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survey with ratings   by allin4oral 25,Jan,22 01:23  [X]

Wife's First Time Experience With Another Uncut pt2   by CircPlay 24,Jan,22 15:27  [X]

Can Sex, Masturbation Affect Prostate Cancer Risk?   by lawrenceo 24,Jan,22 04:47  [X]

Just some do's   by Hammer 23,Jan,22 17:55  [X]

Have Fun With Exposure   by laurenzbaars 23,Jan,22 11:37  [X]

What kind of photos should I post next?   by bigrod123 23,Jan,22 05:45  [X]

Neighbours Daughter   by Horny_driver 23,Jan,22 02:25  [X]

Cum have fun   by Horny_driver 23,Jan,22 00:18  [X]

My BBC Pussy Moment   by couplesexy 22,Jan,22 20:02  [X]

i started exhibitionism early   by blairthewitch 22,Jan,22 16:15  [X]

another weekend with mr. stanley   by bblbutjoey 22,Jan,22 10:54  [X]

BDSM test   by SmallCock01 22,Jan,22 05:43  [X]

Thick?   by Pantyhose1 22,Jan,22 03:09  [X]

First brothel visit   by nadirau 22,Jan,22 02:56  [X]

Masturbating   by Sexydantzer 21,Jan,22 23:42  [X]

OREGON MEMBERS!!!   by DavidPorter 21,Jan,22 15:25  [X]

Anyone witness a live circumcision? (WARNING This blog goes into explicit d   by CircPlay 21,Jan,22 11:53  [X]

Sleepy and horny   by Hornyandsleepy 21,Jan,22 05:11  [X]

A forbidden fantasy   by lovetolickyou 21,Jan,22 02:08  [X]

Expose me more!   by laurenzbaars 21,Jan,22 00:56  [X]

Smooth   by Pantyhose1 20,Jan,22 09:51  [X]

First uncircumcised cock I ever saw (Hope this is appropriate here)   by CircPlay 19,Jan,22 13:18  [X]

Evolution to masturbation, jacking off   by CircPlay 19,Jan,22 13:00  [X]

New thigh high socks   by Pantyhose1 19,Jan,22 12:56  [X]

Homoerotic Historical Fiction - Part 1   by bil47 19,Jan,22 10:57  [X]

Man Made Caviar   by SemenEater 18,Jan,22 18:39  [X]

The site   by laurenzbaars 18,Jan,22 08:41  [X]

Eating Fresh Cum in Public   by cocklvr 17,Jan,22 17:27  [X]

Cum Covered Oreo Cookies   by cocklvr 17,Jan,22 17:14  [X]

Oreo Cookie Hide the Cum Game   by cocklvr 17,Jan,22 17:06  [X]

all the attention   by laurenzbaars 16,Jan,22 13:09  [X]

Follow me on Twitter   by Thickandquick 16,Jan,22 11:44  [X]

New but not new   by snake-n-hole 16,Jan,22 03:18  [X]

Info   by RandoBoy 16,Jan,22 02:51  [X]

Laurenz Baars loves exposure   by laurenzbaars 15,Jan,22 13:51  [X]

Sissyfagsub will show anyone you want an say too photo showing my cockhead   by Sissyfagsub 15,Jan,22 11:08  [X]

My POV on COVID-19   by Celestial 15,Jan,22 07:14  [X]

Big dik jerk off   by Austin 15,Jan,22 01:56  [X]

I am here for the dick I love dick   by Cockslutt88 14,Jan,22 09:53  [X]

I love sniff poppers and getting butt fucked and choked   by Cockslutt88 14,Jan,22 09:41  [X]

About Me…   by Lucychapel 13,Jan,22 17:29  [X]

Dick like mine   by Caliboner 13,Jan,22 14:09  [X]

When did you realize you were Bi?   by ShavedBiDaddy123 13,Jan,22 13:01  [X]

Tiffany   by Fucknmysisinlaw 13,Jan,22 12:53  [X]

Razz's Cock Slut   by TallMommy 13,Jan,22 11:52  [X]

Knowing   by Kissme1212 13,Jan,22 09:43  [X]

My underwear choices --Panties   by gingerzim 13,Jan,22 08:40  [X]

Nudest or exhibitionist   by Smnplease 13,Jan,22 05:47  [X]

Tell Me What To Do   by mouthlikeasailor 11,Jan,22 21:34  [X]

Spread lips   by Smnplease 11,Jan,22 11:28  [X]

Verify Me   by Harrym 11,Jan,22 10:24  [X]

ANOTHER MESSAGE TO ALL MY FRIENDS, 11th JANUARY 2022   by routemaster 11,Jan,22 06:14  [X]

i worship razzle’s Cock   by tinyp 11,Jan,22 04:50  [X]

