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By Liketobetold [Ignore] 04,May,21 21:10   Pageviews: 57

Every day I come onto this site and every time i get aroused by looking and knowing Iím being looked at. I am loving the comments. Thank you all so much. Tomorrow, I think i just need to show myself aroused. Iíd love to video chat with someone, guy or girl, and get naked together.

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By Liketobetold [Ignore] 06,May,21 18:26
I have loved being able to open up and share some aroused pics that i have loved taking. Thank goodness for time delay. Ive always wanted to have someone photo shoot me. To just be told what to do and what to wear and take off while they take photos and videos of me. I just need to find the right person to trust.
I also have a few vids that Iíve taken of myself that i cant seem to upload. They keep saying they are too big but only 15 seconds. Any ideas?
Of, if anyone would like to see a vid of me, let me know on Snapchat and i will be so happy to share.
By up-for-it [Ignore] 09,May,21 11:39
This doesn't seem to be the best site to post vids, there are ways to fix that but i will have to look it up, i think there is a blog about that.

I would love to take pictures of you and work on some of my ideas for pics and vids, always wanted to do that with someone.
By Liketobetold [Ignore] 21,May,21 20:26
Iíd like to hear some of your ideas. Maybe I can try them myself and post them here. Or to you privately

By up-for-it [Ignore] 05,May,21 12:50
The site has the right effect on you.
I am sure many are whatching your pictures and getting aroused too.
By Liketobetold [Ignore] 21,May,21 07:50
Sorry I havenít been here a while. Would you like to help me in my quest to show myself to as many people as i can?
By up-for-it [Ignore] 21,May,21 11:12
If i can do anything to help, sure, i would love to

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