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What conversation would turn you on more?

First time someone cum in your mouth

How do you place your cock in underwear?

How far would you like me to go?

First time tasting pussy

Saggy Granny Xmas Blog Series

Do I look better with a bbc or a bwc and why?

Do you prefer watching full nudes or do you focus on genitals?

Why has Bjuka been absent in chat and the site lately?

Do you love paranormal/ghost related things? 👻

Should there be a TwowarmsTTS3 Christmas Blog Series?

Should non-premium members be allowed to ban premium members?

Should Lady Tecsan be demoted to Site Cockroach?

Wife vs Girlfriend

The Saggy Granny- Will she prevail and save her Thanksgiving?

wich pussy would you fuck ?

Pee in the shower

How would you start?

What do you think?

Left vs RIght.

Covid-19 and the Holidays


Sex in the last 24 hours

Has anyone ever participated in sex they regret or ashamed of

If I showed more pics, what would you do?

Ever been caught wanking in public restroom?

Gifts to other members

Your oral sex, cum and riming preferences

You see nude pics of woman you know, on net. What do you do?

Watching porn during sex

Do you think about my show-off with full face, am I too reckles

If you had a chance to enjoy me, what would you do?

Another Saggy Granny ban- time to activate the sleeper cell?

Do you want to see my full-res pics and for what purpose?

Should president Trump concede the election?

Member 42-- Bjuk- Will get Admin delete for not logging in??

What am I?

Are you committed to a relationship?

For active guys only

Sensual Pleasure

US Thanksgiving- where will Angel 1227 have her big dinner?

Which one ia better?

Next guy at the urinal stall

Is my cock big

SYD Best Member December

what do u want me 2 do?

How big are they?


Will you accept the final results of the US elections?

Which Pussy Type is Mine?

Rat of the Month of December Contest

Outie or innie

What will be the end to the Saggy Granny on SYC?

First time watching porn? part 2

Which penis you prefer?

The results of the US election

My penis; do I measure up?


Cock vs Cock - YOUR Preference?

Do you like my cumshot?

First time watching porn?

Do i have small balls?

Angel1227 is seeking yet another new name here.. it should be:

What keeps you from sucking cock?

My penis; do I measure up?

CUM on 3 pussy's colors

Last presidential debate..who won?

Shaved or hairy balls?

Stood up...

My ass

What is better? ; hook up or dating

should she

Naughtiness nudity

Age Groups on SYD

Do you like to cum in your underwear and continue wearing them?

cock opinions


At Home; naked or clothes?

Guys, how is "it" hanging

Changes to your dick

Should I begin posting my face and body pics to be exposed?

Vice-Presidential Debate

Gamers good vibes.

Whats Your Usual Daily Underwear

Have You Cum To My Pictures?

Would you bang my wife?

Do you like to see, your women be fuckt by others?

SYD Best Member November

Genital Hair Grooming

Which one would you prefer?

How would you describe my dick?

SYD Rat of the Month of November Contest

how do they hang?

Have You Masturbated To My Pictures?

Which one do you prefer?

Who won the presidential debate?

Do I look better with or without pubic hair?

Who gives the best blowjob?

Foreskin Restoration