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By langer011 at 30,Nov,17 16:01
wow, that is a tremendous tower full of sperm and a beautiful package, lucky you....
By *expertease* at 30,Nov,17 16:09
Yeah he really makes tons of cum.

By nekekal at 30,Nov,17 16:11
As long as you like it, it's great.
By *expertease* at 30,Nov,17 16:19
Well I am married to it.......I mean him.
By nekekal at 01,Dec,17 13:05
Then it is yours, I mean he is yours. And as long as it makes you both happy it's wonderful. Your very own cum supply, his very own not tight cunt.
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 14:26
Oh but my pussy is VERY tight!
By nekekal at 02,Dec,17 16:58
I **** spell checker. That was supposed to be "his very own hot tight cunt". With your trim tight body, I just know that you are very tight.

I need to start proof reading better.

By Hornycock63 at 01,Dec,17 01:49
Its so cute
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 12:04
Yes it sure is!!

By starjack at 01,Dec,17 05:09
VERY nice...HOT stuff!!
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 12:04
He can get some great hard ons!
By starjack at 29,Dec,17 08:22
That that is one of them!!
By *expertease* at 29,Dec,17 12:08
Yes it is! But guess who it was that got him hard for that pic!

By mravg at 01,Dec,17 05:14
Good looking manhood , thick
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 12:04
Thank you, mr.

By popsaruski at 01,Dec,17 13:14
Love to join you Two!
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 14:26
Come on over!!!!
By leopoldij at 08,Dec,17 12:10
How about me? You haven't invited me yet!
By *expertease* at 08,Dec,17 12:12
Slide right down on that thing!

By kasier at 01,Dec,17 15:47
Pretty cool that you grow a larger bush than him
By *expertease* at 04,Dec,17 12:41
I know. That is wild, huh? I remember you and I had talked about that before.

By Rhracerxo at 03,Dec,17 06:59
You have some fun with that!
By *expertease* at 04,Dec,17 12:38
I alwaYs do!

By kokhard at 03,Dec,17 11:09
Those balls look so swelled with hot
By *expertease* at 04,Dec,17 12:37
You are right!

By aoneeyedmonster at 06,Dec,17 14:02
nice mushroom head and balls look full of cum
By *expertease* at 06,Dec,17 14:09
Right on both counts! And believe me, he makes a LOT of cum!

By dura2000 at 06,Dec,17 14:52
Thatís one very lucky cock, I would love mine to be where his has been.
By *expertease* at 06,Dec,17 14:59
Yeah and you know how often it goes in there too, dura.
By dura2000 at 06,Dec,17 15:00
Yes I do.

By cumaddik at 07,Dec,17 17:50
By *expertease* at 08,Dec,17 12:13
You like that, huh???
By *expertease* at 13,Dec,17 11:31
It is a good one for sucking!

By zipper at 08,Dec,17 07:21
Wow, I so want to suck his dick!
By *expertease* at 08,Dec,17 12:12
It is a nice one to suck. I can vouch for that.
By zipper at 08,Dec,17 16:57
Bet you can. Wish I could !

By dura2000 at 11,Dec,17 15:36
You must enjoy that nice size knob as it goes in.
By *expertease* at 12,Dec,17 11:11
Yeah and that knob is magic for my G-spot!

By Leicestermarriedbi at 12,Dec,17 13:28
Gorgeous cock
By *expertease* at 12,Dec,17 15:13
Thank you. He is proud of what he has.

By anonymous at 15,Dec,17 09:45
Tiny cock, and small balls.
By *expertease* at 15,Dec,17 10:48
Thank you.

By zipper at 15,Dec,17 19:18
Masturbating to this photo again I am
By *expertease* at 28,Dec,17 10:24
It is a pretty good pic of a really hard dick, huh?

By rickt at 21,Dec,17 09:40
Lucky Man...........😉😉xxx
By *expertease* at 28,Dec,17 10:23
Well thank you, Rick.

By TSgurlSindy at 29,Dec,17 15:12
Is he BIG enough to please you & give you an orgasm?
By *expertease* at 29,Dec,17 17:17
By TSgurlSindy at 29,Dec,17 17:47
Didn't think so!

By Sirlionss at 29,Dec,17 17:26
Very small
By *expertease* at 31,Dec,17 16:08
I know.

By Wickedlo420 at 02,Jan,18 17:51
Very small
By *expertease* at 04,Jan,18 17:01
But not that head!!!

By Markus67 at 11,Jan,18 18:00
Very big head
By *expertease* at 12,Jan,18 13:23
And that head does wonders for my G-spot.

By nakeddude at 08,Feb,18 06:25
great job shaving his balls, does he do it himself or do you enjoy doing it for him ?
By *expertease* at 08,Feb,18 11:44
I usually do it for him. He likes that and he stays just as hard as in this pic when I shave them.

By Ramil1 at 14,Feb,18 06:56
He s cool. Smooth circumcised with big balls
By *expertease* at 14,Feb,18 16:38
Wow! Thank you very much for saying that!!

By aprick at 15,Feb,18 11:42
Nice thick dick.
By *expertease* at 15,Feb,18 11:43
Yes it is and I LOVE that head!!
By aprick at 17,Feb,18 00:39
Bet it's great to suck!
By *expertease* at 17,Feb,18 11:05
I love to start out with him soft. I can put his dick and his sack all in my mouth at one time! And I suck until he gets hard and then I let the sack drop out.
By aprick at 19,Feb,18 03:42
That's so hot. I'd love to watch you do that!

By Cock101 at 19,Feb,18 14:18
yummy hard cock
By *expertease* at 19,Feb,18 14:52
Thank you. It is hard!

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