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Did you ever show your erected penis to others guys when young?

Do you continue to fuck a girl while she is cumming?

Do you like to fuck in nature?

CUM appearance

Which part of your body you shaved the most?

Long cock or fat cock?

How long do you suck cock

Masturbating in front of somebody


Feeling Horny

How often you eat cum?

Bottom guys first time

Where you have received oral sex?

Ass or Cock

For men 50+ How far can you still shoot?

Allowing others to look

Cum in my mouth

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

Would you rather give an orgasm or get an orgasm?


would you ever resort to sucking dick as an income?

Do you get "morning wood" every day?

How often do you masturbate?

Have you ever rejected someone because he was not your type?

Has anyone ever asked about your penis size?

Dick pics - Yay or nay?

Jerk off Buddy

Do you prefer to look at pictures of soft or erect cock?

Versus 49 (who wins ?)

Versus 42 (who wins ?)

Versus 41 (who wins ?)

Versus 45 (who wins ?)

Versus 46 (who wins ?)

Versus 47 (who wins ?)

Versus 52 (who wins ?)

Versus 60 (who wins ?)

Versus 65 (who wins ?)

Versus 64 (who wins ?)

Versus 66 (who wins ?)

Size contest! :)

Versus 43 (who wins ?)

Versus 44 (who wins ?)

Your first erection

Versus 61 (who wins ?)

First time you got suck...part 2

First time you got suck

Physical Exam

Sex with someone close to you

How long is your jerk off session?

Morning Wood-Part 2

Looking at your ejaculation

When growing up...

Accidental Ejaculation

Is Bernd impotent?

Getting your cock suck

Shaved pubes and oral sex

do you masturbate every day?

Have you experience dry orgasms?

What is Bernd`s erection hardness score?

How did Bernd's cock change in the last 10 years?

Men younger than 40 yo! What is your erection hardness score?

What age you first start masturbating?

What age you first ejaculate semen(cum)?

what age you first sucked another man's cock?

future pics/vids

The most powerful orgasm

Where do you want my dick?

Ever had sex with someone virgin?...if so; how was it

Compare cock size

Favorite places for masturbation

Your reaction the first time you cum

Which is your favorite hole to blow your load?


Caught Masturbating? If so, where?

Would you have sex with a guy with small penis?

Are you happy with the size of your penis?

what age were you when you first made a man cum?

First time you saw a man's dick?

At what age you first compare your penis size with another guy?

Guys; At what age did you first start feeling horny?

Gay relationship; who will cheat more?

What would you do to a virgin guy first sex date?

Do you consider yourself to have a big cock?

What is your sexual fantasy?

Would you rather....kinky edition

What do you after masturbation?

Last Time You Got "Laid "

Would you like if an unknown person measured your erection?

Men 50 + years old! What's you erection angle?


rate dick


face pics

For Hairy Men; which part of your body you shaved the most?


What was your most naughty adventure?

What do you like the most about my cock?

Rate erect cocks

Do you slow down masturbating as your aged?