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By nekekal at 09,May,16 18:11
Looks nice. Nice tight butthole. A nice looking cunt too. I am surprised that he didn't fuck them both.

I only ever got to try ass once. Cock was too big, just wasn't going in. It was ok though, I really like a nice warm cunt.
By *expertease* at 11,May,16 15:06
He did slide his dick in my pussy some at first to get his dick nice and wet with my lube to make it easier to go in my butt hole. But he said the plan all along was to go in the butt hole.
By nekekal at 12,May,16 03:19
Sounds like the plan worked out. You do have an inviting looking butt. Lol, once in your cunt, I never would have had the will power to pull my cock out just to try another hole. Don't leave paradise in search of paradise.

As long as you had a good time and enjoyed some good cock.
By *expertease* at 12,May,16 10:27
Well, one paradise is tighter than the other paradise!
By nekekal at 12,May,16 14:19
Oh so true. But with my cock, all paradise is tight, and some paradise is impossible, and if possible, not deep enough. You are pretty tiny, I bet your cunt is almost impossibly tight. But I am envious of the guy, to get the choice and get it willingly. Heaven of fucking.
By *expertease* at 13,May,16 11:32
He does love having the choice of which hole he wants to go in. And yes I am extremely tight even in my pussy. I only weigh 98 pounds. I have bruised his dick before with my pussy.
By nekekal at 14,May,16 02:13
Oh, he is a lucky lucky guy. Tight cunt, tight ass, the choice is his. I would take a bruised cock anytime. A badge I would wear proudly. At 98 lbs, you are tiny. Tiny, tight, and willing to take cock. Just perfect.
By *expertease* at 16,May,16 17:31
Oh I'm more than willing to take cock!
By nekekal at 16,May,16 17:35
Oh, I can tell. I am so envious that you guy has some to fuck anytime that he wants. Someone who loves to take a cock anytime, anyplace, who looks hot, has a great body, and just loves to fuck.

If only you were willing to take my cock. Oh well. Next time you are spread with your legs in the air and a cock in your cunt, think of me.

By WizardOfOdd at 09,May,16 18:52
So nasty! Do you ever say "No" to any request?
By *expertease* at 11,May,16 15:05
Uh, not that I remember.
By kre8tor69 at 06,Aug,19 14:27
Boy are you ever most every guys dream gal! I hope each time you say yest that you get a lot of pleasure for yourself as well!
By *expertease* at 06,Aug,19 14:39
I sure do!!!!

By stiffone4u at 10,May,16 23:12
got to love a 3 input woman!

By #486758 at 12,May,16 11:21
mmmm very hot and yummy butt hole

By #345428 at 12,May,16 13:31
yes this so beautiful sperm the anus yes wonderful

By #345428 at 12,May,16 13:32
i clean you up sweetie

By smiley at 18,May,16 05:13
And what a beautiful butt hole-looks like a tight squeeze

By JustWondring at 03,Jun,16 07:36
My tongue wants to know the flavor of his cum and your hole.
By *expertease* at 03,Jun,16 14:40
Not sure of the flavor but it does taste wonderful!

By #456824 at 07,Jun,16 15:39
Mm baby...let me cum in there too
Ready for that ass
By *expertease* at 07,Jun,16 16:20
Ooooooooh la la! Come on in big boy!

By duncanidaho at 16,Jun,16 12:48
Looks very inviting

By dura2000 at 17,Jun,16 17:01
I don't blame him.

By mywusch at 21,Jun,16 11:57

By wettpussy at 16,Jul,16 12:50

By Mikey! at 27,Jul,16 09:45
Can't say that I blame him but that's a tough choice. Such a delicious pussy it would be hard to pass that up...

By #497751 at 27,Jul,16 13:01
Like that butt hole like to pack it too

By #511312 at 13,Aug,16 13:23
Like to fuck it too!

By paipan4460 at 16,Sep,16 18:04

By thickswingercock at 21,Oct,16 04:15
mmmm so sexy

By #177310 at 26,Oct,16 12:36
Beautiful vagina

By #458997 at 30,Nov,16 12:31
Ah you Look so perfect in that position. Love to kiss and bite those delicious thighs before pushing them up towards you more and sinking balls deep into both those holes. One of the best little bodies and asses on here
By *expertease* at 30,Nov,16 14:59
Punisher, I have bad news for you! You would fit in my little pussy but you are WAY too big for my little butt hole.
By #458997 at 30,Nov,16 19:21
But it would be so fun to try we could wiggle the tip in to see how it goes
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,16 12:19
Famous last words!

