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Internet Pics

Winter Masturbation

Jerking after you cum

Can you control your urge to mastubate?

Who’s going to win the picture of the month?

Where would you like to cum most if you have the chance?

Fuck me

How often you visit my profile ❤️

Which is your favorite hole to blow your load?

Where do you prefer to cum

What is your penis size?

What do you think i am?

Rating Cocks

Sex in public

Best position for masturbation

Little persons

Where/Time do you like to masturbate in public


A hug from a woman

What kind of pussy do you prefer the most?

Are you happy with the size of your penis?

How many erections in a day?

With M2M sex, on your first date, do you like to...


shaved or unshaved

Str8 Man sucking dick?

would you rather suck...

When you suck cock

Left or Right . Judge from pic below and vote !

Left or Right ? Judge from the picture below and vote.

most you've been sucked in a day...

Thank you for the blow job

What age you first ejaculate semen(cum)?

when getting sucked and you cum, how long before you say

The Erectile Hardness Scale

Masturbation Frequency

What would you do to my pussy?

Do you celebrate St. Valentine's day?

Lick my ass

Difficult sucking

Picture trading

Girl grabbing you balls during sex

I want to know

How long can you stay hard?

what would you prefer to fuck

How long do you suck cock

How often a man should receive oral sex?

how long you fuck pussy?

Dripping semen after ejaculation

Your dick slipped out- Part 2

Your dick slipped out

In love with a member

Pictures of guys ejaculating, not videos...

When guys ejaculate in your mouth do they

When you are sucking cock what do you like to do?

do you get a hard on when sucking dick?

to all the women here. I have a question that would interest


Next guy at the urinal stall

Your ass and balls during sex-Men Only Poll

Ass...loose or tight?

Genital piercings

How do they hang when it's hot

Healthy sleep naked

guess what i prefer

Satisfied with this website

Cock sounding.

Up or Down. Judge from the picture below and vote,

Blow job top or bottom or both


I want to suck your dick

Rush or slow masturbation?

Which hand you used the most to masturbate?

Masturbation booth

Masturbation at Work

How long is your jerk off session?

cut or uncut,,,which do you prefer?

you'd rather

Hand job or foot job?

have you ever paid someone for sexual favors?

What would you do too my Ass ?

Morning Wood-Part 2

Have you ever measure your testicles(balls)?

Less Masturbation

Out of the ( closet) the shadows of the internet.

Your ass and balls during sex

Exposed the blacklisters

Turned on

Stare at your bulge

if given the chance would you suck a limp cock and to finish?

Do women like to look at guys bulges in public ?

Masturbating with another man

Seeing a hot guy while shopping

Do you use the chat rooms?

Pulling out the condom

Your Morning Wood

Kink/fetish play/sex

Points Log

ever sucked limp dick? was it good?

Hand free BJ vs hand stroke BJ