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Where do you want my dick?

Have you ever rejected someone because he was not your type?

Favorite places for masturbation

Did you ever show your erected penis to others guys when young?

The most powerful orgasm

Rate erect cocks

Rate my full naked body


Is my dick thin/medium/thick

What age does my dick look like

What was your most naughty adventure?

future pics/vids


Long cock or fat cock?

Are my balls tiny/normal/big?

voyeurism in ladies

Have you ever told someone; "don't cum yet?

face pics

Do you think more American males are now uncut from years ago?

Did your penis growth before the ages 11-15

Should all females be verified here before posting pictures?

vote on most exciting bulge pic

Do you continue to fuck a girl while she is cumming?

Last Time You Got "Laid "

Have you ever had an erection in the locker room while naked?

For Hairy Men; which part of your body you shaved the most?

Do you like to fuck in nature?

Have you sucked a woman whose lactating?

What kind of picture of my cock do you like the most?

Too many toy shots

Versus 66 (who wins ?)

Size contest! :)

How long do you think i can last from a blowjob?


What do you like the most about my cock?

Should a member post your pics chat rooms without your consent?

New same poll (I accidentally deleted the other)

Should I stop wearing stockings for play?

Do these yellow panties 💛 look good on my shaved cock?

Top guys, what do you find attractive in your bottoms?

At what age you first compare your penis size with another guy?

Have you found your nude pictures/videos in other nude sites?

Dick pics - Yay or nay?

Have you ever compare your penis size with another guy?

What do you after masturbation?

How long do you think I can go without orgasm?

Versus 65 (who wins ?)

Does a member should clean another member's filthy page?

Who has better cock? left or right ?

Should Woody58 be impeached?

Ball/Scrotum Pumping

Favorite Body Part

ever worship a cock or cocks?

Versus 64 (who wins ?)

How many creampies did you make?

SYD Best Member January 2023

What you want to see on my page next

How do you received the New Year?

What would you do with my cock?

Do you like breastfeeding?

Versus 63 (who wins ?)

Are you a Fake or bot?

interested in dildo photo series

Would you pay a dollar to fuck this boypussy

Favourite Naughty Bit?

New Hair Style......You Guys Choose!!

What do you like most about my penis?

Have you been affected by the winter storm?

Do you find it difficult to hook up ?


Am I a slut?

Should I Shave My Hairy Hole?

What is your Christmas wish?


What do you think or members that dont show nudes

Do you agreed with SYD Selection Committe regarding bella!?

Who should be the new winner of SYD Best Member 2022?

Nude With Face

If you could, would you sleep with....

Guys; At what age did you first start feeling horny?

The Saggy Granny's new merkin is....?

Do you think CAT a/k/a saggy granny is a racist

Gay relationship; who will cheat more?

Versus 62 (who wins ?)

Would you rather....kinky edition

CUM appearance

Would you rather..kinky edition


Versus 61 (who wins ?)

SYD Best Member of Year 2022

SYD Worst Member of Year 2022


Huge shooters of hot delicious cum.


How often you eat cum?

What is the Saggy Granny getting for Christmas this year?

Versus 60 (who wins ?)

What would you give Woody58 for Christmas?

Would You Love to See our First Live Sex Session on Cam

Urethra sounding favorites