Fuck’en bigger rose it blooming!” I looked back puzzled still dazzled by my recent fucking. “Nothing unusual in that” I giggled in my foggy fucked brain! Something moved back inside me and I nearly spewed in revulsion!

They let me rest for a few minutes getting my breath back as I shivered on the damp ground inside the cold frosty wood. I looked enviously at their big dirty coats, looking as warming as their fur boots but they were not sharing for their captive even after he had serviced their rampant cocks! “E freezing Mac! Do’wan t’ther like before he cold’n’croaks he dids!”

I was sat in the wet grass as scavenged plastic shopping bags were fitted over my feet, hardly warming but better than nothing. “Up we come!” A large black bin bag, recently emptied by the stench, was fitted over my head like a makeshift dress with arm and head torn out roughly. A cord was tied around my new dress and I got an admiring glance.

“She lookie like ‘em gurls in dat rubber mag!” I was still freezing but at least the rain and wind were bearable even though the bags interior dribbled with unspeakable things as it clung to my cold body! My chain was pulled and we set off into further the dark interior; the seven dwarfs and the sluttiest snow white ever!

Cold wet grass became a muddy trail as we entered the deeper wooded area. The occasional slip sent my arse slapping into the thick goo as my captures laughed and sometimes huffed annoyed! “Wash it or the mud’ll stick!”

Again my arse was roughly wiped with a dirty hand but it was a loosing battle and I now had a crusty mud covering on my arse cheeks! Bits crumbled off as we walked and I slipped and fell! I ached all over and not least my a b u s e d arse! The cold was sapping my reserves and I had not eating since the picnic so long ago. “we gotta feed ‘im gov or ‘e’ll croaks!”

They gathered around me as I knelt in the small circle of men. I nodded as my ball gag was finally removed. Of course I wouldn’t scream, I was in no doubt I’d be silenced quickly and brutally anyway! I looked up as the first shots of warming sustenance entered my mouth as my lips closed over that ejaculating penis, the first of seven shots.

Taste wise I was undecided against good or bad but that faintly soapy liquid was warming and felt nice going down. ‘Rings’, even though his penis was pierced so many times his balls produced a huge mouthful of warming goodness with a taste I found rather welcoming!

The last before the ‘gov’ had a thick consistency and was more yellow but tasted creamiest of all and I savoured it like sweet nectar as I watched that monster cock being jerked in front of my face. “Take it!”

I responded to his order with an open mouth taking three hot jets to the back of my throat before the last filled my mouth. I sat back rubbing my small belly, I felt sated watching that big softening cock slip back behind ruined jeans. I was soooo queer! I chuckled at my thought or confession!

Deeper and deeper we went, wandering far into the thickening and increasing darker wood as the temperature hovered just above freezing. Maybe it was tramp code to protect oneself first above al, but my rattling teeth got a reaction at long last! “Soon be warm, food, drink and much company.” I staggered and slipped a few more times and on that long night journey.

Several men and horny teen cunts had fucked me and no rubbers, johnnies or jolly-bags used, well those two hooded drunks hardly counted I thought, but then I was hardly likely to be pregnant from all the sperm swimming in my ploughed anus! “Fuck!”

His warning shout broke me from my reverie! I stopped and looked as ‘Golden Ring” stood with his huge cock rampant and erect poking out of his faded denim. It wasn’t an alarm cry it was an order!

This time his men held me aloft as he put my hobbled legs behind his head and proceeded to follow his comrades wearing me, fucking my swollen cunt as he held my collar, every footfall an agony of delight as my stomach rose and fell with that giant penis’ intrusion!

It was so bizzare as to be laughable, but I wasn't laughing... I was buzzing!

His mates tried but after one fell they switched to plain old bend over the fallen trunk butt fucking their bruised captive fuck bunny!

It was becoming easier to take them and I could garner some enjoyment from such intimate encounters… or was it so cold their red-hot ‘pokers’ were just so warming I couldn’t resist? That thought made my chuckle.

Evidently by their faces my frothy chuckling and been the very last thing they expected from their captive sex slave! Yes the ball gag’s removal had been just to feed the their captive queer, who was sworn to silence for fear of the boss’s orders!

The wood was huge, but this life changing evening it seemed so much larger to this cock-fucked slave boy who had been dragged to the North car park. I had never gone so far in before, even on my bike.

Another frothy chuckle got their attention as I realised it was this teenage boy being ridden now! A very familiar meaty hand stopped my chuckle with a disgusting smelling “Shush” and drew me down behind the broken wall and incidentally onto one of my husbands’ engorged cocks!

