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The Rock & The Tramp: Redux. Part 2.

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 16,Apr,18 05:09   Pageviews: 46

As luck would have it as the police searched my old black lovers box they failed to find the Polaroid’s now in my possession in Sven’s tent, well hidden!

The ‘pigs’ searched from hovel to box around the site until they found mine!
The flap was rudely thrown open letting in the cold and light on the huge sweating bodies of the two fattest tramps on this site! Jerry and his lover Kitric were discovered snogging naked much to the copper’s mutual disgust as their overabundance of fat spilled and jiggled all over!
“Two fat homos going at it in there gov, nothing, no sign of the lad.” The coppers dropped the flaps moaning about the stench. They missed the gasp as the meat in that vagrant blubber sandwich, me, was allowed to breath again!

Straddled across Jerry’s fat nine-inch knob, my legs were hidden under his huge belly fat as my slack cunt easily added Kitric’s slim seven inches as they pressed me between their huge saggy tits, and ample soft bellies. It was the hottest place I had ever been but right now it was the best safe haven! I was invisible!

The police made five more visits during the winter months, including a full search with dogs and everything! This time when they caught Jerry and Kitric ‘at it’ they had to separate so they could search with the dogs.
Maybe I now smelt differently than the items the dog handlers used but they found not a sniff of my presence! Two more searches also yielded no results and after forty-seven days the searches went up north. False rumours spread by some friends! At last I could stop the constant hiding in those damp sewers!

I was becoming used to having two cocks inside me, sometimes three as I sat on them! I was introduced to fisting by a newcomer and often it was his fist distending my belly like that old black fuckers cock had done before!
The camps population was diminishing, as the winter grew fierce. “It’s a thing with us outdoor people. Like in the Middle Ages winter take its toll and the weakened do not survive to the spring.”

The new guy was an old teacher fallen from grace after he m o l e s t e d a young lad! “Not much younger than you boy with heavenly lips.” I looked up with a smirk as I took his seven-inch cock down my throat.
“He was too tight and then… Well I had to leave and now I live with the forgotten and ignored.” I changed position and straddled his hard erection riding him like a cowgirl as he watched my tattooed back move up and down his veiny shaft!

“That tattoo is quiet the deviant piece and I must… hmmmmm… say the artist caught your likeness so well. Hoisted on nigger meat… so elegantly fucked you look… a queer angel no less!” I told him about that man as I rode.
“Fourteen yourself and you had a fourteen inch cock inside you… I must feel so tiny compared to his donkey dick?”

I repeated the last two words as he came in my wet cunt, then presented it to him to ‘eat out’ as I bit my lip with a squeal of delight! He proceeded, between delving deep into my ‘cream pie’ to regal tales of b e s t i a l i t y and how he had seen a man take a huge horse penis inside him!
“Boy I tell you he butt-danced on that stallions three-foot penis and I swear needed two men to hold him as that horse’s flare, bigger than two men’s fist burst from that man’s anus with a bucket-load of horse jizz to boot!”
I shivered as his tongue found my sensitive spot. “I see you take that mans arm so deep, near to his shoulder no?” I nodded as I sat facing him. “I can really… a horse?”

It was the start of spring as I got to the farm where the teacher was now staying. It was a commune of sorts where the unwanted and dropouts from society were working together to earn a living. It was a place that would still further broaden my sexual horizons once I was assigned a role.

“Heard you got some some boy pussy on offer?” The big rough-looking vagrant rubbed his bulging crotch. “Gotta empty these eggs or I’ll burst!”
The old women frowned. “Lil’ cock stealing tramps by the barn… Cunt’s stole all the men, we women barely get a touch of dick!” The man nodded disinterested in her woes and headed for the barn. He spied the boy on his knees delivering relief to a tired worker.

“Sven!” I smiled with cum still dripping from my chin. But he was in no mood for chitchat and pointed to the hay bale beside me.
He didn’t even notice the multicoloured penis-butterfly tats on my buttocks as he rammed home his throbbing eight plus inches of cut dick!
They say you never forget your first and my cunt remembered this penis so well I was brought to tears! Sven fell over me as his balls filled my intimate place with life-giving sustenance. I had recently began to believe my body graved that manly white juice, so much so that its taste was now the most delicious thing I had ever savoured!

