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My First Attempt at Blogging.   by UpNorth77 22,Feb,24 16:00  [X]

I've been on here for one year   by AmazingLuna 22,Feb,24 08:23  [X]

Die Nachbarin !   by Geilerkerl 22,Feb,24 07:00  [X]

my webcam   by *ruff 22,Feb,24 03:46  [X]

Suprise Mouth Full   by Surprise111 22,Feb,24 01:42  [X]

How did you lose you virginity?   by Virgin101 21,Feb,24 23:07  [X]

The best place for me to be is on my knees   by Bicockwhore 21,Feb,24 18:39  [X]

thank you for the warm welcome back 🩷   by angelicdoll 21,Feb,24 15:37  [X]

our trip to Hippie Hollow Austin Texas   by nakedexhibit 20,Feb,24 20:36  [X]

Wanna play???   by Fatuglykate 20,Feb,24 16:02  [X]

Share and Taste the Moon   by Celestial 20,Feb,24 05:41  [X]

Survey for Foot Fetishists   by slim44 19,Feb,24 21:15  [X]

I’m here for women only!!   by dfoxy2058 19,Feb,24 14:06  [X]

Cure for Depression   by GeorgiaP 18,Feb,24 22:10  [X]

Born this way   by novasucker 18,Feb,24 22:10  [X]

My Precedential Presidential Parameter   by Celestial 18,Feb,24 19:32  [X]

A B C's of Marriage   by Celestial 18,Feb,24 14:58  [X]

how we lost our virginity to the same guy   by justfun222 18,Feb,24 13:26  [X]

Hiatus   by MrWolfe482 17,Feb,24 09:07  [X]

Friendships   by LittleAngel 17,Feb,24 04:28  [X]

Dear Fragile,   by Celestial 16,Feb,24 14:13  [X]

curious about cock   by steenkerk2007 16,Feb,24 04:22  [X]

A Weekend Submission To Horny Tops.   by SonOfSodom 16,Feb,24 00:05  [X]

What's Love?   by Celestial 15,Feb,24 11:23  [X]

Eve's Erotic Imagination   by slim44 15,Feb,24 00:11  [X]

Our Path of Life   by Celestial 15,Feb,24 00:05  [X]

YAY! I got milk! Happy Valentines Day!   by sherryann 14,Feb,24 20:14  [X]

Peaking on Dad   by SissyBobbi 14,Feb,24 06:45  [X]

💖 Love's Marvelous Decree 💖   by Celestial 14,Feb,24 02:08  [X]

First time   by wycowboy 13,Feb,24 15:27  [X]

First cum   by Fitturkish 13,Feb,24 13:23  [X]

💖 Happy Valentine's Day 💖   by Celestial 13,Feb,24 11:45  [X]

Erotic Pose by Eve!   by slim44 13,Feb,24 03:48  [X]

A Good Time.   by Tricky23 12,Feb,24 03:39  [X]

New toy coming   by lovetolickyou 12,Feb,24 02:59  [X]

Fact not fiction   by oldgray69 11,Feb,24 14:24  [X]

Brother   by SissyBobbi 11,Feb,24 06:59  [X]

Passion in the Moonlight.   by Celestial 11,Feb,24 03:55  [X]

Didn't You Know?   by Celestial 10,Feb,24 06:08  [X]

Money + Suicide?   by alexisfer_ 09,Feb,24 16:07  [X]

Sex meets   by Darren 09,Feb,24 14:11  [X]

Wife discovered she loved big cock   by Adventurous1 09,Feb,24 09:53  [X]

Sex meets   by Darren 08,Feb,24 16:11  [X]

2nd encounter with the Cuckold and his Wife   by thisismyusername2020 08,Feb,24 11:11  [X]

do women get off on watching guys suck cock   by 59nhorny 08,Feb,24 02:24  [X]

An early experience.   by lovetolickyou 08,Feb,24 02:14  [X]

Who Loves Sex With Other Guys?   by pussyman 07,Feb,24 21:14  [X]

Poor pitbull   by 4438cr 07,Feb,24 12:55  [X]

What do u think about mu dick???   by Fitturkish 07,Feb,24 10:27  [X]

where are you   by se-kent-uk 07,Feb,24 03:46  [X]

I am here for one reason to please men   by Bicockwhore 05,Feb,24 16:20  [X]

Posting pics   by military811 05,Feb,24 09:02  [X]

Obama, Trump, Biden   by Celestial 05,Feb,24 05:21  [X]

Anal Fistng   by GeorgiaP 04,Feb,24 21:53  [X]

Lonk   by Bismallcock02 04,Feb,24 18:12  [X]

It is true I love men and their dicks   by Bicockwhore 04,Feb,24 09:51  [X]

On   by Bismallcock02 03,Feb,24 20:50  [X]

