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going to a jo party of about 6...

Do you feel less horny after you cum from masturbating?

Glory holes

Do you get turned on watching a man masturbating?

Do you think taking a long time to cum is a good thing?

Have you ever accidentally flashed someone?


Who has better cock? left (Zickos) or right (Vitezx)

Would you try foodplay?

Uncute or not my?

Have you ever been caught taking a pee?

Size contest! :)

How would you rate your blowjob skills?

What would you rather do to my cock

Would you lick and eat another man’s cum from…

What to do

would you suck dick to make money?

When having a piss

Which one of these captions fits me better

Does your circumcision scars visible?

Which do you prefer…..pulled back or forskin over the head ?

boobs sizes

did you have a friend that you loved his cock?

Rate my ass hole

What’s better

Would you let my hubby film you fucking my pussy

sleeping naked

Naked in Nature

I Cum Daily and You ?


Perfect size cock?

Just a "YESY" or "NO"

Have you ever masturbated and cum after having sex?

Have you ever watch a man's complete erection?

For Straight Guys Only Please

have you ever sucked and tongue fucked two dicks together?

When he is hard and horny

Fingering your own ass

Favorite part of a porn movie?

What is everyones favorite pics mainly focused on?

CUM flooded pussy - how far would you go ?

would you suck 3 dicks together?

Have you ever allowed another guy touch your dick?

Is a big cock better

bi guys that are married, would you...

would you let a woman watch you suck dick?

Dick pics - Yay or nay?

Masturbate / Wank / Jerking

wich do you choose?

What do you want to see?

CUM appearance

International Masturbation day

Do you have sex on Good Friday and Easter?

Ever thought about having a bigger or longer penis?

Should sex offenders be allowed on this site?

Activities done with infrequent or one time partners

Where would you like to take my load…? 😈

Do you like sucking on hairy dicks or smooth hairless dicks?

Take care of this

Worst Member of June

Cum eat

Have you ever jerk off and cum at urinal

shaved or unshaved

If only one, which one?

Can you cum doing 69? (man2man)

my cock size - your opinion

Right now whwt would you want

Have you ever driven your car with an erection and flash it

pubic hair

Will bjuk ever be king of the site?


your favorite kind of CUM pics

Nude With Face

foreskin coverage

Have you ever swallowed another guys cum?

Do you cover-up or expose yourself in the locker room?


Muscle or Organ

your favorite size of boobs

Which part of my ass is best?

What is more attractive for you?

Smell of an ass

Have you ever cruise for men around your neighborhood?



Have you ever had a girl pee on your dick?

Did a guy ever asked you if you jerk off?

What age you first start masturbating?

Is it possible?

Position when masturbating

Have you ever jerk off and cum with a condom?

Is my Mushroom out of proportion with my shaft

Would You?

How you were when you first swallow men's semen(cum)?

When you gave your first blow job

Have you ever drank your piss?

Would you blow a sweaty man

have you ever sucked coke off a dick?

Size of your balls

choose a hole (doggy style)