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Me drunk and passed out! What would you do? ;)

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Me drunk and passed out! What would you do? ;)

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By mikeyd270 15,Dec,20 14:42
I am going to eat that pussy and fuck you.

By Wonder 15,Dec,20 14:53
Id love pounding your cunt while pinching your nipples hard mmmmmmm

By Wonder 15,Dec,20 14:57
Suck my cock while im eating your juicy cunt and ass mmmmmm

By slavekennedy 15,Dec,20 15:08
fist u to wake up

By Loanleeguy71 15,Dec,20 17:23
Mmm...looks like youre ready and waiting for me 😜

By Finntom 15,Dec,20 18:30
Lovely curvy body😘

By Bluewaffle70 15,Dec,20 21:59
Love your naked body

By Bluewaffle70 15,Dec,20 22:08
You make me very excited

By Bluewaffle70 15,Dec,20 22:14
Do the comments turn you on?
By Meggz 15,Dec,20 22:42
By Bluewaffle70 15,Dec,20 22:52
You turn me on, I hope you don't mind if I play with myself with you

By wayne74 16,Dec,20 01:02
I would get between your sexy thighs and give your pussy a good licking until you cum, then I will bite and suck your clitty. Next i move up to your boobs, slapping them, biting and pinching them.

By Chrissmith 16,Dec,20 01:47
Amazing boobs fantastic pussy just want to jump on top

By Timpeter 16,Dec,20 01:51
Long time no see ...its TimPeter hairy bush..mmmmmmmmmm

By chris2778 16,Dec,20 02:04
Can I cum in you baby ?
By Meggz 16,Dec,20 02:19

By geauga55 16,Dec,20 04:30
Im playing with my cock looking at you

By Labboy#3 16,Dec,20 04:59
Love to clean you out good

By PeteWhite 16,Dec,20 05:48
Great tits and pussy

By freakyfrenchie 16,Dec,20 06:09
I will sit on your face, ad make you lick my hole and balls

By Ricorox36 16,Dec,20 08:00
I would fill you up with cum

By Sir-Skittles 16,Dec,20 10:15
Ken31234 is a tranny???

By willyorange 18,Dec,20 20:08
Rub my cock on your mouth! Wake up with precum on your lips

By Adidas 18,Dec,20 20:43
I can like to tie those big tits together and fuck them till I blow a load up all over your face
By Meggz 18,Dec,20 20:48

By Bluewaffle70 18,Dec,20 22:49
Hi sexy

By jimmyd1948 19,Dec,20 12:54
Your legs are already spread to I would slide my hard cock deep inside you and fuck you hard and fill yoiu full of warm sperm.

By JamesMac 19,Dec,20 17:45
A very fuckable pussy!

By Okilla 19,Dec,20 22:38
Simple stuff, you know like hardcore **** and molestation

By Carebear 24,Dec,20 15:38
I'd love to shoot a huge load all over your tits!!!

By Loves2pleasureguy 24,Dec,20 16:05
Huge tits

By Gav6677 29,Dec,20 05:19
I would fist you and blow my load over your face while you lay there

By MYCOCK66 29,Dec,20 05:50
Nice pussy needs a cock in it

By Steve 29,Dec,20 05:54
Time for some hair pie and a good fuck.

By Macroich 29,Dec,20 05:55
So sexy

By Uncutdi 29,Dec,20 18:00
Love ❤️ to lick 👅 your sweet looking pussy

By cj1890 29,Dec,20 18:04
I'd fuck your mouth and cum on your tits face and mouth

By Gav6677 31,Dec,20 19:05
I would drop my balls in your mouth and spray a load over those glasses

By wayne74 31,Dec,20 20:05
I want to jump on you and give you a good hard fucking mmmmm

By 1matguy 01,Jan,21 14:51
My friend and I want to find out if 2 large cocks fit inside your pussy. If not, we could fit one in your ass instead.
By Meggz 01,Jan,21 14:53
Mmmmm then what? What if I don't wake up being so drunk and passed out ?
By 1matguy 01,Jan,21 14:57
If you dont wake up, well try 2 cocks in your ass.
By Meggz 01,Jan,21 14:59
Omg what's the first thing you would do to me if u guys found me passed out like this?
By 1matguy 01,Jan,21 15:01
Take turns licking your pussy while the other drops his cock on your nose.
By Meggz 01,Jan,21 15:11
U guys are so dirty it's sexy,!
By 1matguy 01,Jan,21 15:19
Well, we dont want you to sleep the entire night away. Wed like to know if you moan loud when you cum.