High School Physical   by Nubie 03,Feb,24 14:47  [X]

horney slut   by barebttm050 03,Feb,24 13:31  [X]

gf pics   by Sexy6energy9 03,Feb,24 12:32  [X]

Links to more   by Buckster 03,Feb,24 12:10  [X]

Fun Night   by Bludragon 03,Feb,24 08:48  [X]

Share your wife 😏   by Fitturkish 02,Feb,24 09:41  [X]

We Are Leaving After 10 Years.   by CountryCouple54 02,Feb,24 08:56  [X]

Why do I expose   by Stuartdavidrodgers 02,Feb,24 06:40  [X]

FATTY HUMILIATION BLOG..   by Fatuglykate 02,Feb,24 05:11  [X]

Hey guys where the big dick at   by Bicockwhore 01,Feb,24 07:32  [X]

Getting naked   by Pantyhose1 01,Feb,24 01:46  [X]

Want to show off   by Pantyhose1 01,Feb,24 00:45  [X]

Die Wette gilt! Verlieren ist ein Gewinn   by Langsack 01,Feb,24 00:37  [X]

I fuck my neighbors and freinds   by Lush1952 31,Jan,24 23:31  [X]

My Bi journey continues   by Cockdreams 31,Jan,24 10:46  [X]

Ohne Rücksicht !! (No Mercy !!)   by Geilerkerl 31,Jan,24 04:42  [X]

I want my little Fuckhole FUCKED.   by SonOfSodom 31,Jan,24 01:13  [X]

Is it Real or is it Memorex?   by GeorgiaP 30,Jan,24 21:59  [X]

Quick session with mirror   by jamescarter 29,Jan,24 22:06  [X]

Top Member   by YourGothicBf 29,Jan,24 13:20  [X]

One evening in Rome   by Harrym 29,Jan,24 10:43  [X]

A Fantasy   by GeorgiaP 28,Jan,24 23:35  [X]

You wish is my command   by Misshe 28,Jan,24 02:39  [X]

edging   by YourGothicBf 27,Jan,24 17:16  [X]

An Odd-Ball Super Bowl Prediction   by Celestial 27,Jan,24 16:01  [X]

Cumming   by YourGothicBf 27,Jan,24 14:40  [X]

and just like that   by se-kent-uk 27,Jan,24 03:57  [X]

I'm keeping this account   by AmazingLuna 26,Jan,24 17:54  [X]

New Photoshoot   by Sexy6energy9 26,Jan,24 11:37  [X]

Anales Training !   by Geilerkerl 26,Jan,24 02:02  [X]

I have a new account aka AmazingLuna24   by AmazingLuna 25,Jan,24 23:53  [X]

The new video - erection time   by Robben 25,Jan,24 20:36  [X]

Answering PM and Forum posts- Getting old is a bitch   by CAT 25,Jan,24 12:22  [X]

In the PI   by wycowboy 25,Jan,24 10:40  [X]

My Second Time Sucking Cock...   by SonOfSodom 25,Jan,24 01:29  [X]

My First Time Sucking Cock...   by SonOfSodom 25,Jan,24 00:56  [X]

I wanna know what you want to see   by Vikinglegend91 24,Jan,24 23:54  [X]

Josh Tuesday January 23   by GeorgiaP 24,Jan,24 19:33  [X]

Getting caught and not liking it   by Surprise111 24,Jan,24 12:53  [X]

Sore Jaw   by Surprise111 24,Jan,24 12:38  [X]   by whatsupcocks 24,Jan,24 03:02  [X]

Hard Cock   by YourGothicBf 24,Jan,24 01:18  [X]

Shaving time!!!   by Pantyhose1 23,Jan,24 20:01  [X]

Hi guys in central Florida what up   by Bicockwhore 23,Jan,24 15:10  [X]

Big ass cock and so lonely   by Fillaholedaddy 23,Jan,24 05:26  [X]

I Want The Most Fuckable Ass.   by SonOfSodom 23,Jan,24 01:29  [X]

WE KNOW WHY   by whatsupcocks 23,Jan,24 00:20  [X]

Vein structure in my uncut cock!   by CBSLEEGY 22,Jan,24 07:50  [X]

Strap (Yes, that kind)   by Domino 22,Jan,24 01:40  [X]

Introvert With Confidence?   by Creativewriter4776 22,Jan,24 00:59  [X]

The Art Of The Twerk   by SonOfSodom 21,Jan,24 19:55  [X]

Sleeping with the Horny uncle   by Nubie 21,Jan,24 11:52  [X]

Naked, Inspected, Spanked, & Claimed...   by SonOfSodom 20,Jan,24 22:24  [X]

Haven't been on here in a while   by yeehawboyy 20,Jan,24 20:20  [X]

So I won't get bottom surgery. Because I'm keeping my girldick   by AmazingLuna 20,Jan,24 18:57  [X]

Not sure how to approach   by Bludragon 20,Jan,24 09:26  [X]