It felt even bigger in this crouched position and I would have cried out if not for my gag and that hand! ‘Rings’ fucked me in that strange position as we saw cars and single blokes milling around.

“Fags an queers meet to suck dick and bend over… Your people I guesses.” He warm breath tickled my ear as I felt his hot semen infuse into me. I thought about Darren McBride as I saw the North Park Lane road sign just in sight.

“Here we found some stuff around the bins an’ this a bloke flicked at us from ‘is car!” I stood behind the toilet block as my minders kept watch. Those panties were wet and tasted of cum and something else. I pulled them on and felt my distended pussy, for it had ceased being an anus many a fuck ago, cupped by the silky material.

My collars chain was wrapped around a closed window and I was allowed to remove my ankle cuffs. At this point I could have ran to one of them parked cars for help. I would be so easy and maybe I could even avoid any embarrassment by placating the mostly single male drivers.

He would gather my clothes and I’d offer him my body if he took me to the pub, then school tomorrow as usual. What would those bastards think when they saw me in class!

Instead I got about four yards before a large fist to the stomach brought me down hard! I fell doubled up gasping as a tall shadow came over me and pissed in my face. “Know when you’re owned little fuck!”

The foot came off my belly as one of my angry ‘husbands’ spun me over and fell on me ramming into my arse painfully as I lay pinned on that patch of stinging nettles.

Golden ring reached down a big hand and dragged me up as my belly; thighs and tits burned with a pimply blotchy red nettle rash. My little cock was already swelling as I sniffled! “Rub’em all over!” I recognised the dock leaves and rubbed them as instructed as my three minders watched me like dirty hawks.

“No more running!” I nodded at my clear instruction and the implied threat that came with the leader’s stern face. He watched warily as I reached down to the pile thrown at my cold, plastic-bagged feet his hand tight on my long collar chain.

Cuff-less I pulled up damp funky smelling, laddered and obviously used tights over shivering legs along with pinkish hold up stockings and a final pair of thicker green woolly tights from the cold damp bundle. At last I was feeling warm below.

“Cuff’em!” I refitted my ankle cuffs, buckling them tight as instructed hobbling myself this time! The shiny but stretchy boob tube left too much exposed flesh to the cold wind but it was better than the bin bag, which I happily threw in the rubbish bin!

“Keep’en tits warm a last!” The tramp recovered my bin bag turned it inside out and refitted it shaking his mess of ragged hair. “Inside out so shit on outside boy! Warmer no?” I nodded; indeed I was beginning to feel warm at long last. The bags were refitted and even my feet warmed up!

Boots, too big were fitted before we carried on and I found my feet at last, no more falling on my bruised arse! “Found this an’ it still a buzz!” I didn’t object as he delved into my panties and that long golden vibrator he had spit polished with a disgusting dirty hanky pushed too easily up inside me. “Fucks’e room’en for a ‘cumber or free!”

I now followed along behind the leader with a low buzzing emanating from my bottom. “Boss we can ‘ear ‘er if she’n runna a’gan… buzzy… buzzy!” It made my arse feel very strange, not unpleasant but really odd as I was lead along an almost disguised trail with that vibrating intruder moving around inside as my bottom soaked those panties further! But those boots were the true miracle!

It was a quarter mile hike through some rough bracken and I was glad of the clearing they decided to stop at, my feet were nearly as sore as my arse!

My rest was short-lived as three of the band needed to relieve aching hard cocks and that golden vibro was soon discarded unnoticed in a puddle that rippled as its motor died.

A owl hooted as caught in the Moon’s radiance I knelt astride Golden Ring, leaning backwards as I moved up and down his monumental cock, watching in disbelief as its huge head distended my teenage belly, bulging upwards as I sighed behind a frothy gag!

He watched me with an unreadable expression and his dead eyes were bottomless dark pools. I threw my head back as I felt the welcoming twitch I now knew so well and shivered as he ejaculated a thick warm load inside my distended belly.

I seemed to need this connection so much, was I really that queer? How I could take such a thing was absurd! s i s’s vibrator had made my arse sore for days after! Now I dare say she could hardly take this man up her arse!

Two days ago I don’t think I knew what anal was, but now I had ridden a penis a horse would be proud of and not for the first time!

My head rose up and a wave of nausea had my wavering until more fresh ejaculating cocks replaced my wet ball gag. “No Maccles, no suck till boss say!” The penis dripped as it receded and was quickly replaced with another satisfying warm mouthful as I suckled on man-teats for sustenance!