“You took to being cunt so quick maybe this your destiny… service of cocks?” I laughed as he examined me as I sat naked under the shade of a large tree. “Not seen my Cunt a whole long year it seems and now ‘e ‘as tits and jewels! Eyes not so sharp young Cunt.”
He was the only one to call me that name and even now it still made me shudder with a sort of thrill!

“Teacher got me on hormones seven months back and they ‘ave grown, got me a bit of Buddha belly too!” I showed him my gold penis earrings, my big penis nipple piecings, my gold belly piercing, which was an articulated penis that moved as my belly jiggled and my new gold penis cage.
“I wear this all the time now.” I turned and bent over and Sven licked my wet open pussy, making my s i x t e e n penis-shaped rings jingle as he chuckled. “Cunt ‘ave a golden pussy ring! Sweet s i x t e e n now I guessing?”

He found me later on the doc’s slab as Maisey the resident tattooist drew the outline of a fourteen-inch cock and huge balls on my quivering belly.
“Balls just below your naval and the cut head between those tits of yours?” I nodded holding the table tight with both hands. “You want cum in globules you say around these tits? I nodded again. “Kay we’re ready to go!”

The machine buzzed as I closed my eyes. “You say he was this big and you took it all? I’ve done rectal stuff but wow.”
The buzzing stopped. “You know the gov’ll ‘ave you in the stables mating with his ‘orses!” A laugh as the gun came on again. “I let Glovis do me in the fanny one time but fuck never again! I was shitting myself with fear!”

“The governor says I can stay with you unless you teacher’s cunt now?” I shook my head. “No contest Sven, I’m always your cunt!” He smirked and held me up against the doc’s window as he hoisted my simple red dress up over my head and pushed a hard penis deep inside me, lifting me off the ground as he virtually suspended me naked against the big window!
My face turned crimson as I looked inside to see Maisey watching me as she smoked a spliff, her hand down her tight leggings…

“Most boys bulge at the front!” Said the farmer’s eldest daughter as I bent over in my new gold latex leggings. “Been having my Cunt too much fun with the other lads her lil’ buds blooming!”
He caressed my bottom and eased my distended anus back home as I gasped. The young girl nodded. “Saw it after Daddies love stick pulled out!” this was a weird place I had ended up. Her father saw us chatting. “Run along Jessie pussy boy ‘ere ‘as an appointment with old Glovis this afters!”

At 2 o/clock I was wearing my pony gear, biting my bit hard as I was bent over a straw bale bearing the weight of that old stallions belly on my back as 19 inches of prime horse cock blew my teenage ideas of sex to blazes!
Gasping my eyes wild I endured the impossible as that VHS camera recorded it all, sound too! I was sweating profusely as the light lit my mostly disguised face as I cried out again and again as that horse tried to push deeper!

Fighting against my bonds as that stallion let loose a bellow that both excited and scared me rigid! He filled me with hot semen, I felt it flow into me as he tried to withdraw that giant flare passed my too small anus.
I screamed as my distended pussy was released with a loud wet slapping sound as horse jizz sprayed some three feet straight out across my backs gross tattoo! “Got it all! Fuck look at that wide open cunt I can see ‘er tonsils!”

Glovis was one of the reasons my destroyed cunt hung out so often, that and the amount of double penetration fucking sessions I was having lately, not to mention the fisting and Maisey’s leg!
"Footing" She called it!
Just before the evening shared meal I was back in the stables as they filmed me with the new stallion sucking on his fully extended penis as I prepared to gulp down that huge load of jizz for the camera.

“Boring we didn’t catch any jizz!” Sven watching me laughed. “Greedy Cunt drank it all!” I looked at them burping loudly and blushed as they all laughed. Even the horse whinnied!
I needed that nectar in my belly; didn’t they realize jizz was my life?

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Sooo fantastic dirty and perverted! I wank my big hard cock all the time and CUM
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My pleasure

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