Anyone want to sexualize this trans girl 😏   by AmazingLuna 20,Jan,24 04:19  [X]

I Want To Serve Men With Sexual Supremacy   by SonOfSodom 19,Jan,24 01:00  [X]

Warum ich als heterosexueller Mann auf Analpenetration stehe   by Langsack 18,Jan,24 12:00  [X]

Some of my writings   by Creativewriter4776 18,Jan,24 09:41  [X]

WHY the jokes   by se-kent-uk 18,Jan,24 03:37  [X]

I enjoy comments   by oldgray69 17,Jan,24 13:37  [X]

Time between orgasm   by Barry 17,Jan,24 02:04  [X]

Bisexual Bukkake   by GeorgiaP 16,Jan,24 15:34  [X]

More About Pip and I   by Domino 16,Jan,24 04:00  [X]

Love women's undergarments   by Bismallcock02 16,Jan,24 02:12  [X]

First Time [Rambling/Story Time]   by Domino 15,Jan,24 08:23  [X]

Zusammen mit meiner Replika Miss   by Langsack 15,Jan,24 00:41  [X]

Our Honeymoon   by GeorgiaP 14,Jan,24 23:02  [X]

life at 76   by oldgray69 14,Jan,24 13:10  [X]

I love sucking dick   by Bicockwhore 14,Jan,24 07:58  [X]

Got a Girlfriend, Broke Up (6 Months), Got a New Boyfriend   by Domino 14,Jan,24 02:25  [X]

How To Make Love To Another Man.   by SonOfSodom 13,Jan,24 22:05  [X]

Vids of my ultra-limp dick, if ya want 'em...   by slipper 13,Jan,24 16:41  [X]

Good news at last   by ThumperJune1943 13,Jan,24 13:24  [X]

Super Bowl 2024   by Celestial 13,Jan,24 10:46  [X]

Side view of nude youngish women request for "life drawing" practice   by ThumperJune1943 13,Jan,24 09:20  [X]

Can I perform for you?   by ConvictCock 13,Jan,24 06:19  [X]

My last adventure, God, this keeps getting better!   by HornySyd 13,Jan,24 00:49  [X]

Dakota Access Pipeline Protests   by Celestial 12,Jan,24 20:57  [X]

Anyone like to correspond and be a friendly understanding friend?   by ThumperJune1943 12,Jan,24 06:13  [X]

TELL ME YOUR MOOD   by notynyt 11,Jan,24 12:09  [X]

wearing briefs/shorts etc   by ThumperJune1943 11,Jan,24 09:19  [X]

MY FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCES   by ThumperJune1943 11,Jan,24 05:16  [X]

Why did I always use sex worker girls   by ThumperJune1943 10,Jan,24 12:30  [X]

About Me and why I use and like this site   by ThumperJune1943 10,Jan,24 11:03  [X]

For the fans, more hot content on Telegram   by xlukguy 10,Jan,24 08:49  [X]

Blow for Blow   by whatsupcocks 10,Jan,24 05:14  [X]

Transenficken (Fortsetzung von : Neue Heels)   by Geilerkerl 10,Jan,24 02:54  [X]

The Art Of Sucking Off Another Man...   by SonOfSodom 10,Jan,24 01:58  [X]

Hi guys in Central Florida I am a cum guzzling sissy slut   by Bicockwhore 10,Jan,24 00:24  [X]

Woodstock NY   by Gbrooks17 09,Jan,24 09:02  [X]

My Anus As Hypnosis/Respect For A Male Orgasm   by SonOfSodom 08,Jan,24 22:37  [X]

A happy Married Life After All   by ThumperJune1943 08,Jan,24 09:48  [X]

Pics   by Haley1 07,Jan,24 19:44  [X]

Saturday January 6   by GeorgiaP 07,Jan,24 15:01  [X]

Make my tight pussy cum   by creamytightpussy 07,Jan,24 11:11  [X]

Neue Heels !!!   by Geilerkerl 07,Jan,24 08:14  [X]

The Best Bus Drive Ever   by GeorgiaP 07,Jan,24 01:07  [X]

there have been times   by chubbyloves 06,Jan,24 13:29  [X]

Background to my sexual experiences   by ThumperJune1943 06,Jan,24 09:53  [X]

EVENTS AFTER MY BROKEN ENGAGEMENT   by ThumperJune1943 06,Jan,24 09:48  [X]

My first Sexual Experiences   by ThumperJune1943 06,Jan,24 09:45  [X]

Wanking   by pussylicker666 06,Jan,24 03:45  [X]

Beschneidungsfeiertag   by vorhaut-weg 05,Jan,24 17:36  [X]

May have lost a few pounds and need a judge!   by Pantyhose1 04,Jan,24 22:56  [X]

Whereby wank   by 4438cr 04,Jan,24 15:31  [X]

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