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lovetolickyou's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Toys   12,Jun,21 10:20

You can do whatever you want   05,Jun,21 17:36

First time in many years   16,Apr,21 01:20   3 comment(s)

A few words about my cock   11,Apr,21 00:14

A memorable flash   04,Apr,21 01:43   1 comment(s)

When I was young   27,Sep,20 02:27   2 comment(s)

My first time with the new doctor   02,Aug,20 03:57   3 comment(s)

Erotic experiments   04,Jul,20 03:39   2 comment(s)

Fun dealing with te nurse.   20,Jun,20 14:22   3 comment(s)

Later   12,Jun,20 01:19   3 comment(s)

Remembering the first time   11,Jun,20 21:35   1 comment(s)

My first fantasy   28,May,20 02:50   1 comment(s)

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