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Like a brutal BDSM play more than ordenary sex? YES

Would you every consider of thinking getting false Tits and putting them on? YES

Would you fuck me ? YES

Do you enjoy getting compliments on your pictures? YES

Do you enjoy anal toys? YES

Do you like being watched while fucking? YES

Have you every used someone's cum as lube for masturbation ? YES

Do you have/want to have multiple sexual partners (yes) or just one (no)? YES

If I have a tiny dick am I man enough for a woman? NO

Do you think people create multiple profiles to win photo contests on this site? YES

During sex should cum be shot deep inside the pussy?? YES

Loud moaning during male ejaculation , do you like it.? YES

Do you look at who visited your profile? YES

would you tell your wife/gf that you want to taste another man's cum? YES

Are you naturist ? YES

would you fuck a guy asshole or a fad girls asshole? YES

the best place in a CREAMPIE BUKKAKE is when the pussy is well filled of cum and very gooey (YES) or when you are the first the blow you load in (NO) ? YES

Do ya think nudity is something that should be more widely accepted? YES

Have you ever ejaculated in the swimming pool~? YES

Did you ever masturbate at school? YES

would you let your friends fuck your sister? YES