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Anal sensitivity

Cigarettes, do you, have you or don't you smoke?

Time Stamp on your Messages or Comments*

Is this an Amateur Porn Site*

Men 50+ years old. What is your erection hardness score?

Do you like when another guy looks at your dick at the urinal

Pee with an erection

Profile Comments

Eating cum out of pussy

Gay and Bi TOPS only:

Cum in my mouth

Attend a sex showing, participation and viewings resort

Do You Cum Daily or Visit your page daily

How would you rate my dick?

Who's Dick do you think looks better?

3 dicks compare!

Do you think about my show-off with full face, am I too reckles

Sleeping naked

The Kinsey Scale

How Long Have You Had a Partner

What is this

Who Has the SMALLEST DICK? fred or skitz???

Your oral sex, cum and riming preferences

How is my dick? Is it big enough to satisfy a women?

What is you normal erection angle?

Is Bernd impotent?

How did your erection hardness change in the last 10 years?

When he is hard and horny

when was your first sex intercourse at what age

Masturbating at early age

What would you prefer?

Club with cameras in the urinals screening your dick

Masturbator performances, your preferences

Cock to Cock

Sex and Video

left vs right,who is biggest

Versus 5 (who wins ?)

Swallow or spit it out

How would you rate my dick

What should I do for my next video? ;)

Compare cock size

What really turns you on in this site?

Comparing penis size, do you prefer being bigger or smaller?

Next guy at the urinal stall

What is your penis size?

Do you have underpants on ?

How long do you jack off normally?

Sleep Jerking

Which men have the hottest cock?

Your reaction the first time you cum

what age you first sucked another man's cock?

Do You Believe In God?

For male 50+ Have your cumshots changed compared to 20 yo?

How would you rate my dick?

Who should be the SYD Rat of May?

Best thing about my cock?

Who would you sacrifice to save a popular SYC member?

Who visit your profile the most?

Left (NICK2) vs RIght (CHINESEBOY)

what do you think of my ass?

Does my body look 63 years old?

Does the site need a facelift?

The Jab!! *

Ending a relationship

Social Activity Meter

ok you meet someone new to you who wants to suck you with a

Are you happy with the size of your penis?

Fake Profiles- Part 2

which penis is better ? Faku6 or Nick2

Why is my dick orange?

Your first erection

What conversation would turn you on more?


Lady Tecsan: Why won't he come to chat?

Do You Prefer YourAss CrackPussy or Cock with Chocolate Syrup ?

Getting boners when you poop

First time you got suck

Am I handsome? ( I'm really curious to know )

The Best Ass?

How would you start?

During sex with a girl



Runner in the forest

Do you sleep naked?

Tribute pics

Looking at your ejaculation

Genital Hair Grooming

Before fucking a girl

Glory Holes during covid

How often do you visit this site?

What came out your dick?...first time masturbating

An honest answer please fur any and all men

Rate my dick!

What do you like to see more on this site.

Cock vs cock

who has better cock? jackie or vitezx

do you suck long skinny dicks

Can you message me?

Blacklisting other members