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SYD Best Member of February 2021

SYD 2021 Rat of February- Run Off

SYD Rat of February Contest

Black men and their cock size

Should president Trump be impeach again?

Cheaters and High Sex Drive

Membership site assistant

Horny and no sex

New Year 2021

Going to cum in your pussy

The biggest troll of the site 2020

SYD Best Member of January 2021-run-off

SYD Best Member January

SYD 2021 Rat of January- Run Off

Sex at the beach

Who should be SYD Rat of January 2021?

Exposing the genitals

Covid-19 and the vaccine

Big cock big cum

SYD Best Member 2020

Biden and his term as president

Ass or Cock

Rat of the Year 2020- Run Off

Warm cum

Covid-19 and the Holidays

Gifts to other members

Watching porn during sex

Should president Trump concede the election?

Are you committed to a relationship?

Next guy at the urinal stall

SYD Best Member December

Will you accept the final results of the US elections?

Rat of the Month of December Contest

First time watching porn? part 2

The results of the US election

First time watching porn?

Last presidential debate..who won?

Stood up...

What is better? ; hook up or dating

At Home; naked or clothes?

Vice-Presidential Debate

SYD Best Member November

SYD Rat of the Month of November Contest

Who won the presidential debate?

Foreskin Restoration

Pandemic and the holidays

During sex with a girl

Sex or Masturbation?

would you dye or color your pubic hair?

U.S. Presidential Election-part 2

U.S. Presidential Election-part 1

Shaved pubes and oral sex

Most shaven part of body

Jerk off Buddy

First time you got suck...part 2

SYD Best Member October-second round

SYD Best Member October

Pretty dick

Who should be the SYD Rat of October?

Before fucking a girl

Top guys-sex with inexperienced bottom?

The 3somes question

Sex; when?

In your butt

Masturbation at Work

Thinking about sex

Too big!

He touched my heart

How many dicks?

You want to be hairy

SYD Best Member of September -Second Round

SYD Best Member September 2020

Getting pay for having sex

Are you a virgin?

SYD Rat of the Month of September Contest

Don't pull out..

Best Men of Europe

Condom or pull out?

Hardness or size?

Can men fake orgasm?

Best Men of the American Continent

What would you do?

Circumcised Men and Ejaculation

Enough Masturbation?

Most Outrageous and Outspoken Member

Masturbation Frequency

Rat of the Month of August Contest

How do you feel about your profile here?

Chat Room Language

Question to parents about circumcision

Perfect Penis

SYD Best Member of July 2020-Second Round

SYD Best Member of July 2020

Rat of the Month of July Contest

Do you like to have sex with a man with a hairy ass?

The best of a profile

Your first erection-part 2

Nakedness part 2

Taking off points for blacklisting


Big enough

Your first erection

Who should be Best Member SYD Month June?

Highest Average Penis Length

Suck your cock

Rat of the Month of June

First Time you fuck a girl?

Penis Size Genetic?

Perfect Sex

Receiving Oral Sex

SYD Best Member of May

Relative maturbating

Rat of the Month of May

Working from Home during COVID-19

Leopoldij guilty as charge

Coronavirus and being horny

Masturbation next to your partner

Hornier during coronavirus

Shaving the Pubes

SYD Best Member of April 2020

Stealing Points

Being Verified

Masturbation during shower

First time you got suck

Contestants for Rat of Month of April

Most Outspoken

Indoor during coronavirus-Part II

Indoor during coronavirus

I want to suck your dick

The question uncut or cut?

The Coronavirus

SYD Best Member of March 2020

Contestants for Rat of Month of March

A gay president

Candidates for the Rat of February 2020

The Erectile Hardness Scale

more pussy or ass?

Showing bulge and hard on in public

Who should be Best Member SYD Month January?

Who should be the Rat of the Month January?

New Year Sex Resolution

When a guy should receive oral sex?

What is your sexual fantasy?

Do feel relief after masturbation with cum?

Women pussy

SYD Best Member of Year 2019- Final Round for the Winner

Masturbation booth

SYD Best Member of Year 2019-Final Round

SYD Best Member of Year 2019

SYD 2019 Best Member 2019

Who should be the Rat of the Year 2019?

Twowarmtts2 disappearance

Does Twowarmtts2 is mentally derailed?

