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By Sicilian1 [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 13:46   Pageviews: 84

I got a rather startling text or should I say wake up call. I'd been chatting with this guy "William" and we shared pics, erotic chat etc. He was rather anxious to share text msgs. I hesitated for a long time. He finally convinced me. Today I get a text from him. He was trying to extort $2000 from me or he would share my pics and texts that I had sent him. I kept insisting I wasn't paying anything that I would just accept the consequences and that I was really stupid for even doing something I would never usually do.
So, just a word of advice. Be very careful of those parasites who will prey on you. I never share face pics, etc. Unless I have built up some trust. So, just be very careful. I don't know if these things will surface and bite me in the ass or not. But I refuse to be bullied. I told him that I would deal with the consequences and I was not going to play. So, only time will tell. Be very careful my friends...Hugs, Don

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By bella! [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 15:18
If "William" is a SYD/SYC, Showitoff member, you need to contact admin directly with your concern.
By whatsupcocks [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 05:15
By Sicilian1 [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 09:10
It wasn't this site, and yes, I've contacted the admin, but the number was "private" and his profile was gone almost immediately.

By curiousone134 [Ignore] 22,Apr,21 09:12
Unfortunately, participation on this site and all others, as enjoyable as they are, is a tightrope walk. In todays world there are no secrets. In many instances, technology is as harmful as it is helpful. I do often wish for the older days.
By Sicilian1 [Ignore] 22,Apr,21 09:20
I agree, which is exactly why I never show my face. I'm quite sure that pics of my cock are all over the net by now. But, nothing that can incriminate me directly. Yes, so much ill in the world now. It's very sad.

By Freddy [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 21:04
Always ask questions about anything. If they don't answer your questions or evade questions that should be a red flag.
By Sicilian1 [Ignore] 22,Apr,21 05:59

By bud_de2001 [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 17:05
So sorry to hear this my friend

By tb1 [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 14:10
there are fucking assholes everywhere ☹️☹️
By Sicilian1 [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 14:20
Yes, and I feel stupid for trusting like that. Oh well, lessons learned...
By tb1 [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 15:43
Sorry this has happened to you.
A couple of years ago, I was chatting with a guy on another site, not SYD, and he convinced me to come over. I went to his house. We met outside on his front lawn, when we went into the house, he pointed to the living room couch for me to sit. Then, he went into the kitchen for a drink of water. There was a planter divider between the kitchen and living room. After I jerked him off and left, I began to wonder if hed turned a camera on and recorded me jerking him. It could have been hidden in the planter. I dont go to that site anymore.

By FlyingHamster [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 15:02
Sorry to hear this! Good luck. Have you contacted the police? This could be considered a federal crime since it involves telecommunications. It wouldn't be difficult to ID him since you have his phone number, unless he used a burner.

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