Thinking 😊   by Bloxy 11,Jan,22 03:36  [X]

When was your first cock sucking experience? Uncut or cut?   by Uncut_Dick 10,Jan,22 16:56  [X]

nipple piercings   by innocenteros 10,Jan,22 16:18  [X]

New here   by Smnplease 10,Jan,22 07:47  [X]

how my life has been 1   by mature 10,Jan,22 05:23  [X]

Older men, and younger women?   by ShavedBiDaddy123 09,Jan,22 15:01  [X]

What a blast!   by Bloxy 09,Jan,22 10:36  [X]

From topless to who knows where? My first experiences of posting.   by Bloxy 08,Jan,22 11:49  [X]

Accepting Applications for 1/8/22 Hollywood   by Albey_Rose_ 08,Jan,22 02:49  [X]

The Science of Teeth.   by Celestial 08,Jan,22 00:56  [X]

Hottest Experience of my Life   by yoursINmine 07,Jan,22 16:02  [X]

Do u like my BBW curves?   by Meggz 07,Jan,22 12:16  [X]

Have a fun   by raymandT 06,Jan,22 22:41  [X]

Fuck Stepmom Mission   by Daddycock21 06,Jan,22 11:09  [X]

The Sub Life   by yoursINmine 05,Jan,22 15:31  [X]

Naked House Cleaning   by Bottimmy 05,Jan,22 11:17  [X]

Horny Holiday's   by whatsupcocks 04,Jan,22 02:00  [X]

Daddy/Daugther ****   by bil47 03,Jan,22 15:56  [X]

New Years resolution   by ShavedBiDaddy123 02,Jan,22 15:33  [X]

Male Dom female sub relationship.   by *thick6inches 02,Jan,22 11:58  [X]

ATHUMANI COCKRINGS Made With Love And Made For Love   by Undershotty 02,Jan,22 07:14  [X]

What "Athumani" Means   by Undershotty 02,Jan,22 07:12  [X]

First time bottoming   by Thongboy90 01,Jan,22 18:41  [X]

Ejaculate dot Blog   by thebeewolf 01,Jan,22 16:39  [X]

This is different   by Caliboner 01,Jan,22 15:13  [X]

Erotica   by hurtmylittledic 01,Jan,22 07:52  [X]

Happy New Year   by LittleAngel 01,Jan,22 06:20  [X]

skype   by destin1919 31,Dec,21 23:59  [X]

Happy 2022   by curiousman61 31,Dec,21 16:06  [X]

My POV on JFK.   by Celestial 31,Dec,21 07:09  [X]

Who am I?   by Tripedal 31,Dec,21 05:25  [X]

Came as commanded like a good girl   by Femmeslut420 30,Dec,21 17:48  [X]

Locked on Chaster (until a new person accepts the lock)   by bobpjack 30,Dec,21 08:19  [X]

End of the Year Thank You   by up-for-it 30,Dec,21 05:57  [X]

I need women to chat   by raymandT 30,Dec,21 04:56  [X]

blow jobs   by wpgcum 29,Dec,21 23:52  [X]

Common questions and things worth knowing   by Itiswhatihave76 29,Dec,21 21:21  [X]

Rate your top 3 choices ...   by SemenEater 29,Dec,21 17:12  [X]

Cock Water Coffee   by JustWondring 29,Dec,21 07:14  [X]

Pre-cum is awesome!   by ShavedBiDaddy123 28,Dec,21 17:36  [X]

Fantasies   by ShySlimMilf 28,Dec,21 12:43  [X]

most innocent / naughtiest pic   by Poundcakes 27,Dec,21 05:25  [X]

Christmas day present   by Riklittle 26,Dec,21 18:25  [X]

Public property pictures   by Leilajane 26,Dec,21 06:51  [X]

We love naughty play time   by NawtyDebbie27 24,Dec,21 20:50  [X]

Merry christmas :)   by nudejoeguy 24,Dec,21 17:48  [X]

Group chat   by Smalldick 23,Dec,21 23:17  [X]

Dirty Rhyme #1   by LittleAngel 23,Dec,21 19:22  [X]

So Where do you like guys to ejaculate?   by Roberto2020 23,Dec,21 10:02  [X]

I am Razzle’s useless wank whore   by aarin 23,Dec,21 02:29  [X]

Shower time   by Pantyhose1 23,Dec,21 02:02  [X]

Sky all day   by Tytalor 23,Dec,21 01:04  [X]

Does everyone get to see these blog posts?   by SoloGhost 23,Dec,21 00:10  [X]

My friend Chelys brother   by Samman 22,Dec,21 02:16  [X]

Looking to chat   by Smalldick 21,Dec,21 21:36  [X]

