Terms and Conditions


By becoming a member of this site (the "site"), you become a subscriber and agree to be bound by this Agreement (the "Agreement"). This Agreement is subject to change at any time. You acknowledge and agree as a subscriber to review these terms and conditions periodically to be aware of any changes or modifications. Your continued subscription constitutes your acknowledgement of any changes or modifications to this Agreement and you agree to abide and be bound by the modified Agreement.

Accessing the Site & Site Participation

Anyone that accesses this site must be 18 years or older. There are no exceptions to this rule and the site maintains a zero tolerance policy for violations. Regardless of the law of consent in your country or state, this site requires you to be 18 years or older. By accessing the site, you agree to these terms and conditions. You also agree that by accessing the site you are of legal age to view the content of this site.

Discussing any type of underage pornography, requesting videos, pictures, or even making jokes about underage pornography will result in the deletion of your account.

Posting any type of media (still images, video, avatars, etc) must all be 18 years or older to uploaded to the site. Anyone attempting to post underage pornography shall have their IP address recorded and submitted to the authorities. Specifically, to the authorities in your country. It is your sole responsibility to be in compliance with the rules of the site, local, and international laws.

Members should not post private information (real names, residence addresses, car plates, working position profiles, phone numbers, email addresses, messenger ids, facebook and other non-adult social network profiles and etc) of other people without their permission on any publicly accessible pages of this site including their own member page. Doing so will cause a permanent ban from this site.

Site administration will NOT issue any refunds for lost points, memberships, etc for anyone that is deleted for violating site terms and conditions.

Any member that witnesses any violations should contact Site Administration forthwith via private message. Although Site Administration takes great efforts to police and monitor the site, your help is greatly appreciated as well.

Posting Pictures & Uploading Video Content

Industry regulations require us to verify your identity and age. You can only upload content on this site after you submitted your verification documents. Regulations also require us to review your uploads before publishing to verify tere is no underage content in them. So, your uploads are delayed until reviewed. By posting pictures or uploading any video, you confirm that this content belongs to you. You also confirm that all the people, appearing in the materials were 18 years old or older during the shooting. You further confirm that you hold the rights and releases to all content. The site strictly prohibits the utilization of any content you illegally download from the Internet. This includes but is not limited to the following: Other adult sites, magazines, or, pictures taken in a surreptitious manner. You agree to ONLY upload content that you have created yourself. Do not put yourself in legal jeopardy by taking or abusing media belonging to someone else.

You may view and or download content from the Internet for your own personal viewing. You are not allowed to post this type of content here. Violations that are identified will result in the deletion of your account. Site Administration will not provide any warnings.

Site Rules Governing Behavior & Interaction with Other Members

By accessing the site, you agree to conduct yourself in an adult manner. This specifically means being polite to all members in chats and in the discussion forums. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated by any member. If Site Administration is informed of aggressive behavior, we will check the discussion forums and logs. Please ensure that you provide specific examples and remit for review via private message. Site Administration reserves the right to determine what is deemed aggressive behavior on a case by case basis.

Threatening someone's life and publically spreading private information (including, but not limited to their real names, home address, phone numbers, email addresses) about other members that were obtained in deceptive manner and/or is spread without their concent is illegal. Administration of the site will not tolerate such actions. Additionally, you may be fined or go to prison for this depending on your local laws.

If it is determined that your actions are deemed inappropriate or aggressive, action will be taken to restore order to the site. This includes a temporary or permanent ban to the chat room and discussion forums. For flagrant violations, your account may be deleted without further notice.

If your account is deleted for such violations, Site Administration will NOT issue refunds for lost points or memberships.

Some words may be auto-censored in public areas of the site. These are not our restrictions and we do not like them, these are restrictions put on this site by payment processing organizations.

Account Creation & Management

The creation and existence of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited by Site Administration. If you elect to create and maintain multiple accounts, you do at your own risk and peril. Site Administration will not be held responsible for any lost points, account deletions, etc.


This site installs cookies on your device that you access it from for the purposes of being able to identify you as a logged-in member which is required for proper service as well as for storing some of your browsing preferences for your convenience. This is not intended to gather any private information about you.

Your IP address is recorded on any action - posting images, comments, chatting with other members, etc. Administration of this site never disclose your IP address to anyone, unless it's requested via proper legal channels and is required by law. In case of explicit illegal activities done by you on this site your IP may and will be submit to proper authorities.

Administration of this site cannot be held responsible for your own actions that may result in your IP disclosure. Such as but not limited to contacting other members via regular e-mail, messenger, videochat program or other means that are not a part of this site.

Administration of this site cannot be held responsible for the actions of site members who you transmit your private information to if they later disclose it to third parties or publish it. Trust other members on your own risk. To verify false claims about someone being a part of the administration team, law enforcement unit or any other lies is your own responsibility.

Administration of this site is not responsible for members of this site not being who they claim to be. Administration of this site never employs or affiliates with people creating fake identities. However, administration of this site does not have any authority to make background checks on every member of the site. Therefore any member of this site may be not who they claim to be. It's your own responsibility to consider who your transmit your personal data or private images to.

Administration of this site does not take any responsibility for your own actions regarding explicit posting of your private information - email address, name, phone number or photos you can be identified by on any pages of this site accessible by general public. All information you post on public pages of this site may appear on Google and other search engines, may be found by your relatives, friends or work collegues. It's your sole responsibility to do not post such information on this site if you do not want it to be found by anyone.

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