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Kissing Tag with my cousins

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By kebmo [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 02:19   Pageviews: 108

I was about six and my two female cousins lived on a farm just outside of the city. I always got along well with them and because they were only six and seven it was OK for me to sieep over occasionally.

We liked to play kissing tag in the apple orchard. We knew it was wrong so we always went far from the house but we all liked it. Of course they were two and I was one so it was a bit lopsided.

One afternoon we were chasing each other around and Kim grabbed me by the back of my shorts and I fell down and my shorts came down. There I lied with my bare bum hanging out and the girls were looking at it.

"Roll him over" Lynn said so they did and there it was for them to see. I don't know why I wasn't embarrassed but I don't think I was. I just laid there with my pants down while they both kissed my cheeks, it was kissing tag don't forget.

I squirmed myself almost right out of my shorts. They were at my ankles and the girls' attention turned to my little boy cock. Kim touched it first. She squeezed and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger while staring intently at it. Lynn was watching. She asked to try touching it so Kim let her while I just lied there on my back almost naked OK with it all.

I asked them if I could see theirs and they gladly obliged by pulling down their shorts. I sat up, still exposed, and looked intently at the first vaginas I had ever seen. My first question was "How do you pee?".

"I have to pee now" Kim offered and without hesitation squatted and started peeing. I was fascinated, staring intently.

It ended suddenly when their Mom called us for lunch and we pulled up our things and went for lunch.

The opportunities for kissing tag stopped presenting themselves after that. There was always someone else there or we were picking apples while I was there but no more kissing tag.

I remember seeing Kim when I was about 18 while she was visiting my Mom's house. We were in the kitchen alone and she brought up kissing tag and we reminisced a bit but it's never been brought up since.

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By riccismall [Ignore] at 17,Apr,18 09:02
I also had a couple of female cousins, I used to **** over with their **** and we would play hide and seek. Seems the older cousin and I always ended up in the same closet and would kiss and touch each other. I would have been about 12 and her 10. I was exciting to say the least. Their **** and I would wrestle in bed and somehow it would end up with us touching each others cocks.

By avgdick69 [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 21:22
wish that had happen to me

By fatcock66 [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 11:58
interesting how memorable first sexual encounters are. I too had female cousins that were a bit curious. One was in a bathtub being given a bath. she rolled over exposing her pussy and took a pee. I think she was aiming at me, I remember she was looking right at me. I don't know why I was in the room. I remember the look of that to this day. it still kind of excites me.

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