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Vote (3 points): [HOT] or [NOT]   Rating: 100% (18 Votes)


Real Voyeur Porn Videos!



By langer011 at 30,Nov,17 16:01
wow, that is a tremendous tower full of sperm and a beautiful package, lucky you....
By *expertease* at 30,Nov,17 16:09
Yeah he really makes tons of cum.

By nekekal at 30,Nov,17 16:11
As long as you like it, it's great.
By *expertease* at 30,Nov,17 16:19
Well I am married to it.......I mean him.
By nekekal at 01,Dec,17 13:05
Then it is yours, I mean he is yours. And as long as it makes you both happy it's wonderful. Your very own cum supply, his very own not tight cunt.
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 14:26
Oh but my pussy is VERY tight!
By nekekal at 02,Dec,17 16:58
I **** spell checker. That was supposed to be "his very own hot tight cunt". With your trim tight body, I just know that you are very tight.

I need to start proof reading better.

By Hornycock63 at 01,Dec,17 01:49
Its so cute
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 12:04
Yes it sure is!!

By starjack at 01,Dec,17 05:09
VERY nice...HOT stuff!!
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 12:04
He can get some great hard ons!
By starjack at 29,Dec,17 08:22
That that is one of them!!
By *expertease* at 29,Dec,17 12:08
Yes it is! But guess who it was that got him hard for that pic!

By mravg at 01,Dec,17 05:14
Good looking manhood , thick
By *expertease* at 01,Dec,17 12:04
Thank you, mr.

By kasier at 01,Dec,17 15:47
Pretty cool that you grow a larger bush than him
By *expertease* at 04,Dec,17 12:41
I know. That is wild, huh? I remember you and I had talked about that before.

By Rhracerxo at 03,Dec,17 06:59
You have some fun with that!
By *expertease* at 04,Dec,17 12:38
I alwaYs do!

By kokhard at 03,Dec,17 11:09
Those balls look so swelled with hot
By *expertease* at 04,Dec,17 12:37
You are right!

By aoneeyedmonster at 06,Dec,17 14:02
nice mushroom head and balls look full of cum
By *expertease* at 06,Dec,17 14:09
Right on both counts! And believe me, he makes a LOT of cum!

By dura2000 at 06,Dec,17 14:52
Thatís one very lucky cock, I would love mine to be where his has been.
By *expertease* at 06,Dec,17 14:59
Yeah and you know how often it goes in there too, dura.
By dura2000 at 06,Dec,17 15:00
Yes I do.

By cumaddik at 07,Dec,17 17:50
By *expertease* at 08,Dec,17 12:13
You like that, huh???
By *expertease* at 13,Dec,17 11:31
It is a good one for sucking!

By dura2000 at 11,Dec,17 15:36
You must enjoy that nice size knob as it goes in.
By *expertease* at 12,Dec,17 11:11
Yeah and that knob is magic for my G-spot!

By Leicestermarriedbi at 12,Dec,17 13:28
Gorgeous cock
By *expertease* at 12,Dec,17 15:13
Thank you. He is proud of what he has.

By anonymous at 15,Dec,17 09:45
Tiny cock, and small balls.
By *expertease* at 15,Dec,17 10:48
Thank you.

By rickt at 21,Dec,17 09:40
Lucky Man...........😉😉xxx
By *expertease* at 28,Dec,17 10:23
Well thank you, Rick.

By Sindee at 29,Dec,17 15:12
Is he BIG enough to please you & give you an orgasm?
By *expertease* at 29,Dec,17 17:17
By Sindee at 29,Dec,17 17:47
Didn't think so!

By Sirlionss at 29,Dec,17 17:26
Very small
By *expertease* at 31,Dec,17 16:08
I know.

By Markus67 at 11,Jan,18 18:00
Very big head
By *expertease* at 12,Jan,18 13:23
And that head does wonders for my G-spot.