I had subsisted on sperm since that rock, my only source of food and water, so imagine my surprise when I was handed a squashed, beat up Mars bar!

Back on the trail I lamented my sobbing wet open boy-pussy as the cold breeze chilled me deep! I was so wet back there and judging by the discharge is was not just spunk!

“Anal mucus ‘tis boy, natures lube for boy pussy… ‘though tits boy ‘ave too much, maybe slutty pussy boy?” I almost nodded as I stumbled with stiff hobbled legs.

I’d had so much cock in such a short time by every definition I was a gay, queer cunt as they'd say in school! But that almost seemed another life as I followed my medieval troop!

We halted a little further on as two complained that their dicks were aching and needed relief. In a surprising turn of events it was me that wanked them both on my knees as they spat gobs of spunk at my open mouth! The taste was also a surprise, almost delicious!

I had my mouth wiped clean and was sworn to secrecy about my unwarranted feeding as that ball gag was reacquainted with my cum-tasting lips and locked behind my head.

The Moon’s glow caught shafts of orange light as smoke wafted through the trees ahead. At last I could hope warmth was at hand and in my excitement I bolted ahead hobbling at a fast clip as my un-held chain bounced along behind!

“Wait up! You menta be our captav like!” But I was moving fast, after a couple of falls, but faster than those vagrants!

I stopped, looking into that huge fire as the heat thrilled my frozen body beyond measure. I cried holding arms wide as I luxuriated in that amazing heat turning around and around, bending over as the heat warmed my wet bottom sighing as I looked down at my sodden muddy feet.

Three layers of ladies tights and stockings do not make for good footwear in winter even with their outer plastic baggy coverings and my feet were blocks of dull frozen flesh in those too big boots!

At last, as warm steam began to rise from my own swollen wet behind my damp tights began to dry and I fell down staring up at that night sky with its so brilliant moon dazzling me. The warm earth around the fire was heaven sent.

A luxurious warm bed to relieve my aching body as my days built up fatigue drained my remaining strength. I became aware of many voices as that lovely fire crackled and warmed. Those murmuring voices blended into a soft hypnotising drone and I was sent me into a deep slumber.

A soft nudge woke me and I gazed up into a sight no teenage boy would ever forget; a sea of glowing red cock lit by that wonderful warm fire and silhouetted in dazzling silver thread by that bright moon above.

I admitted the sight amazed me and I gasped in awe! I gasped out many times more, as those glowing ruby man-rods were put to wild use as tormentors for their newly arrived prize!

I ate them, choking, gagging I ate those thick sperm-shooting male phalluses as my poor s o r e boy-hole took many more; deeply thanks to my previous penile spearing from ‘Golden Ring’ and friends!

I sat on cock, cocks, even three at on point with four pumping into my slack mouth as my night of homoerotic discovery continued into the pre-dawn brightness!

I was held aloft, bent over, spread, pinned, hung on a swing and subjected to a myriad of other perverted inventive positions as this teenage boy was drowned, no basted in male sperm like the main course in an all-you-can-fuck party!

I was their plaything; fucked, raped then passed around from pillar to post as the saying goes; only these pillars and posts were hard rampant male cock!

My throat was horse from crying out as they rammed into my small bottom again and again, the sound of my slapping buttocks was becoming my theme song! One would imagine all that cum swallowing from half and deep-throated cocks would sooth a throat, but then I was a newbie to the world of cock!

Discarded onto a mouldy green tarpaulin like a teenager’s used tissue I lay panting the world dulled by my sperm-filled eyes and ears as more leaked from my swollen open arse hole and slack mouth. I licked puffy lips, no doubt from those bruising face fucks as balls banged under my hairless chin and tried to relax!

A smelly but warm blanket fell on me as another huge hot discharge left my blown-open arse hole as my empty stomach sent a spluttering gassy and wet fart passed my vibrating buttocks! “Fanny fart” I heard muttered as I closed tired red raw eyes and began to doze as more cocks invaded my dreams.

It was a dream; a wet dream too vivid and sensual, like no dream I had ever had before but I was enjoying its ludicrously impossible scenario. A kidnapping tied to a sacrificial stone and raped by lines of hard men and boys from school? Followed by a night of gay orgying around a blazing campfire and I could suddenly swallow huge cocks, taking them balls deep throat and arse with me being a virgin?

It was a nonsense of a gay teenage fantasy, no doubt fuelled by my friends wank lessons and *s is t e r’s vibro in my arse!

