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Moby61 wrote (Jan 31, 09:16):
I'm an older gentleman that's interested in dominating any ladies of interest out there, message me immediately

Scubaduba wrote (Jan 30, 21:57):
I’m about to and I’m seeking advice

Scubaduba wrote (Jan 30, 20:22):
Have any of you women video chatted with a close male friend naked?

cano29 wrote (Jan 30, 05:01):
Hi gentlemen! Which cock would spread my pussy? /41eepqf75b6kpic.html

Hardcock88 wrote (Jan 29, 21:10):
DM if willing to pet me send you a dick pic and you rate it truthfully.

cano29 wrote (Jan 29, 14:07):
Which lady would suck me whenI am full of cum? /q8j50e5p0kc7pic.html

Wobber999 wrote (Jan 28, 04:53):
Ladies check out my package and tell me what you think

cano29 wrote (Jan 27, 14:02):
Hey guys! Its weekend end I need it. Who would stick it in me deep? /q8j50e5p0kc7pic.html

Rayray wrote (Jan 27, 07:04):
Wish some of you lovely ladies would like to cam on snap rayfordc2019 or Skype Ray Craft

cano29 wrote (Jan 26, 01:30):
Hey guys! Who would fuck me blank? /j9j5bw3wemo1pic.html

hornytony8496 wrote (Jan 23, 16:13):
In need of woman with dirty minds and good imaginiations to become friends with to talk dirty to and send naked pictures and videos as i'm very horny and like woman

SexyCouple0531 wrote (Jan 22, 11:33):
Tribute my pics and cum on them 😘

Vita wrote (Jan 19, 23:01):
🎬♂+♀ /gq0czhb2jag6pic.html .............. ............... pretty couple, right ??!

itssosmall wrote (Jan 18, 13:42):
Inbox your whatsapp details if you have a small penis xx

anonymous wrote (Jan 17, 05:58):
Hi girls, feel free to masturbate and making tributes to my vids and pics 😁

BigCockDaddy wrote (Jan 17, 04:55):
Are men not too bright on here or something. Every time men answer this /polls/4073.html it's clearly just for ladies.!!!!!

PA-Freddy wrote (Jan 15, 16:02):
Shelly Exposed; /blogs/52942.html

Loveme wrote (Jan 14, 20:47):
Can i asked a request for a female to rate my cock 1 to 10?

PA-Freddy wrote (Jan 14, 18:28):
Shelly you nasty cunt I am coming after you. get ready bitch

Ulrich54 wrote (Jan 13, 04:13):
Moin, ist jemand aus dem Westerwald und hat Lust mich zu ficken?!

Couple4sharing wrote (Jan 13, 00:58):

tecsan wrote (Jan 12, 23:25):
I have to agree with Dev01 and sweetlov90 here.

YoungHungAlex wrote (Jan 12, 04:28):
What these guys said⬇️⬇️

Dev01 wrote (Jan 12, 04:27):
⬇️ Me Too 😅🤣😂. Goodluck

Sweetlov90 wrote (Jan 11, 16:26):
Hello. Im here looking for sexy and nude wife for me. Im really serious

fatuglyslutbitch wrote (Jan 10, 16:43):
Dirty fat bitch waiting to please, join my chatroom and say "ugly slut" for fun!!!

Brandon18 wrote (Jan 9, 20:42):
Ladies from San Diego?

Jarrod wrote (Jan 8, 21:14):
Skype anyone? 🤷‍♂️

Axewoundkiller wrote (Jan 6, 11:10):
Hey ladies how about a comment for a coment!?!?!?

Iluvmycock wrote (Jan 5, 01:40):
Thanks for all the positive comments,I'm open to suggestions. 😇💗

91mike wrote (Jan 4, 16:08):
I hate that out of all the people on here am there are no real shemales.

BigCockDaddy wrote (Jan 4, 05:58):
Does that asshole Razzle steal pics and make profiles?. I have funny feeling it does because I see images of a woman called Vivian on here from Greece with different name profile and razzle slut!!!!!

notynyt wrote (Jan 4, 01:12):
Here something very hot .. hug & fuck .. 🖤🤎♥️ /dyv26359muycpic.html

fatuglyslutbitch wrote (Jan 3, 16:05):
Oink oink im waiting to please.....

Sweetlov90 wrote (Jan 3, 15:22):
Hi. Im single man i like sex and nudity i hope. I can find a wife for me in this site

Swede wrote (Jan 1, 07:19):
Happy New Year dick ’n slit lovers!🥳

Slick_Nick wrote (Jan 1, 04:19):
Anyone online right now that wants to trade pics and get off together with us?

Sailem49 wrote (Jan 1, 02:47):
A happy Nude Year to all you sexy ladies who enjoy showing yourselves here

ED_nicecock wrote (Dec 29, 10:52):
Im look for a lady that might want to due a video sex call sometimes. I am a horny man and my girl doesn’t get me off. I want help from you. I need a sex kitten

Forgezy wrote (Dec 29, 05:24):
Hi ladies I want to make sure you cum more than usual.

itsmeman03 wrote (Dec 28, 17:13):
Himandme blocked me for a compliment to his wife. If you don’t want a guy talking about your wife Probly shouldn’t be on this site.

