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For men 50+! Did your cock size change in the last 30 years?

Do you consider a man with 7 inches and thick a big cock?

Does aging prevent you of shooting cum long distance?

what turns you on when you stroke

How many dicks?

Swordfights -- the final!

Mila Boobs

Should prepubescence boys allowed in men's locker room?

Why did you cum on your underwear?

Do you ejaculating less semen as you aged?

Warm cum

Should you tell co-workers about your sexual orientation?

Have you ever allowed another guy touch your dick?

when you finish masterbating

The birds and the bee's

For men 50+ How long can you keep hard without touching?

Cut vs. Uncut

Perfect Penis

CUM filled condom

Have you ever been bullied or blacklisted by bella!?

do you prefer to suck dick or be ass fucked?

Do you moan when sucking dick?

Suck your cock

How do you made a man cum?

Which dick looks more beautiful to you?

Smell of an ass

Swordfights -- the Quarter Finals

Relative maturbating

What would you do if I flashed you in public?

Does cumming often give you less "morning wood"?

What will you do if you waking up by a big erection?

Did you cum first time you got suck?

Being Bisexual

Ass or Cock

Rate my Dick!

Do you talk about your sexual life with others?

Big cock big cum

Difficult sucking

How long should a top last ?

Big enough

Calling yourself curious

Anal sex with a woman- part 2

Have you ever cum on your hand?

what age you first sucked another man's cock?

ass tongue fucking

Have you ever masturbated before sex?

Have your ever finger a pussy while you jerk off?

Which dick is uglier?

Cum in my mouth

Which part of your body you shaved the most?

Are you into voyeurism?

Bottom guys first time

Mila,boobs tit size

which penis pic will get the attention of site members?

Most shaven part of body

Black men and their cock size

Your penis and spouse

Would you fuck me

Do you think hairy men are more attractive than smooth men?

Have you ever kept used condom from another guy?

Would you exchange nude pics on your first date?

Have you ever lick girl's pussy after you cum inside ?

Are you happy with your circumcision look?

I am gay/bi

In your butt

Bi men vs. Gay men

Fuck me

Foreign pussy

you have the options and you choose?

Would you suck dick first date?

Sex with someone close to you

Guys; At what age did you first start feeling horny?

What is your sexual fantasy?

Sex with a transgender?

Janice or destiny?

Bi Men Only



First Time you fuck a girl?

what age were you when you first made a man cum?

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

Are you a nudist?

Would you suck a man with a pierced cock?

Guys, does a "french kiss" give you an erection?

Should girls do anal sex?

Would you share your spouse/partner with another person?

Does a girl ever asked you to fuck her in the ass?

Do you hate being hairy?

Do you play with your while jerking off?

Do you like to receive/ give anal cream pie?

Making a girl squirt

cup size wife of Bigtittylover


Getting your ass fingered by a woman?

Where you have received oral sex?

Would you get excited if someone good looking/cute look at you

Outdoor places you like to be naked

Do you think more guys are having sexy at gyms?

What kind of pussy will make you cum faster?

Do you consider yourself an expert on giving oral sex to a man?