The smell was my first inkling, even if I’d shit my bed it wouldn’t smell this bad and be so cold? I shivered in my grimly and sticky birthday suit, as wet as a newborn as I slowly opened my sticky eyelids.

I used icy fingers to prize one eye open and saw the pink sky and a huge smouldering pile of ashes, ashes from the remains of a blazing campfire. I watched the column of smoke twirl vertically skyward until the breeze took it away. I closed my eyes again and opened them.

I was not dreaming! And now as that dream faded the more surreal and chilling memory of last night replaced it as cold reality set in. A shaking hand found its way to my wet and hot anus; one, two, three then four fingers slipped inside as a gasp escaped my puffy lips.

Tears fell as my hand slipped inside me and my anal ring piece hung loosely around it my cold wrist almost inviting a second hand! Yesterday, was it yesterday? In my own bed after playing with ****’s vibro I had almost got my second finger all the way in, but now…

The warm glow was back, had I slept the day away? I sat up slowly hugging the dry blanket around my naked body as I began to notice the figures seated, standing and kneeling around this beacon of warmth. Among that sea of dirty old and younger un-washed faces; some bearded some not, some dentured and some gummy as old tortoises were keen eyes starring intently at me.

I noticed the feral lecherous twinkle in their bloodshot eyes as they roamed around my open nakedness peaking from gaps in that blanket. They had the same wild feral look a lion would spying a vulnerable young antelope on the African savannah and I felt my heart beating harder as I realised that young antelope was me, but I was already their prey!

A familiar member of this pride put a hand on my shoulder caressing it. “Cunt eats first friends! Then Sven shows you he not deluded at this day!” Here was my rock rapist, my first real adult fuck.

Was he here last night? Ring’s may have bested him for shear size but the first is always memorable! “Ave ‘e eaten?” that remark was delivered with a sarcastic tongue to my biggest arse-fucker ‘Golden ring’ whose fake smile did little to placate Sven’s raised eyebrow. “What ‘e fed with boss wid nought but cock’n’ball ‘tween us?”

Sven growled low but smiled at me as I was sat near that warming blaze with a bottle of coke and a paper bundle.

I was surprised by of all things, fish and chips, warm recently cooked and smelling great to a famished boy with a mouth tasting of cock’n’cum!

I sat on a blanket, buck-naked, with those warming eatables spilling fat onto my chilled thighs on my lap as I tucked into a hearty adult portion. There was no ketchup but a couple of condoms full of spunk was dribbled all over for seasoning!

“From the boys to’yer an’s” I took the class and downed it in one. Alcohol burned my throat making my eyes water as I coughed and the unmistakable aftertaste of that cum cocktail filled my mouth! “’ere son.”

The condom was the largest I had seen ever but I obediently opened wide to receive its lukewarm contents smiling as it soothed my throat.

Looking around as the fire warmed my wriggling toes copious amounts of melted butter dribbled over my bared tits and belly to pool in my lap as the chip butty was devoured greedily, I noticed that sea of leering faces again. Lips were being licked as they eyed their prey eating, or was it the food that prey was eating?

Two hands appeared from behind me and cupped my greasy boobs; I carried on eating with a strange expression on my face.

I was used to this already! Those hands pinched my nipples before spreading that butter, cum-sauce and oil mixture, sensually massaging it around my naked torso as my eating became laboured.

At last I stood up sucking on my last cum sauced chip as he finished around my glistening ankles and stretched. I smelt of fish ’n’ chips, butter and sweat my long hair damp and clinging to my shoulders and neck but I felt wonderfully sated.

I swigged down two bottles of coke and I guess they were mixed with something a little stronger as afterwards I was very accommodating!

Less than five minutes after that drink, albeit with a lot of burping, I was staring right into a leering bearded face as In front of the warm fire I knelt on all fours as Sven knelt behind me. I was the entertainment as I already guessed and took my former cherry-busting tramp with ease thanks to my anal reaming from Mr Rings big donkey dick!

I built up a silvery sheen of sweat over my heaving body as he butt-slapped my slick arse to drunken cheering and some very gifted musical accompaniment on an old fashion squeezebox! I was being butt raped to a jaunty sea shanty as my pirate rammed his sword up my treasure box! I held my own as he worked my arse and wondered whether this was my work or pleasure!

He finished leaving me wet and open as I hung my head breathing deeply as I tried to think about my situation with a clear head. Another dirty vagabond punched my wetness with his hard cock balls deep straight off, no preamble just fucking full-on! I raised my head to yelp but got a mouthful of smeggy cock instead!