Nudity between men


Glory Hole

Ejaculate faster/uncut or cut men

Reasons for a man to cheat on his wife

Do you thinkTwowarmtts2 is mentally disturb?

Rat of the Year 2019-Second Draw

RAT OF THE YEAR 2019-First Draw

When growing up...

Sex on first date?

Fucking a guy

How long is your jerk off session?

Does straight man is exual arousal normal when seeing other men

Which gender is more hornier?

3 way relationship

Why you masturbate?

Bottom guys first time

21 times ejaculation

Sex during her period

How many erections in a day?

Erection from massage

"Morning wood" in the afternoon

Getting your cock suck

Crush on straight friend

Morning Wood with precum

Do you consider your penis average size?

Which gender gets laid often?

Retract the foreskin

What came out your dick?...first time masturbating

Ken1234 a racist rat?

Unbanned Members

Should HairGuy be banned from chat rooms?

Best Places to Cruise for Men

Your testicles when not cumming

Your opinion about bjuk

Women on uncut or cut men

Do you ever get a hard on before bedtime?

Straight married men receiving oral sex

Which sex is the best?

New Year's resolution 2019

States and cities with the most hot/beautiful men

The Best of 2018

Men with best butt

Do you smell a man's cock?

Getting suck and cum

Holidays Planning

Smelling Cum

Most Hot and Sexy Man

what age you first sucked another man's cock?

Masturbation and your health

Satisfied Sexually

First Cum Shot

How Hard is Your Morning Wood?

Full Moon and being horny

Best 3 ways sex?

Sex Change

Being caught masturbating

King of Troll

The Taste of Semen

How important is ejaculation for you?

Country most circumcised men

Boner or hard on public places

what do you like the most fucking a woman?

Which gender swallow cum?

Member blacklisted you

Hand free cum shot?

Sex with a transgender?

Bi men vs. Gay men

Fuck a girl without condom?

Aroused by other members pics/video?

Masturbation in public place with cum

Can you shoot(cum)long distance?

Sex with someone close to you

Fake or photoshop

Morning Wood Relief

Do you think wearing a cock ring is "cool"?

Frequent Erections

Your reaction the first time you cum

The meaning; "going cum"

Bi Men Only

Masturbating at early age

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

Straight men with Gay men

Masturbation Addiction

Uncut men sensitive to cum

At the men gym locker room

Ever had sex with someone virgin?...if so; how was it

Gay men do you ever flirt with a straight man?

Sex with your brother?

Staright guys touching other guys nipples.

Masturbating in front of somebody

Ass and pussy fuck

Do you get erections throughout the day?

do you masturbate every day?

Shaving your pubes....

Having sex with big penis better sex?

Do you think uncut guys get suck less than cut guys?

Are you happy with the size of your testicles(balls)

Do you pull out immediately after you cum?

Hairy men best body hairy part?

Blowjob or Handjob?

Which men Cum Faster?

Top Men..would you fuck a guy with hairy ass?

Did you suck a man at a glory hole?

How horny are you?

Caught Masturbating? If so, where?

Would you have sex with a guy with small penis?

Rush or slow masturbation?

Ugly cock?

Which gender masturbate often?

Which hand you used the most to masturbate?

What do you do after you cum?

Why do you masturbate?

When was the last time you jerked off?

Cheating in a relationship

Condom Brake During Sex

Men with the most hairy ass

Men with the biggest cock?

Does Bareback Sex gone

How important is foreplay for you?

Faithful and loyal in a relationship?

Have you ever seen a man masturbating in public?

How often do you watch porn on-line?

how do you define a good cock sucker?

How is the texture of your cum?

Which is difficult top or bottom?

At what age you first notice grow pubic hair?

Would you suck an uncut man?

What do you want to accomplish on sucking a man?

Getting your cock suck

Biggest Cock Generation

Which guys makes more precum?

Faster way to cum

Do you use deodorant or body spray on your pubes?

First thing you look on a man?

Are you an exhibionist?

Happy with the amount of cum you shoot?

What age you first ejaculate semen(cum)?

Who taught how to masturbate?

What age you first start masturbating?

The best blow job

Where have you masturbated?

Are you happy with the size of your penis?

The most pleasurable sexual thing

Places where you get the most boner

D0 you Jerk of when you got the morning wood?

Does your pee hole open up before you cum?

Which group of men get more horny

Pull out when cumming

Size cock preference for sucking

Sex with Men to Female(FTM)