The quest for cock   by onthelose 21,Dec,21 17:16  [X]

New Toy tryouts   by chubbyloves 21,Dec,21 16:33  [X]

Relationship over   by Funcouple 21,Dec,21 11:10  [X]

Pump it Plump!   by phatdaddy 20,Dec,21 21:11  [X]

Any requests?   by m25oxford 20,Dec,21 16:48  [X]

Party with clouds   by Uncutkokfukme 20,Dec,21 01:21  [X]

Evelyn - mein erstes Mal   by balticsea 19,Dec,21 05:54  [X]

Getting caught jerking off?   by yeehawboyy 18,Dec,21 19:15  [X]

Being told to pull it out and stroke it   by Samman 18,Dec,21 19:00  [X]

Some of my fav users at the moment   by yeehawboyy 18,Dec,21 17:49  [X]

Santa wish   by Harrym 18,Dec,21 10:07  [X]

Single man USA is Pansexual.   by Smitt 17,Dec,21 20:41  [X]

Opinions on asking to fuck 😁   by Poundcakes 17,Dec,21 19:44  [X]

Cumming in my car...   by ShavedBiDaddy123 17,Dec,21 19:09  [X]

Jerking off in his backseat   by Samman 17,Dec,21 18:03  [X]

Ass 2 Mouth   by Chrissy623 17,Dec,21 09:57  [X]

My long tongue   by Timpeter 17,Dec,21 04:23  [X]

Try this at home..   by phatdaddy 15,Dec,21 14:53  [X]

sucking my dick, ladie only   by jumbu 15,Dec,21 11:20  [X]

Fantasy   by Harrym 15,Dec,21 10:55  [X]

Horny joburg guys   by Smalljhbcock 15,Dec,21 08:34  [X]

竹内りんか   by youngjpcock 15,Dec,21 07:17  [X]

What’s your worst hookup story?   by yeehawboyy 14,Dec,21 17:54  [X]

Favourite songs?   by yeehawboyy 14,Dec,21 17:52  [X]

Cock worship   by DaddyBig 14,Dec,21 13:40  [X]

Any furries here?   by jefforeyhuske 14,Dec,21 11:47  [X]

tecsan, the dwarf-dicked shit stain   by Gntlmn 13,Dec,21 22:52  [X]

What do y'all wanna see?   by BubblezLove 13,Dec,21 18:03  [X]

*Daddy*   by LittleAngel 12,Dec,21 21:38  [X]

Dirty   by Ackeri 12,Dec,21 19:41  [X]

Should i post "hot" selfies on here?   by yeehawboyy 12,Dec,21 18:45  [X]

Meeee   by XxxNoNamexxX 11,Dec,21 22:09  [X]

SLUT SLOBBER DIARIES   by Sexbunny 11,Dec,21 16:45  [X]

Best sex skill   by up-for-it 11,Dec,21 14:56  [X]

I love it   by Imnaked 11,Dec,21 06:52  [X]

My Adventure   by Straightsucker 10,Dec,21 21:31  [X]

MASTER HELD ME HOSTAGE FOR A MONTH   by Bootskinhead 09,Dec,21 21:06  [X]

Deep throathing Jack's 7,5" cock   by Kallen_1972 09,Dec,21 11:53  [X]

Blowjob   by Guy 09,Dec,21 01:23  [X]

what is this?   by VSmith 08,Dec,21 14:42  [X]

Pathetic microdicked tecsan   by Gntlmn 08,Dec,21 13:57  [X]

Meeting Jack. My male fuck mate.   by Kallen_1972 07,Dec,21 15:26  [X]

What's in a name?   by veryshyguy 07,Dec,21 15:03  [X]


Here Cums Santa ...   by Celestial 07,Dec,21 07:51  [X]

What would happen if we mixed up our social media sites...   by hurtmylittledic 07,Dec,21 07:42  [X]

VERIFICATION, PLEASE   by cutcock 07,Dec,21 05:13  [X]

So hard to find people to chat with   by aussie27 06,Dec,21 23:33  [X]

Be My Bitch   by LittleAngel 06,Dec,21 21:36  [X]

Joined today!   by ShavedBiDaddy123 06,Dec,21 15:23  [X]

Three Weeks of Long Wanks   by duncanidaho 06,Dec,21 07:38  [X]

Why is it so hard, and not so hard at the same time?! 8====D💦   by PowerStroke0178 06,Dec,21 02:26  [X]

Got stripped   by kennygooo 05,Dec,21 17:44  [X]

auto fellatio   by Kallen_1972 05,Dec,21 16:16  [X]

Loving cocks   by Kallen_1972 05,Dec,21 15:33  [X]

Pictures   by Funcouple 05,Dec,21 14:07  [X]

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