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Do you like to watch porn? YES

ever fantasized about having sex with your mom/dad or siblings? YES

Do you like online role play with a man? YES

Have you ever sucked or been sucked off while driving? YES

Do you like being tongue fucked ? YES

Have you ever fantasized being gang banged? YES

Would you have a fuck train with more than 3 males? YES

Do you like your asshole licked? YES

do you like to show off naked in public places? YES

Do You Like Water sports? NO

Are you on this site to hook up? YES

Do ladies like watching gay men and do gay men mind ladies watching them? YES

Would you like for a chick with a dick sudduce you,? YES

Has this website expanded your sexuality? YES

Do you like to masturbate outside? YES

have you ever dick flashed a neighbor? NO

Would you let your woman finger your ass while she sucks your dick? YES

Do you like to see nasty personal fights in the forum? NO

Have you ever had your arse fucked? YES

Do you think 6.5inches is big for a cock? NO