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Soft or erect - which one?

5 inch

Should I dress as a sissy more often?

Choose the Pics i Post

Should Bjuk be given a Site Ambassador rank?

When Bella is on the cunt site- she is in:

Rate my cock please ;)

Fuckavle ass

Should i post a nude with ID?

Ken1234 a racist rat?

How should The Walrus get rid of her ass pimples?

What did Bella get for Valentine's Day??

Would you suck me off?


The first time a guy shot cum in your mouth...

Unbanned Members

Bella's pubes are:

Member Analtear's hobbies

What should I post next?

Piss... Spit or Swallow?

Are you going to Tomorrowland 2019 (Belgium)?

Should Bella get a cat?

Miss_shaped or normal cut.penis (curcumsized)

eyes to eyes be contacted 👀 ____👀

Taboo Experimenting

Domino's has a broken oven- What should Bjuk do?


Should a SPECIAL movie script about Bella be published?

Pee on urinal

What hand do you wank with?

Should HairGuy be banned from chat rooms?

What IS inside of Bella's cunny?

HARD or SOFT ???

Best Places to Cruise for Men

Who takes your pics?

will you Cumming inside my wife if she used the pill☆€

Rate Jizzboys Cock!

Is my penis small?

my cock

How do you describe my Dick? Pic 💯 🍆

What will you do to my ass ???

Compare your penis girth !!!

Which is better?

What does Bella's cunt look like?

Do you want suck my cock?

Your testicles when not cumming

A room with guys with smaller or bigger cock than yours?

Pic Ideas

Your cock in undies.

It is anal night at Bellas. She invited you over do you go?

Can you see my dick got shorter/smaller?

Your opinion about bjuk

Runner in the forest

hard on on locker room

Is Bella a trendsetter?

Do you have underpants on ?

Men in running pants

What happened to TwoWarm???

Women on uncut or cut men

Should Bjuka LOSE his Ultimate Cat Warrior title ?

What will you do if you see me and my dick like this ?


Which cock is nicer only pic one

Do you ever get a hard on before bedtime?

What do you think are my best features

What makes a favorite panty?

Does Ken lose your boner?

gay sauna/bathouse experience

Dick Stretcher Enlarger

Attacks & Fighting in Chat: Do you enjoy them?

cockring wearing

Love to wear panties

Sleeping naked

Over the fence or through the gate?


Who have you caught naked?

Straight married men receiving oral sex

How do you call this

Bjuka went on HEAVY attack last night.. was he helped/coached?

Men...What's The Most Cum You Have Ever Shot In One Load?

Ass fucked

Best underwear you like to see men wear

Which sex is the best?

Would you suck me? For Men, Women, and other

What did Bjuk get for Christmas?

At what size is a penis too small?

how to keep my pubes in ur opinion?

What did Bella get for Christmas???

Rate my cock

I showed my cock in webcam to

States and cities with the most hot/beautiful men (2)

Who is more obsessed with the legendary Skittles?

Bella found guilty of being a nosey- what is the punishment?

Why do you do it?

Is Twowarm too political??


Should Leopolda buy a membership & Stop buying Prostitutes?

Should Bella Show her Points and her Cunny???

New Year's resolution 2019

Which one do you prefer?