By dura2000 at 29,Dec,16 15:36
Why not, you have the cutest little bottom.

By footluvr2010 at 30,Dec,16 02:46
What a lucky man! Both your pussy and ass look so deliciously inviting. What a pleasure to enjoy either or both
By *expertease* at 30,Dec,16 15:30
He does enjoy having a choice.

By smokinj at 25,Feb,17 10:51
I'd love to lick your ass as you give me a for job with your sexy feet..mmmm!

By #528555 at 28,Mar,17 13:45
I'd love to fuck your holes

By hwoodlawn at 24,Apr,17 19:42
Love ur ass n puss love to lick you for hours.

By #525099 at 16,Jun,17 13:33
You have a very beautiful pussy
By *expertease* at 16,Jun,17 14:08
That is so flattering!

By condrocitos at 07,Jul,17 10:51

By diamund at 07,Jul,17 11:25
I can see why

By leopoldij at 28,Jul,17 12:27
This looks so sexy! You got a great looking pussy and spreading it like this with cum flowing out is fantastic! It just gave me a hard on. I need to cum right now!
By *expertease* at 28,Jul,17 17:39
Actually the cum is coming out of my butt hole.
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,17 23:26
Even better! I'll fill your pussy with more cum then.
By leopoldij at 07,Aug,17 19:23
I love the view!!

By smallcockboy at 04,Sep,17 02:42
I would love to eat your gorgeous bumhole.

By robo_penis at 07,Sep,17 15:05
good god...i would fill that ass up with so much hot cum....

By longcam69 at 05,Oct,17 11:33
So wonderful looks tasty

By Arlo at 21,Nov,17 07:36
What a very lucky guy. Perfect shot dead center. I would like a shot at that.
By *expertease* at 21,Nov,17 16:08
He shot a lot in me before he pulled it out and he left a trail behind him!

By anyfun at 30,Jan,18 15:36
Ready to add another load in there

By holder at 04,Mar,18 09:47
OMG Beautiful. I don't know which hole I'd do first. Decisions Decisions
By *expertease* at 04,Mar,18 09:57
Well he went in my pussy for a little bit when this pic was taken but then decided to switch to the butt hole.
By holder at 04,Mar,18 10:01
I'd probably do the same.
By *expertease* at 04,Mar,18 10:03
Well, my pussy is tight but not anything like my butt hole.

By johnny at 08,Mar,18 10:36

By #554852 at 20,Apr,18 11:07
Let me clean that beautiful pussy up for you

By Avillager at 23,Apr,18 11:12
You need a tongue bath to clean you up. yummy.

By mywusch at 05,May,18 10:56

By PhilLuvsCyber at 12,Sep,18 11:47
I am so jealous. I'd love to slide my hard cock into your ass

By eduard99 at 25,Sep,18 07:29
Whooooaaaahh, whattt an arousing view on your... ... sweet dark point between your cheeks...
...but your whole gallery is full of joyful views on your so natural body!

By Conchim at 03,Oct,18 11:56

By kre8tor69 at 26,Oct,18 21:02
Love to see cum dripping out of a wonder ful hot hole like yours!!!

By 15x55 at 27,Nov,18 13:39
Mmmmmm soooo very sexy dear

By Jseagull0403 at 05,Dec,18 23:33
So freakin hot

By hothorned at 04,Apr,19 03:00
Beautiful pussy and ass. He is a lucky man. I wish I could choose whichever hole I like with my woman. But unfortunately her asshole is off-limits. She says i'm too big for her butt, and she doesnt like ass play anyways

By Tag22 at 01,Jul,19 19:18
Sounds like more ways to love you
By *expertease* at 01,Jul,19 19:21
"Double your pleasure, double your fun!"

By Tag22 at 01,Jul,19 19:25

By Tag22 at 01,Jul,19 19:26
Looking good as always

By BiCuriousCock6+ at 02,Aug,19 17:06
I could eat that inviting pussy and make you cum in my face! Sorry, but you are so tempting!

By Flowo at 29,Oct,19 11:37
I would have my juice injected into your two holes. First the cunt and then in the sweet butt.
By *expertease* at 29,Oct,19 11:57
He likes the butt hole the most.
By Flowo at 29,Oct,19 12:38
Yes, it is pretty tight.

By Jenkins03 at 29,Feb,20 16:46
This is probably the tastiest looking creampied butt hole that I've ever seen!

By Orgasmatronic at 23,May,20 01:20
Oh nice!

By biggroove at 02,Jun,20 12:14

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