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Men 50 + years old! What's you erection angle?

Have you came to my wife?

Does circumcision affect lenght?

Girl grabbing you balls during sex

How old were you the LAST time you were fucked in the ass?

Boxers or briefs

Would you fuck your Sissyfagsub in private or infront a group p

How old were you the first time you were fucked in the ass?

Ever thought about having a bigger or longer penis?

When growing up...

where do u like guys cum?

your favorite kind of CUM pics

Looking how much you cum

Your Morning Wood

favorite BUKKAKE 3 : CUM on hair vs CUM in mouth

How often you jerk off with Rachel G?

favorite BUKKAKE 2 : CUM on butt vs CUM on face

If we had sex...

how do you like them pubes?

Ever swallow your own cum?

What is your erection hardness?

Penis Massage

For straight men that have had sex with men


Wearing cock rings.

Your dick slipped out

What age did your erections start to loose hardness?

Bottoms: Getting Clean

What would you like to see?

Compare cock size

Selfie videos

Penis Shringkage

Longer to Cum

Pubic hair

would you rather be humiliated or worshipped?

Have you ever been to a nude beach?

Are YOU a GIVER, when it CUMS to ANAL?*

Penis Massage part 2

Blowjob or Handjob?

How thick is your dick in cm .( erect and measured arround)

do you prefer my cock with or without condom ?

which would you rather...

Are you a nudist?

Men 50+ years old. What is your erection hardness score?

Fakes with Verification

Should I post a fully naked picture which includes my face?

Finding pics of your wife in internet

Waking up by erection

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

Have you came with Rachel yet?

Do you consider your penis average size?

Masturbating with another man

using her

cut or uncut,,,which do you prefer?

Ugly cock?

What do you think about penis/ball modification?

It is gay sucking your own cock?

When is a dick not small ?

Up or Down. Judge from the picture below and vote,


Hugging @ Kissing

Same sex kissing

Big Belly

For men 50+ what is your prostate symptome score?

Shot & small cocks

Do you think incest is wrong between two adults


Favorite thing to feel in your ass

favorite BUKKAKE : CUM on tits vs CUM on pussy

have you ever been sucked while limp? did you like it?

favourite body part to cum on?

Vivian7 tits (female member from here) vs my ex gf tits

First time someone cum in your mouth

Have you ever measure your testicles(balls)?

Different ethnic cocks experiences

What is you normal erection angle?

Long Distance Relationship

Gender, Orientation and Preference

Cum vs. precum

Your penis and spouse

Finding pics of your wife in internet 2

Vivian7 tits vs Ex gf vs Current gf tits

Do you use deodorant or body spray on your pubes?

How did you loose erection hardness?

What sends you over the edge when you're edging?

where to cum after masturbation?

Next guy at the urinal stall

do you like to suck limp dick? have you, would you?

Would you consider masturbating to my pictures or videos?

First time tasting pussy

SYD Best Member August- Run off

you walk in

SYD Best Member August

The Saggy Granny- Site Medical Officer Exam

What is Bernd`s erection hardness score?

When frotting

Are you Married or Single?

Those who have been in a long term relationship


Morning Wood-Part 2