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Mazinga's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

I Finally Saw Ghandi's Dick! lmaooo XD   25,Jul,18 23:53   9 comment(s)

"Pls rate my--" SHYADAAAP!   22,Jul,18 14:24   7 comment(s)

Silver-haired Neighbor Nextdoor   20,Jul,18 22:16   4 comment(s)

Older Man, HOT ASS!!! part 5: Strip Tease!   17,Jul,18 19:16   2 comment(s)

A Healthy BALANCED Diet   11,Jul,18 14:53   4 comment(s)

"Older Man, HOT ASS part 4: Craving it!   11,Jul,18 02:56

Older man, BUSTED MY BUBBLE!!!   03,Jul,18 22:12   9 comment(s)

Achieving NIRVANA...   23,Jun,18 11:50   2 comment(s)

Older Man, HOT ASS!!! -Part 2   21,Jun,18 10:18   6 comment(s)

Yeah Right   17,Jun,18 00:47   7 comment(s)

Older Man, HOT ASS!!!   12,Jun,18 10:16   4 comment(s)

Jacking Buddy Map   11,Jun,18 23:22   3 comment(s)

Masturbation Voodoo: Extreme Wishful Thinking   11,Jun,18 09:51   2 comment(s)

NO FAP Challenge: How Long Can You Last?   05,Jun,18 22:42   2 comment(s)

My Saturday Afternoon Reading Pleasure (While Edging)   02,Jun,18 17:00

Go Tell It On The Fuckin Mountain! (And JUMP OFF!)   30,May,18 19:33   2 comment(s)

A Banana Split...   27,May,18 00:17   1 comment(s)

Leave. Me. A. Lone.   26,May,18 22:52

Naked In The Hall (a true story)   15,May,18 23:08   5 comment(s)

Frogs and Chocolate: To The Bottom Of This   26,Apr,18 23:07

Peaches vs. Tribbles   08,Apr,18 22:40   6 comment(s)

Dollah Billz, Y'all!   08,Apr,18 11:05   7 comment(s)

Porn vs Tube?   08,Apr,18 04:18   6 comment(s)

What Is The Average Cock Size?   03,Apr,18 23:32   13 comment(s)

Check All That Apply   01,Apr,18 04:34   3 comment(s)

Same Dumbassed Questions, Different Dumbasses   31,Mar,18 09:07

Message In A Bottle   30,Mar,18 18:44   2 comment(s)

Capital Region Rompers (Upstate NY, VT, and Mass) Group   25,Mar,18 07:39

An ALTERNATIVE To Craigslist Personals   24,Mar,18 00:15

The End Of Craigslist Personals?   23,Mar,18 00:40   9 comment(s)

Make The Van Go BOOM!   21,Mar,18 15:53   4 comment(s)

"TENTING" In Bed (As an edging Technique)   20,Mar,18 15:36   2 comment(s)

Edging, and ED: How I Cope With Me.   19,Mar,18 21:24   1 comment(s)

Cabin Fever, Winter 2017-2018   10,Mar,18 07:14   17 comment(s)

My First Time Ever Getting Boinked By A Guy   06,Mar,18 15:20   15 comment(s)

My Lusty Life Before The Internet   06,Mar,18 11:11

My XT profile   04,Mar,18 02:48   4 comment(s)

The Endless Vortex   04,Mar,18 01:59   4 comment(s)

Particular Frotting: My Taint Fantasy   17,Feb,18 00:59   5 comment(s)

My Sauna Blowjob   08,Feb,18 18:50

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