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Verified status means this member is verified by several other members as being honestly who they claims to be. Member CountryCouple54 is verified!

Note: This does not mean that all the pics they posts are theirs, they may post pics of their friends with their permission. Verification only means that the person does not try to pretend to be who they are not. It's not the same as uploader age verification required by the industry requlations.

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- Who can verify other members?
- Any verified member whose registration date is older than 1 year ago.

- How verification is done?
- Just ask via private messaging any member who is able to verify (see this list) to verify you. Verification can be made by meeting in real life, video chatting via Skype or other means like that or by showing private or public picture with some kind of written proof, for example - your nickname over your body written by marker. If they are convinced they can verify you. At least 3 different members are required to get the verified status. More is better, because if some of the 3 members deletes from the site, you lose the status.

- What happens if you give a false verify?
- In case if it's discovered that verified member is actually a fake, all members who verified this member get their verified status revoked, their ability to verify permanently blocked and all verifications given by them in past to other members are also revoked which may cause further "chain reaction".

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