By 96Tim96 01,Jan,21 14:57
If you'd really be that drunk that you passed out, i would fist your cunt until you're awake again

By Yimmy 01,Jan,21 16:07
After I give my cock a little time in your hot cunt Id try to see what other objects you have lying around that might fit. Then Id call some of my friends over to see how many holes we can fill before you wake up!

By Carebear 01,Jan,21 16:25
I would come all over your nipples.

By Hornyman2689 01,Jan,21 17:39
Very beautiful. I would love to slap your mouth with my cock to wake you up. If that didnt work i would shove my cock down your throat and face fuck you until you did wake up.
By Hornyman2689 01,Jan,21 17:55
And if you still didnt wake up I would continue to face fuck you until I shot a load of cum down your throat and/or shoot my load down your throat and face fuck you until I got hard again and then give you a nice warm thick creampie.

By 1matguy 01,Jan,21 18:43
I do love your hairy pussy. I could pull each hair one by one and maybe that would wake you.

By irvineboy 01,Jan,21 19:04
Where to start

By Stiffjohn 05,Jan,21 14:36
Spread and ready

By Oddmanout 05,Jan,21 17:10
I want to fist that big, gaping cunt!

By aprick 06,Jan,21 06:34
Eat that nice pussy

By condrocitos 07,Jan,21 15:05
i would love to put my cock inside that pussy

By Flashdrakknight 09,Jan,21 05:38
I want to slide my rock hard dick inyo your pussy and reach sroind grsb your big ass do i can put my dick indide you gill my smash up onyour pussy

By Flashdrakknight 09,Jan,21 05:42
If your passed out i woukd rub mu dick onyour face slsp mycock on your face till u wske up then grab your hsir abd maje you shvk my dick , once i hard snd uou wskd up i woukd fck your face

By Ex__4 13,Jan,21 20:12
hot big tits mmmmmmmmm

By titkosfiu83 13,Jan,21 20:18
I wanna eat that pussy and then wack my dong in to fill... 😍

By #634311 14,Jan,21 06:43
Looks like a tasty pussy☺️

By pervlord01 15,Jan,21 21:10
i would cuddle with you naked too

By Orgasmatronic 19,Jan,21 01:31
Yummy view

By hornysean 19,Jan,21 23:22
I would shoot my load so deep inside that pussy

By Caldas1 23,Jan,21 19:30
I would Love To eat your pussy!

By pantiboi 26,Jan,21 09:42
Sweetie I relieve my sac in your crack!

By Rumpled1 30,Jan,21 11:11
Beautiful pose. Makes me horny

By BBtnyCock 31,Jan,21 20:06
Beautiful sexy body. I want you in my bed! ❤️❤️

By ruin2k9 01,Feb,21 14:27
OMY Meggz one hot horny woman with a beautiful body !!!!!

By Scorpioguy66 02,Feb,21 14:46
I would love to fill that pussy with a creampie and lick it clean after

By hardandthrobbin 02,Feb,21 19:37
Mmm...wide open for the taking....I would split my load of cum between your pussy and your face!!

