Dani52's answers to questions of the day

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Have you ever had an orgasm from ONLY oral sex? YES

Would you walk around naked in front of strangers, or jerk off in front of strangers in public? YES

Are you into twinks? NO

Would you explore extreme kinks if the person asking was hot enough? YES

Do you like chubby guys? YES

Do you prefer foreskin over cut cocks? NO

Have you ever masturbated for or with someone of the opposite sex not your spouse? YES

Is it ok to have sex with a family member ? NO

Would you rather Recieve (YES) oral sex or Perform (NO) oral sex? NO

Have you ever been sexually attracted to someone more for their personality than their looks? YES

Have you ever shoved something up your ass ? YES

Do you like hardcore roleplay? YES

Would you tongue fuck an ass and eat out an anal cream pie (male or female)? YES

Do young girls like to be fuck by older men? YES

Spit for lube? YES