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Your age?

Honest Feedback - Who lasts Longer ,Me or She

What would you fuck

Are you Cut or Uncut

What time period would you have liked to fuck the wife ?

Straight guys

Age Groups on SYD

Internet Pics

choose the most beautiful erect penis

What is the fastest bj you had?

Who should be the SYD worst member of October?

if someone strokes your dick...


When you learned how to masturbate

Stroke It Once A Day

have you ever stopped at a rest stop and sucked a dick?

CUM flooded pussy - how far would you go ?

Thinking getting pregnant

Max No of Times Sex within 24 hours

Pictures of guys ejaculating, not videos...

Do you jerk off to yourself? Autoerotecism Poll!

Disabled guys?

Do You Use A Dildo

While your Masturbating ...

What was you the most embarrassing moment at the doctor office?

My daughter friend Lesbian

Do you agree "micropenis" is a medical condition?

A good friend and wife

how many guys right now want to suck dicks right now?

you take a date home and when the nudity starts she has this...

Have you ever allowed another guy touch your dick?

Nude With Face


What's your naughty level?

How big are you!

What sized cock do you get aroused by

Is height related to penis size of a man?

what will you fuck

Feeling Horny

would you rather suck...

Just a "YESY" or "NO"

[For Men] Where do you bust your nut when masturbating?

Size of your balls

do you rather i suck you with them up or down?

Would you have sex with a transgender?

Have you ever lick girl's pussy after you cum inside ?

Public nudity

Favorite breast size?

you meet this guy and 1st thing he says is get on your knees

would you sit nude and watch me suck a guy, then put your

do you hold dicks as they pee? do you let them pee on your dick

would you milk a friend's dick into his open mouth then him

would you suck 3 dicks together?

What is more attractive for you?

Which part of my ass is best?

Rate my ass hole

Who has better cock? left (Auscock21) or right (Vitezx)

Who has better cock? left (Vitezx) or right (jerseyhav)

Which dick is better? ThickStick or Vitezx

How you would fuck me

Does a girl ever asked you to fuck her in the ass?

Is this true

Girth When Errect

How long you can last in bj?

Masturbate To Posted Pictures

Have you ever masturbated before sex?

Have you never recognized someone you know

Do you like the new SYD Main Page setup?

oh brother part 3

Do you enjoy Edging and Gooning?

Do you like cocks with leaking precum?

you have a fleshlight, and a friend you can call on

Does oral sex keep your relationship stronger?

Just like to know.🤪

Public Toilet Open, Would you Piss in my Wifes hole ?

given the opportunity would you suck this?

Do you pee in the shower?

Fave Position

So guys, you are most interested in seeing

What's your favorite part of your penis?

would you put a dick in your w/gf the tongue her as they fuck?

Imagine Your wife Getting Fucked by Someone She likes

would you replace

Stroke That Beautiful Cock

Uncut guys

Beach wear

Little persons

Touching MySelf

a friend has ED really bad, would you suck him or others with E

Should prepubescence boys allowed in men's locker room?

do you ever watch big dick compilation vids and jo to the

Rate my dick

With M2M sex, on your first date, do you like to...


no matter who the cpl is, strangers, wife and m, whoever,

Who’s got the bigger cock?

Obese members?

Do you like my ass in tight shorts?

do you suck clit while she's being fucked?

U Flirting With Someone in Partner's Presence or Vice Versa