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NormalJohn's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Enjoyed the nude beach experience,,but will still wear shades.   27,Nov,17 04:09   2 comment(s)

Finally went nude at a nude beach. (Bucketlist idea.)   22,Oct,17 21:27   4 comment(s)

Preparing for an implied nude/nude photo shoot in future.   20,Jul,17 09:40   9 comment(s)

Got waxed, but it hurt.   12,May,17 03:03   10 comment(s)

Making all kinds of comments.   22,Jan,17 04:49   4 comment(s)

Love looking at beautiful women.   07,Jan,17 21:27

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   23,Dec,16 03:16   2 comment(s)

Walked on the balcony naked just for fun.   09,Dec,16 03:18   7 comment(s)

Remembering when I swam naked with a friend.   01,Dec,16 04:28   10 comment(s)

I'm such a closet exhibitionist.   25,Nov,16 00:47   7 comment(s)

Recommendations of other free nude posting sites.   25,Nov,16 00:41   9 comment(s)

A doctor physical long ago really affected my thinking. (Warning: A little graph   24,Nov,16 02:02   5 comment(s)

If you got cool blogs, please let me know.   22,Nov,16 23:48   2 comment(s)

Love to blog read.   22,Nov,16 01:19   9 comment(s)

Catching a hard on my one and only wax job.   21,Nov,16 01:22   10 comment(s)

The Walking Dead.   21,Nov,16 01:00   2 comment(s)

Waxing? What are your thoughts?   20,Nov,16 22:03   8 comment(s)

Fear of the Nude beach. (Seeking opinion.)   20,Nov,16 17:59   20 comment(s)

Friend saw some of my naked pictures on my computer.   20,Nov,16 13:56   4 comment(s)

My escape from the real world.   20,Nov,16 06:49   13 comment(s)

Love to get a happy ending massage.   16,Nov,16 03:03   3 comment(s)

Showing it off to the world/swimming naked.   12,Mar,16 23:19

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