By Germanguy321 03,Feb,21 20:34
I want to stretch your cunt with a big toy

By strike101 04,Feb,21 05:01
Would love to fuck your hot tits

By Cuminme 05,Feb,21 20:37
Really sexy

By Kwann 08,Feb,21 02:39
I wish I could lick all of it

By Chris1982 08,Feb,21 02:47
Someone wants pounding like a slut

By Jim65 09,Feb,21 02:48
Thrust my cock in deep till I explode with cum filling your pussy and spilling out of.you vag

By Bifun 09,Feb,21 20:34
I wanna suck those big titties! Than 69 with you! Lick that juicy pussy while you suck my cock, till it's time to slide my cock in and fuck you till we both cum all over

By dura2000 18,Feb,21 02:04
I would fuck your cunt silly.

By Tinybikerdick 18,Feb,21 03:07
Love to dive into that right now

By John37 18,Feb,21 11:35
Would love to fuck your pussy and suck on your big tits

By bobfour 19,Feb,21 05:52
An all night fuck is on my mind!

By anonymous 20,Feb,21 12:06
Wow my old neighbor meagan I remem drinking with my friends nextdoor to you guys and hearing your husband, you and ur brother in-law parting all night as well then when u passed out ur husband and brother in-law took off to another party and said if u came knocking we didn't see them leaving or knew where they went, so when they left I climbed from my belcony over to yours and let my friends in and we all undressed u and took turns fucking you passed out,they all started groping and kicking and sucking ur tits while I ate your pussy and told them all I was first to fuck you so I shoved my dick in ur hairy pussy and started fucking u while they all licked your body and smacking their dicks off your face! It was fucking sexy af when I was done they all took their turns filling u! Ur pussy scent full of cum filled the room before we left!
By anonymous 20,Feb,21 12:08
Licking notkicking

By Firsttimer 20,Feb,21 12:59
Luv licking pussy...yum yum

By afc3 20,Feb,21 14:03
Perfect position to be licked

By hairypussywife 20,Feb,21 19:13
Pump my ball gravy deep in that beautiful hairy vagina

By Bill 22,Feb,21 21:08
I wish that you wouldn't fall asleep after we make love

By Peke3047 22,Feb,21 22:19
Wow ! Can I have permission to enter?

By 8inchMexican 23,Feb,21 03:51
Id lick your gorgeous body from your neck to your toes stopping and sucking your tits then eat your pussy

By Carebear 23,Feb,21 14:50
I'd come all over your big tits!

By Carebear 23,Feb,21 17:50
I'd love to rim your ass.

By babycok 26,Feb,21 09:14
I'd try to stick my willy into her

By 91mike 10,Mar,21 04:41
Love to pump that pussy full of cum

By GIJOE 18,Mar,21 16:17
Open ready to receive

By dura2000 16,May,21 17:28
I would fuck your cunt.

By andy1888 17,May,21 19:18
Would love to titty fuck!!😊😀

By Sohard4ubb 27,Jun,21 01:14
Id lick you until you awaken. then pleasure you until you cum for me

By Kdick83 27,Jun,21 22:36
Nice pussy

By Paktax 28,Jun,21 02:21
I'd prefer if you were sober and awake to enjoy the experience.

By jeke1 28,Jun,21 04:19
Nice body and ready to fuck

By aayie5579 28,Jun,21 08:35
i love this open legs

By 420king 02,Jul,21 14:44
I want to finger your pussy and tickle your clit with my tounge till your legs quiver

By johnnyboy 02,Jul,21 19:11
Wanna cum on you

By knobbysea 03,Jul,21 03:01
Lick lick lick

By freakyfrenchie 03,Jul,21 03:46
i want to tickle your asshole with my tongue, and tease your pussy with my nose

By letterone 15,Jul,21 15:12
Wake you with a tounge deep inside of you

By dude11 16,Jul,21 10:51

By CFNMfan189 17,Jul,21 14:31
I would love to suck your nipples and squeeze your incredible boobs. I would lick ever detail of your incredible pussy and lick your clit while I fingered you. I would run my hard cock across your lips before plunging it into your pussy and filling you up. When I was ready I would cover your body in my cum.

By cocktopuss 18,Jul,21 04:49
Drunken fuck with my cock indide your tight cunt would always be in your dreams

By ScottsCock 20,Jul,21 10:07
Luscious tits

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