I learnt to face-fuck that night, not that I was given any choice in the matter! It was an exhausting harrowing night of cock after cock; my mouth and face fucked almost as much as my hanging baboon prolapsed arse hole! Only my youth gave me the stamina to stay on all fours until the morning began to colour the sky orange.

The early sun warmed my back as a nine-inch penis pushed at the back of my throat as I choked it down for another ‘deep throating’. Tough for a k i d like me to do but I was more than experienced enough on the first morning of my capture. My arse was ahead of my mouth as it was stretched over the two eight-inch cocks I was straddling!

They called it a ‘DP’ for double penetration; one in the arse hole one in the pussy. But I only had one pussy so the all male version involved some serious stretching! But my captors had put in that extra effort and I was giving good DP now as well as deep-throating like a prized whore!

The aroma of piss, shit, cum, meths, mud and that greasy body odour smell as I was passed around like a sex doll became the overriding memory of my first night as a whore slave.

I had moved around that big fire in a circle of rampant cock and incredible filthy lust; things were done and I did things so base I just could not dare think about them! I nearly drowned in that orgy of cock and cum that I could remember!

I took a bath in the rough shack near the stinking latrine. The water was lukewarm thanks to the young lad on toilet duty boiling some over a small firelight. “Taking a dump yet?” I shook my head surprised by the rough but handsome black stranger. “Fags feel full after cock boy I saw you last night, wow son you were such a queer slut I was shocked! I was out of it last night but you wait boy… Wait till you feel this black mamba inside you!”

The muscular black man dropped an inhumanly sized cock from his dirty trousers, its pink head like a boxers fist in his glove! I watched him piss and to my horror imagined that huge thing standing tall as I… I left quickly as that man’s sparkling eyes followed my wobbling white arse with raised eyebrows and a wide grin.

Was I still a captive? The camp seemed to empty as those men and teen runaways faded from the firelight and off into the brightening morning sun. Do I run home? I looked for those tights and panties but instead found a roll with “Cunt’s stuft.” Written in bold red!

“Stuft”, I chuckled as I pulled clean white panties from the bag, well they were a little yellowed in places but they felt warm. I took them off to put on a pink body stocking, which off course had no gusset, or back to obscure my useless cock and overworked pussy! I pulled the panties back on and patted my covered puffy rose!

The dress was a dark heavy velvet and feel nearly to the muddy ground as I walked out in those black girl’s school shoes, but it felt warm with those long arms and, most surprisingly a hood! Warmed I walked around the fire to look into those mostly vacated boxes, crates and makeshift tents. There was a pile of porn in one and I leaned in to pick the top one up.

A dark hand with thick digits was over my mouth as another cupped my bottom raising me off my feet! “You walk around so sexily you make my balls ache sissy white boy… Cum to my tent and I make you really pregnant!” I was pulled around and dragged off to the large crate coincidently at the end of my morning walk!

I was only playfully struggling but I was very nervous. “Not be ‘fraid after you be camp cum queen!” I smiled after all he had a point!

He had a heater in the large crate he called home, the warmth was nice but the fumes made my heat spin. I knelt on the offered cushion and raised my arms as my dress was removed. My panty gusset was wet as I straddled that cushion to get lower to flick my tongue over that huge pink fist of a knob head he waggled before me.

Was I getting wet for him? I licked and kissed but at no time could my mouth accommodate such a huge cock head. But evidently I was pleasing him as that head began to rise and stiffen as I played with those smooth black goose egg-sized balls hanging between his hairy thighs!

“We ‘ave audience young cunt boy… Best let them at you so doggy for ‘em!” I assumed the position on all fours as I licked my lips. His cock tasted salty and I wondered if his cum was too. “You so wet boy maybe you be the one to take ‘im deep?” I turned around to see his huge ‘third arm’, the one wearing the tan boxing glove begin to stiffen.

We gave them a thrilling show as my young, now hardly innocent body was hoisted onto that impossible pole and broken in front of them. It was too much and I screamed into the dark night as my own dark knight buried his fourteen-inch cock balls deep into this willing, wide-open cunt that was so recently a virgin, pure and chaste!

I needed two of my vagabonds supporting me as that monstrous cock pressed so deep into my soft buttocks that my stomach moved as the big thick head defiled me beyond reason!

