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20,Jan,22 23:28
Omg yes

18,Jan,22 20:12

18,Jan,22 20:11
I Want some😜

04,Jan,22 22:58

04,Jan,22 22:44

09,Dec,21 15:05
I want some😜

08,Dec,21 22:15
Lovely cock, but I hate to see it go to waste. It’s like pouring a fine wine down the drain😩

08,Dec,21 13:25
Oh yes

07,Dec,21 21:19
Oh yes👅👅

07,Dec,21 11:44
I would dearly love to take your cock for a ride😜

05,Dec,21 20:37
Omg yes

04,Dec,21 22:15
I need this cock buried deep inside of my pussy

04,Dec,21 22:07
I would love to take your cock for a test ride👅👅

28,Nov,21 15:59

28,Nov,21 08:57

27,Nov,21 23:54
Beautiful 💋

27,Nov,21 22:15
Omg yes please

27,Nov,21 13:32
Omg yes yes

26,Nov,21 18:23

26,Nov,21 15:47
If I’m able to get him to stand up at attention, can I enjoy him for an hour or so

26,Nov,21 11:18

26,Nov,21 09:24
Oh yes……… I’d love an hour alone with that

26,Nov,21 09:23
I would love to sit on that for a while👅👅

25,Nov,21 08:40

25,Nov,21 07:51
Omg omg……. That is one of the most mouthwatering cocks I have ever seen. I would love to feel that deep inside😜

24,Nov,21 23:59
Oh yes……… I want some of that😜

24,Nov,21 23:45
Oh my ……… i’d love to try that on for size

24,Nov,21 20:28
Oh my😜😜😜😜 lovely cock😜😜👅👅

24,Nov,21 20:26
Yummy…………..hate to see it wasted though😜

24,Nov,21 20:25