Sweetlov90 wrote (Dec 26, 16:14):
Hi im looking for sex im single. I want a woman be my wife

anonymous wrote (Dec 24, 18:24):
Use your penis as a brush to paint my breasts milky white 🥵

Southerngirl15 wrote (Dec 24, 09:20):
Cum on us please

Southerngirl15 wrote (Dec 24, 02:30):
Nobody wants to cum for us

Couple4sharing wrote (Dec 24, 01:45):
Please come look at our pics and comment with details. Mmmm please

Princessmikaleson wrote (Dec 21, 23:13):
I get so turned on knowing my clit is on the Internet

Southerngirl15 wrote (Dec 19, 22:56):
Where is all our cum at come on boys dirty slut fucking whore call us what u want we just want to see your cum cover our faces calling us dirty shit talk to us like a slut send a vid we would love it both your fav ether.

anonymous wrote (Dec 19, 08:07):
Who likes my panties??

anonymous wrote (Dec 19, 04:13):
Rate me please ladies ❤️

Shaneaussie wrote (Dec 18, 20:35):
Any women from Adelaide hmu

vinoman wrote (Dec 14, 01:44):
Any one in San bernardino

cuntluver wrote (Dec 13, 03:02):
Why would I care if others here are racist. We all know it exists. Probably a very low percentage though.

HonkyDong wrote (Dec 12, 14:02):
Let me know what y’all think about my cum shot. /b17h85wlxq3spic.html

PA-Freddy wrote (Dec 11, 18:13):
Do you think CAT is a racist? vote now; /polls/4012.html

big9er wrote (Dec 11, 16:24):
Omg!!! I would love to long, slow stroke you with my huge fine cock

THICC wrote (Dec 10, 21:43):
Im in the 702 hmu

MA_B39 wrote (Dec 9, 16:39):
Simply beautiful! Ladies your breast looks awesome

beauregard19 wrote (Dec 8, 08:49):
Looking for female UK contacts here!

Alf4269 wrote (Dec 8, 07:11):
Hello my lovely woman let chat and have some fun today

Love-it wrote (Dec 8, 00:19):
Looking for suggestions on what objects to put in my wife's pussy.

7inchRocket wrote (Dec 7, 11:47):

SexyCouple0531 wrote (Dec 6, 18:43):
Hey message me if you wanna talk :)

LovesBigCock wrote (Dec 6, 16:14):
Big dicks text me (415) 873-9831 no small ones!!!

Alf4269 wrote (Dec 5, 08:57):
Good morning to all of you beautiful ladies 🌹🌹🌹 check out my profile and I'll do the same stay safe and enjoy your day

sofea55 wrote (Dec 5, 01:28):
Check out my latest post daddies💦😚💋

notynyt wrote (Dec 4, 00:18):
🖤 PURE COCOA 🖤 .. Welcome to my chocolatey world 🤤🤤🤤🤤 /qpubeqpemdjepic.html

Danny645 wrote (Dec 3, 10:21):
Hello ladies... send me pics if you want my cock on them :)

Iluvmycock wrote (Dec 1, 03:20):
Hugs and kisses to all the females.😇

PA-Freddy wrote (Nov 30, 19:16):
Leopoldih has been impeached; /blogs/52553.html

coos wrote (Nov 29, 20:03):
So many incredible beauties in the best image/member contest!!

PA-Freddy wrote (Nov 29, 19:22):
CAT a/k/a saggy granny is the winner of the SYD Worst member December.

anonymous wrote (Nov 28, 00:31):
/cvi28oq4w1yjpic.html Hope you all come check us out 😏😘

Redhed wrote (Nov 26, 07:02):
oh my your all so pretty 😍

Iluvmycock wrote (Nov 26, 02:10):
So who exactly enjoys a caged sissy wannabe.😇

Texas979 wrote (Nov 24, 09:43):
Happy Thanksgiving everyone... Hope everyone gets there turkey stuffed today!!!

House-of-hookers wrote (Nov 24, 07:27):

Alf4269 wrote (Nov 24, 07:25):
Happy Thanksgiving Day to all you beautiful ladies 🌹🌹🌹 enjoy your day

pjk wrote (Nov 24, 01:07):
2 new picks loaded

111AHungStud wrote (Nov 23, 15:53):
Hi how’s your night ?c wanna chat baby’s

Alf4269 wrote (Nov 22, 09:18):
Good morning all you beautiful ladies I hope you have a great day come check out my page. Good day all

Littleone21 wrote (Nov 21, 07:43):
come check my profile, tell me what you think

fitcouple69er wrote (Nov 19, 03:53):
Want someone to ask for a pic of my cock and roast me

PA-Freddy wrote (Nov 18, 16:25):
Cat=saggy granny you are a fat cow, Nazi, racist communist nasty cunt.

Hadsome wrote (Nov 16, 04:39):
Some One Please Fuck My Wife's Big Fat Black Ass

countryxprincess wrote (Nov 14, 19:08):
So damn horny, i need some dick inside me ;)

Alf4269 wrote (Nov 13, 15:05):
Good afternoon lovely ladies who wants a horny cock that cums multiple and always ready here in Ellenton Florida

anonymous wrote (Nov 12, 06:22):
Got a date with a hot guy tonight with a 8” cock.. will be back tomo :)

Meggz wrote (Nov 12, 00:21):
Cum check my pics! Xoxo meggz

PA-Freddy wrote (Nov 11, 19:46):
ceci13 you ugly fat cow cunt I am coming after you with fire and fury.

gaz330i wrote (Nov 11, 08:15):
Ladies pls rate my cock any comments welcome ty x

SexyCouple0531 wrote (Nov 10, 18:19):
Anybody wanna Skype with us later on? Message us :)

anonymous wrote (Nov 9, 18:16):
Wheres all the girls taking on multiple cocks. Wanna see some real fucking.

Nicholas wrote (Nov 8, 20:24):
Anyone like on skype app... enjoyment

111AHungStud wrote (Nov 8, 16:23):
Happy evening everyone 😊

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