On my back on the laps of my helpers I watched in near terror as his big cock rammed deeper and deeper, distending my teenage belly on each stroke! Many hands were on me to feel such a miraculous fuck and held mine to my belly to feel such a immensely intimate invasion of my shaking body!

My mind reeled as a sea of faces appeared and I was lost to that monstrous phallus, just a wet lubricated sheath for his penis. I felt stretched like a rubber Johnny but I was already full of spunk! On and on that arm-sized dick tunnelled into my body; first in then back then in deeper. It felt as if my legs got any wider apart I’d be doing the splits!

My black fucker finally ended my torment with a gutful of hot creamy jizz, delivered so deeply into my half-dead body that I cried with sheer relief! I lay on my beg with my mouth gaping open and closed like a fish as that huge thing began to soften, shrinking inside my stomach as it slowly withdrew taking some of my cunt with it.

I stll didn’t know what a rosebud was but I had a huge one they said as a Polaroid camera flashed to capture the moment. “Huge! It be blooming big nuff for gold at Chelsea!” that black Adonis lay his hot wet coated cock on my heaving abdomen as I stared at that thing that had been inside my quivering belly before the night faded to black…

The next morning I could still hardly walk straight, needing my black friend to near carry me around the camp. But that day, after such a momentous night, I spent sleeping in the black man’s home. I looked at the decorations on the wall of his crate, Polaroid’s of me on his huge cock, photos I barely remembered!

The photo of my distended stomach made me shiver, something so inhumanly big had been inside me and I felt okay? An oil lamp’s glow lit the room and my black lover was back. He greeted me with his lips and tongue as we rolled on his dirty quilt as I mentally prepared to take him again.

As before I was stunned, something beyond pain, beyond wonder, beyond belief as my body became his sheath again! On my side this time under the quilt felt more sexual and intimate, just me pleasuring his lust, no show for all.

He was much slower than before and if anything this felt more powerful. His huge meaty hand was on mine as together we felt that huge cock’s head move inside me. “Our c h i l d is stirring baby.” I gasped something back as he began to bump into my soft buttocks as we fucked.

Just before his final deep thrust he unbuckled that ball gag and let me cry out full f o r c e as that monstrous black mamba spat the contents of those massive balls deep inside me!

My loud cries woke many a dozing neighbour as I bucked and thrashed against my muscular lovers grip. At last I was a whimpering mess held tight in my lovers arms as that chocolate log rested inside me its job done. I was soon asleep as we ‘spooned’ under that hot steamy quilt.

As my eyes adjusted I quickly realised this was not my bedroom and those teeth nibbling on my ear were not from that weird dream but my black stallion!

I tried to say good morning but the words caught in my throat as I felt his familiar horse-size cock stirring in my slack colon.

It was growing and moving into my belly. Had it been in me all night as I slept the s l e e p of the truly fucked? My tits were squeezed as my belly growled and a wet sloppy fart tickled his penis.

His warm laughter blew over my naked neck and I shivered as he bit down on my neck, marking me as his with a love bite! As well as another dose of his fourteen-inch cock!

On the twelve day in that camp my wondrous lover left saying he’d return in the spring and take me back if I was still around. I had not thought about my future. I was no longer collared or hobbled; I was free to leave at any time. But I was not intending to was I?

I asked Sven as I slept with him in his cramped tent, well being the boss’s bitch was hardly the unintelligent thing to do! “Hard life, may never be back, faded like so many friends… prized you still… young’s always flit off affa week or so?” I looked down past my small shrivelled penis to that huge slit of my arse hole his cock was parting and sighed.

It was more cunt than a normal sphincter; thumb sized was normal but mine was easily fist size! “You think you too good at this to be norms again?”

I nodded and smiled. “I’m nude most of the time here, sucking and being fucked like a prize whore and I think I love it too much to be a boy anymore, nor a virgin!” He roared with laughter at that!

I spent the next week in that camp with barely a moment to my self as I was passed around from morning, noon and night. Night where I was wife, daughter, lover and bed warmer! So much cock gave me the weirdest dreams, fuelled no doubt by my sated cunt and cum flavoured breath!

I really was just a mouth and arse cunt to these randy fuckers, but I was too far gone to rejoin normal society… anyway it was Friday and I sat down on the mutes fat knob and ate my chips between gobfulls of hot fresh jizz. Better than ketchup I thought! In fact all my food tasted better with jizz, especially my morning porridge!

The police visited the camp looking for a missing teenager, showing my terrible school photo around one early November morning, but those tramps and runaways were either tight-lipped or merely dismissive!

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