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By MFMdesires [Ignore] 21,Apr,21 22:17   Pageviews: 60

I always knew my penis length was average to maybe slightly below average. Iím happy with my size. Like most men Iíve spent a lot of time looking at porn. So of course I knew there were men with much larger erect penises.
However, lately Iíve spent a fair amount of time on penis comparison sites like and have become more aware of my flaccid penis and how it compares to other men. Maybe instinctively I knew in the back of my mind men would have longer flaccid penises than me, but I have been fascinated by men with flaccid penises that are longer than my erect penis. The thought had never occurred to me.
I think this has fueled my secret guilty pleasure for SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)
Like I said, I am happy with my size. Itís all Iíve ever known. But I have learned I do get a sexual charge from being teased about have a below average penis length.

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