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Showing off for golfers……

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By HoneyLips [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 06:49   Pageviews: 159

In my pics and videos, I’m lying outside on a chaise in my back yard tracks up to a golf course.... there’s an iron fence, but NO doors, screens or otherwise, no walls or bushes or anything else that might obstruct the golfers’ view of the chaise, my naked body and my fingers playing with my big hard nipples and my swollen wet pussy.

Sometimes I just lie there pretending that I’m asleep behind my dark glasses.... and when they come, I let my knees part and my thighs fall open, giving them a great view of my wide open engorged pussy and protruding swollen clit....

They pretend to be looking for a golf ball.... except their heads are turned and they’re really looking at me.... Occasionally they completely forget about their ruse of looking for the missing ball and just stand there looking at me, their cocks rock hard as they adjust themselves. I wish they would just do what they want to do and unzip, pull their throbbing cocks out, and start stroking...... My pussy is soooooooo swollen and just dripping.....

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By Jim65 [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 23:44
I would just give up golf and fuck you where you lie.... Getting that pussy nice and wet then sinking my hard cock deep in you
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 21:22
Other golfers would probably enjoy watching you lick and fuck my luscious pussy!!
By Jim65 [Ignore] 01,May,21 09:01
Mmmm I know I would not mind
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 20,May,21 03:03
I would LOVE it!!!
By Jim65 [Ignore] 23,May,21 16:55

By YouReadyGirl [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 17:29
What would you do if a golfer saw and decided to masturbate ,what would you do if he approached you for a better view?
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 25,Apr,21 05:22
Watch him, of course..... Pussy would Probably get wetter and more swollen.....Wouldn’t want to scare him away so I might move a little..... and then a little more..... :perhaps run my hands over my naked body an moan....spread my legs even more and open my pussy lips, smile and slowly start to masturbate along with him....
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 20,May,21 03:05
There’s a fence, so no one could get too close without my knowledge and permission… 😘😘

By corona [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 16:15
Damn honeylips your so fucking hot love u🤤🤤🤤🤤👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦😋😋😋😘💋💖
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 03,May,21 02:00
Thanks baby…. Would love to show off for your pleasure….. watch you jerk your big hard cock…. My pussy would be throbbing so hard, my clit would be protruding…. I would LOVE IT!!!!!

By Sicilian1 [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 09:08
That would be so inviting, tempting to walk up and introduce myself...yes, hard cock in hand as we watched each other pleasure ourselves...
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 21:24
Wouldn’t that be HOT!!!?? Maybe Other golfers would join in!! Shoot their hot creamy cum all over me….
By Sicilian1 [Ignore] 01,May,21 08:36
Oh my yes....

By smallcockboy [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 08:44
Meby put a cooler box with some beers in at the fence.
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 21:27
For those who get thirsty??
By smallcockboy [Ignore] 01,May,21 05:19
A beer and a show. Why not?

By arkie [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 10:09
I’d forget that I was golfing and cum over to introduce myself. I might say ‘hi’ to you too.
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 21:26
Love it!! You should pull j=your cock out and jerk it for me!!

By Oddmanout [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 08:50
I would DEFINITELY a take up golf if I came across you laying in your yard naked!!
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 21:26
But you have to be playing already in order to see me…..

I’ll have to start playing again…. Short skirt and no panties, of course!!

By coos [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 11:13
You should get a box of golfballs you could plant one just out of reach of the golfers to encourage a longer stay
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 25,Apr,21 05:11
Love it!!! What a great idea!!! Lol....
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 21:23
I don;t need golf balls to attract them!! Lol…

By bigboypel [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 08:01
Playing 2 holes at once
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 21:21
Mmmmmmmmmm. Let’s do DP!!!

By Robben [Ignore] 23,Apr,21 07:11
I must be a golf player and visit your area. Maybe time for a hole in one
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 25,Apr,21 05:27
That would be perfect..... Of course, the minute I saw that gorgeous cock, I would know it;s you and invite you in and I could try that monster on as we put on a show for the rest of the golfers.....

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