By nakeddude at 08,Feb,18 06:25
great job shaving his balls, does he do it himself or do you enjoy doing it for him ?
By *expertease* at 08,Feb,18 11:44
I usually do it for him. He likes that and he stays just as hard as in this pic when I shave them.

By Ramil1 at 14,Feb,18 06:56
He s cool. Smooth circumcised with big balls
By *expertease* at 14,Feb,18 16:38
Wow! Thank you very much for saying that!!

By aprick at 15,Feb,18 11:42
Nice thick dick.
By *expertease* at 15,Feb,18 11:43
Yes it is and I LOVE that head!!
By aprick at 17,Feb,18 00:39
Bet it's great to suck!
By *expertease* at 17,Feb,18 11:05
I love to start out with him soft. I can put his dick and his sack all in my mouth at one time! And I suck until he gets hard and then I let the sack drop out.
By aprick at 19,Feb,18 03:42
That's so hot. I'd love to watch you do that!

By wellhung at 23,Mar,18 13:04
That's one hell of a wide diameter mushroom head!
By *expertease* at 23,Mar,18 13:20
It really is!

By Horny007 at 31,Mar,18 06:34
very horny shaved cock with very big balls wow

By johnny at 09,May,18 14:49
Nice head do you enjoy sph?
By *expertease* at 09,May,18 14:53
By johnny at 09,May,18 14:56
Small penis humiliation

By ElefantinoForLadies at 21,May,18 00:57
Before, after or together
My dick would want to join your husband's howsoever
And believe me in ecstasy you would tremble and shiver.

By ErnieRoss at 11,Jun,18 10:37
By *expertease* at 14,Jun,18 16:06
I agree!!!!

By Timpeter at 19,Jun,18 20:03
Great deined hemet head like my cock definition ...not muchlength however..not hittingany deep vaginal nerves for sure ever his girth. And flared helmet ...i am sure stimulates your pussy nerves ..i belive.....keep on SexExcising Expert'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By *expertease* at 20,Jun,18 12:15
Thank you Tim. The head hits my G-spot and causes some great orgasms.
By Timpeter at 22,Jun,18 00:36
Alot of ladies like me to bury it it deep to touch their vulva well as some gals like the big transition from my helmet head to the smooth shaft about 4 inches deep with an axtra 25/8 inches still outside........all different pussies vary.........

By johnny at 20,Jun,18 14:07
I see why you need bigger but it's a hot head
By *expertease* at 20,Jun,18 14:47
Very true!

By Bobdick at 13,Jul,18 13:38
Look at it, just begging to be sucked

By sissysuzi at 26,Sep,18 11:36
Looks nice to nibble on.

By luv2cunnle at 03,Oct,18 11:56
That isn't the intact cock you were about to take earlier, but it looks good.
By *expertease* at 03,Oct,18 12:32
This one is my husband's.
By luv2cunnle at 03,Oct,18 12:40
So... who has the big, fat intact cock you were about to take in the other photo? I'll gladly give you my fat intact cock any time you'd like.
By *expertease* at 03,Oct,18 15:39
That was a guy I used to work with.
By luv2cunnle at 04,Oct,18 06:52
Lucky guy. Where do you work? I'll take some of that!!

By Avillager at 23,Nov,18 13:10
Luckiest cock on this site.
By *expertease* at 23,Nov,18 19:53
Oh my gosh it is so good to hear from you again!!! And thank you!!
By Avillager at 25,Nov,18 20:34
Wish that I lived next door to you or in your spare bedroom. LOL
By *expertease* at 26,Nov,18 13:01
That would really be fringe benefits!!
By Avillager at 29,Nov,18 23:29
Yup. maybe lunatic fringe.

By Littleguy1 at 18,Dec,18 15:39
Wow that's a nice dick I wish mine was that big

By adolfo at 06,Jan,19 13:51
By *expertease* at 06,Jan,19 19:52
Oh he LOVES to be sucked!!!!
By adolfo at 07,Jan,19 06:40
By *expertease* at 07,Jan,19 11:14
So you want the job then?

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